Quote of the Week 2/2/2020

Hey ya’ll!  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself today, and may your team win the game!  I’m not all that into football…I’m more of a March Madness kinda girl, but I still enjoy watching the game *cough* the commercials and trailers *cough* and hanging out!  Anyway, I’m here with my quote, and I know I keep doing video game ones, but I couldn’t resist a quote from this game!  The World Ends With You has many, many quotes, and some are pretty hilarious, especially if they’re out of context!  For today’s quote, though, I have a good one…


“Everyone has their own little internal world – a secret garden only they can enter.  Each world follows it’s own internal logic – individuality.  And the logic of one world means nothing in another.  Understanding other people isn’t hard…it’s impossible.”

– Joshua (The World Ends With You)


The World Ends With You is sort of a wake-up call.  It urges you to get out of your comfort zones and be bigger part in the world.  Neku, the protagonist of the game, learns a valuable lesson; you can’t do life alone.  The world can crush you, tear you down, and beat you up.  But if you have people beside you, then you’ll always be able to get back up again.  Spoiler alert, but I will definitely be doing this game for my next Life Lessons in Fiction posts!

What do you think about this quote?  Have you played The World Ends With You?  Start up a conversation in the comments below!  Happy Sunday and God bless!


All media property of Square Enix

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