Quote of the Week

Hey guys!  I’m back with another quote!  This week it’ll be another Kingdom Hearts quote, because this Thursday is the release of the Kingdom Hearts DLC!  I’m super excited for this DLC, and I just pre-ordered it yesterday along with the Concert Video.  Back to the quote, I had a hard time deciding which one to use.  I had it narrowed down to two, and I think I made the right chose…


“I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately…like is any of this for real, or not?”

– Sora (Kingdom Hearts)


The DLC is coming, and with it, more and more stuff to confuse the heck out of us.  This is the first line spoken in the original Kingdom Hearts, and so far it has been the last line to be heard in the content we have been given.  But…what could it possibly mean?  When Sora said it way back 2002, he was dreaming.  Of course, every opening to every Kingdom Hearts game is symbolic, and tells the story, but the first opening ever is, in my opinion, the most symbolic of them all.  Still, there’s not much info on why Sora said this.  Now, in the DLC trailer, not only did he say the lines, but the new character Yozora is saying it with him.  This screams alternate reality, and with Kingdom Hearts, it could be possible.  I’ll be posting a theory post about all that before Thursday comes.

What do you think about this quote?  Got anything that you would like me to point out or discuss in my theory post?  Let me know in the comments!

The Kingdom Hearts: ReMind DLC will release this Thursday, January 23rd


All media property of Square Enix

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