Quote of the Week 8/11/19

Hey guys!  I’m here with this weeks quote and this one….IS VERY SPOILERISH.  As you may know if you love Nintendo, Fire Emblem: Three Houses just came out a couple weeks ago, and I love it to death!  I will have a review coming up soon, so you can look forward to that!  Anyway, I literally just finished the Golden Deer route, (there’s a TON of story in that game), and I thought it would be appropriate to quote the game this week.  But as I said, beware of the spoilers!  I don’t always put spoiler tags on my quote posts, but since this game is brand new, I will for this one!


“To think that the first time I saw you cry…your tears would be for me.  It’s sad, and yet…I’m happy for it…”                                                                                                                                     – Jeralt’s Final Words (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) 


Jeralt, your characters…er…father?……okay, that’s a discussion for another day.  ANYhow, biological or not, Jeralt was your characters father.  And he was also one of my favorite characters.  His death came as a shock to me, and I was pretty sad about it.  Your avatar characters cries as he/she sits with Jeralt as he succumbs to a stab wound, and Jeralt has this quote to say.  The whole scene just pulls on your heartstrings, and it was really well done.    Oh yeah, and may I add that the voice actors are INCREDIBLE in this game?  Well, they are!  So. much. talent. in. one. game!  So what do you think about this quote?  Have you played Three Houses?  Let me know in the comments below!


All media property of Nintendo


Note: Don’t forget, The Card Dealer Part Three will release this Saturday with brand new art (by my sister)!  I’ll be introducing more characters, and I’m pretty excited about one of them…

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