Quote of the Week 6/18/19

This is late, because I was in the car all day yesterday and most of the day before, but here is this week’s quote!  This one is very special to me, and it never fails to give me the feels.  I’m sure this is the same for any Kingdom Hearts fan whenever they see this scene…

“You can’t turn on the Organization!  You get on their bad side and they’ll destroy you!”

“No one would miss me.”

“That’s not true…I would…”

– Axel to Roxas (Kingdom Hearts II)

I just…ugh!  I am literally tearing tearing up writing this!  The story of Roxas, Axel, and Xion is one of the most tragic in the Kingdom Hearts series.  I remember seeing 358/2 days, and I expected it to be sad, but not like that.  I am here to tell you, there was not a dry eye in that room when Xion died.  But this scene is one that always gets to me, and I feel like that many people out there may feel as Roxas did; no one would miss them.  Well, you must realize that there are also people like Axel out there, saying “I would”.

What do you think of this quote?  Would you like a certain game/book/show to get attention in Quote of the Week?  Let me know in the comments below!

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