Quote of the Week 5/12/19

Ugh, what a busy day I’ve had!  But here I am with another good quote!  This quote is one that I really, really love!…

           “I pity you.  You just don’t get it at all.  There’s not a thing I DON’T cherish!”                                                                                                      – Cloud Strife to Sephiroth (Advent Children)


Cloud will always be one of my most favorite Square Enix characters ever!  His story is intriguing and, more importantly, one of the best that Square Enix has ever given us!  I just can’t wait for the remake!  Anyway, this quote was spoken after Sephiroth asks Cloud what he cherishes most, so that he can take it away from him.  From Cloud’s reply, we know that he has gone through some hefty character development!

One thing is certain…this is not the only Cloud quote that we’ll see!  I’ve got plenty more to come, because most of my favorite quotes came from him!

What do you think about this quote?  And what’s your favorite Cloud moment?  Let me know in the comments below!  I know this is a little late, but Happy Mother’s Day (make sure you tell your mom you cherish them!) and God bless you!

More details on the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be revealed at E3 on June 11-13 2019.


All media property of Square Enix





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