Kingdom Hearts III Secret Ending Breakdown

Hey again!  I’m back to do my best to explain Kingdom Hearts III’s secret ending!  Before we begin, how about we watch it real quick?  I’ve already watched it like, a thousand times, but I’m up for another watch!… (Also, this post will contain spoilers for not just Kingdom Hearts, but other games as well…you’ll see what I mean in a minute.)



First of all, this secret ending it titled “Yozora”, which means “Night Sky”.  Before I talk more about that, let’s breakdown what’s happening here.

The animation in this scene is GORGEOUS.  And the music…that beginning music send chills down my back.  And that song that plays at the end…Ah!

Sora wakes up in puddle of rain in the middle of a familiar street.  The location he’s in is actually Shibuya, Japan.  Going further into this, it’s also the main location of the game, The World Ends With You, which I had actually beaten a few weeks before I beat Kingdom Hearts III back in March.  We know immediately that this is the exact location because of the 104 Building, which in real life it is the 109 Building.  Next up, Riku wakes up in a different place, and we can tell from his surroundings that he is in a real life location as well.  Riku is standing in front of the Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku City, Japan.  As the two of them wander around their two different worlds, someone is watching Riku.  Yozora, which you might recognize from the video game trailer back in Toy Box World, watches from on top of a building.  Elsewhere, a black-hooded figure stands on a skyscraper and puts his hands into the shape of a heart over the moon.


Where do I even start?  Well, perhaps I should explain the whole deal with Shibuya.  If you played The World Ends With You, then you know this: if Sora is there, he has to be dead.  Yep, that’s right.  In The World Ends With You a young teenager named Neku and some other teens end up getting trapped in the Reaper’s Game after dying in the real world.  They must play the game in order to get a second chance of living.  So basically, if Sora died trying to save Kairi, then now he must play the Reaper’s Game to return to his world.  And you want to know something?  ALLLL the way back in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, there was a crossover between these two games.  In fact, that’s what made me want to get The World Ends With You, since the characters – particularly Joshua – were so intriguing.  Anyway, before Neku and Sora part, Neku tells him, “See you in Shibuya”.  How could we ever imagine that he wasn’t kidding???  And this may make me rant again, because I really admire Tetsuya Nomura’s abilities to plan far ahead.  He’s the director for both Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends With You, and another game that I’ll talk about in a minute.


Now for Riku’s part.  Back to Yozora, which the secret ending was named after, as I said before you should recognize him from a trailer in Toy Box World.  Actually, that trailer almost existed in our world.  A LLLOOONNGG time ago, Nomura was working on a game called Versus 13.  Well, stuff happened and Square Enix decided it would be best to hand the game over to Hajime Tabata, and the game was turned into Final Fantasy 15.  Well, now Versus 13 can live as Verum Rex in Kingdom Hearts!  But…what meaning does this actually have?  Well, from the looks of it, the connections to Final Fantasy 15 might still be there.  If you listen, as Riku walks down the sidewalk, not noticing that Yozora is watching him, the music turns into a very clear mix of Dearly Beloved and Somnus, the main theme of Final Fantasy 15.  This was really huge for me, and I didn’t even notice until like, the third watch when my sister pointed it out.  There’s another point I want to get to, but I’ll do that in a minute… One more thing; you can see here that Yozora has two different colored eyes.  One is red, one is blue, and this may have more meaning that we think…

If you go back to the beginning of the secret ending, then you might notice something; when Sora wakes up, the reflections in the rain puddles are not depicting the world that Sora is in.  They are reflections of the world Riku is in.  And at the very beginning before Sora wakes up, we see the reflections of both worlds in one puddle, and Sora’s world is tinted red while Riku’s is tinted blue…both are the colors of Yozora’s eyes.  This really makes me feel like that Yozora may be able to warp between the two worlds, but as for why, I don’t know.

In Dream Drop Distance, Traverse Town got ripped into two separate realities, and Sora was on one side and Riku on the other.  Joshua, who I mentioned before, was able to travel between these realities via another character’s dreams.  That’s what this makes me think of.


Now, what about that last shot there?  That has to be the Master of Masters!  I know all of us Kingdom Hearts fans have been absolutely dying to figure out who he actually is under that hood!  Well, before Kingdom Hearts III released, I put out a theory post.  But after some consideration on KHIII…I’ve got a few more.  Here’s one of them…

If Kingdom Hearts is going to bring more complication to it’s plot by bringing in completely different games, then I just can’t help but think that the Master is Prince Noctis, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 15.  Why would I think this?  Check this out.        Noctis’ full name, Noctis Lucis Caelum, can be translated as “Night Light Heaven/Sky”.  This is pretty close to Yozora’s name, which, as I said before, means “Night Sky”.  Can you guess what Sora’s name means?  Our boy’s name means “Sky”.  In fact, Tetsuya Nomura did the main character designs for Final Fantasy 15, and he said that naming Noctis and Sora with names that were similar in meanings was completely intentional.  One means “Night Sky” and one means “Sky”.  I can’t help but feel like these names were meant to be opposites of each other.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure the Master is probably the main villain of this series.  With Noctis’ name meaning and Sora’s, it seems likely to me that they would be against each other.  Now, the only think about this is that I truly cannot see Noctis being a villain, because, well, he’s Noctis!  If you played Final Fantasy 15, then you know how he is.  I just can’t see him turning evil.

Another popular theory in my family is that Demyx is actually the Master of Masters.  I mean, they both share the same body language, animated personality, and creepy serious side.  But now I’m just getting of track, aren’t I?

Ok, I think that might be it for the secret ending….I always seem to think of something new every time I watch the thing…AH, yes, one more thing.  I know this might mean absolutely nothing, but this is Kingdom Hearts and details mean EVERYTHING in this game, so I’m going to point this out.  If you watch the secret ending, take a look at the stop lights in both worlds.  In Sora’s, they are all set to green, and in Riku’s they are all set to red or yellow.  Like I said, this may mean nothing, but I just wanted to point that out just in case…


Secret Reports

NOW that’s all, I’m pretty sure.  Before I end this post, I want to touch on the secret reports a little.  After beating the game, these things called Battlegates will appear throughout the worlds that you’ve visited in the game.  They can range from easy, to pretty hard, but nothing that beats that Roxas battle in Kingdom Hearts II.  (Seriously, that battle was HARD).  From these Battlegates you can get yourself some pretty neat stuff, and one of them is the secret reports.  There are thirteen to be found, and boy are they enlightening.

At the end of each report, it will tell you who wrote them…sometimes.  Some were written by Xehanort (back when he was young), some by Vexen or Ienzo.  Some pretty interesting ones were written by Saix.  But the ones I want to go over are the ones that were written by “Unknown”.  The thing about these is that in some of them I knew immediately who wrote them, especially since I had seen that post credit scene.

The last secret reports were written by Xigbar, and they spoke of his struggle to fulfill the roll that the Master of Masters had given him.  He had been alive for more years than he could count, transferring his heart to a new body whenever he needed to.  In fact, his reports were a little sad if you think about how long he’s actually been alive.  The things he had to say were very interesting.  Apparently, something went down with the new Union Leaders (or Foretellers) that messed everything up later on, but I hardly understood what he was talking about myself.  He mentioned the Lost Page that was a pretty big deal in the Kingdom Hearts Back Cover movie.  And he even revealed his true reasons for joining Organization XIII and becoming a vessel for Xehanort.  It was all so that the No Name Keyblade, implanted with the Master’s gazing eye, could come to full circle, back to where it belonged.

The other reports that had been written by “Unknown” could have belonged to two people.  Remember how throughout Kingdom Hearts III (and maybe even other games, I can’t remember) Saix and Lea keep talking about this girl that they were looking for?  Well, some of those reports had to have been written by her.  So, apparently when Isa (Saix) and Lea were kids, they lived around the castle where Ansem the Wise and his apprentices worked.  Well, they got curious and just HAD to see what was inside the castle, but they were never allowed inside.  If they got in, they were always caught and dragged back out.  In Saix’s reports, he tells about a time when he and Lea actually got inside without getting caught, and they found spiraling stairs leading further and further below the castle.  When they got to the bottom, they found cages.  It was too dark for them to see inside, but Saix says that they were so frightened they wanted to run.  A voice spoke to them, and it was the voice of the girl.  In her reports, the girl talks about to boys who often came to talk to her, and those two boys were Isa and Lea.  One day, Lea insisted on breaking the girl out of the castle, but by the time they came to that conclusion the girl had disappeared.  Lea and Isa joined Ansem as his apprentices, and from then on they worked to find out what happened to her.

According to other reports, particularly Xehanort’s, he claims that one day Ansem ordered him to throw away his research and to let their human experiments go.  That is how the girl disappeared; she was sent away from the castle.  Now, in his reports, Xehanort says that they found the girl laying out in the middle of Radiant Garden without a memory.  They were trying to get information out of her, but she could not even remember her own name.  What info she did give them made Xehanort realize that she was not from their era.  This girl had to have time traveled in order to get to where they were.

In the girl’s reports, (She was titled as Subject X), she says that all she remembers is four friends and that she wielded a keyblade.

This makes me think Ava, one of the five Foretellers (and the only one not present in KHIII”s post-credit scene).  It could be her, but it could also be Skuld, one of the new Foretellers.  Either way, they would have had to time travel.

You want to know something creepy?  Well, remember back in Birth By Sleep when Ventus met Lea and Isa?  Before they left, Isa asks Lea if “he’s ready”.  As Lea looks on at the castle in Radiant Garden, he says that he is.  I believe this is when they are about to go become Ansem’s apprentices.  Why is this creepy?  If you followed the story of Kingdom Hearts X, then you know that Ventus was a Foreteller.  After the great Keyblade War, five new people were chosen as the new Foretellers, and Ephemer, Skuld, Blaine, Lauriam, and Ventus were all chosen…or were they?  In the game, we find that one of them was NOT supposed to be there.  A girl named Strelitzia was meant to be one of them, that was made very clear.  But in one creepy cutscene, she was murdered in this dark warehouse.  Here we see that her copy of the Book of Prophecies was taken.  When I saw this, I instantly though, “well, Lauriam’s not meant to be here”.  And then it reveals that Strelitzia was his sister.  And he’s looking for her!  He even gets help from a girl named Elrena to find her!  And here’s where I get to the point.  Lauriam is Marluxia’s Somebody, and Elrena is Larxene.  Somehow, Ventus, Marluxia, and Larxene are still alive in the present events.  Time travel is the only possible explanation.  Back to when I was talking about Birth by Sleep…we don’t know where Ventus came from.  All we know is that he’s lost his memories, among other things.  Lea and Isa becoming Ansem’s apprentices in BBS means that Ventus was around the same time that Subject X was, meaning they could have time traveled together.


There is SO much that I could keep blabbing on about, and I have like, fifty theories about everyone, even a weirdo conspiracy theory about Riku, because, hey, I have a thing for conspiracy theories.  Do you have any theories?  And what are your thoughts on the secret ending and the secret reports?  Start up the convorsation in the comments below, because you know I’ll be apart of that! (Especially if it’s a conspiracy theory…).


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