Kingdom Hearts II Review

Hey everyone!  I managed to beat Kingdom Hearts II a few weeks ago, and I’ve got to say; that was a very good game!  I really enjoyed it, and I got to collect some special memories with it too!  Ok, obviously this post is going to contain some pretty major spoilers, so if you have not beat this game, read at your own risk!…


First of all, the first two hours of this game is the best part!  Everything was so odd, but that’s just how I like it!  Roxas has definitely become a favorite of mine!  The story begins with Roxas living in Twilight Town and he hangs out with his friends everyday.  They’re on summer vacation, so they spend a lot of time together.  Long story short, it turns out “summer vacation” is actually symbolizing Roxas’ existence.  So what happens when summer vacation ends?  Well…

If you played Chain of Memories – (I actually played the beginning of this, then switched to watching the cutscenes.  I don’t like playing games that aren’t fun to play) – you know that Sora was put to sleep at the end so Namine could fix his memories.  Here’s where things got REALLY complicated.  While Sora is sleeping, Roxas is off living in Twilight Town thinking he’s a normal person.  Well, he’s not.  Roxas is actually Sora’s Nobody.  What does that mean?  Do you remember when Sora lost his heart for Kairi and became a heartless back in the first game?  When he did that, Roxas came to be.  Whenever someone loses their heart, a Nobody is born.  They are just an empty shell of that person.  Some are mindless, but there are some who came from people with stronger hearts who have minds and are aware of what they are – sometimes…

So Roxas became of aware of himself, and went back to Sora.  However, Roxas’ story will be for another time.  Anyway, Sora wakes up after Roxas is gone, and he reunites with Donald and Goofy.  Like the first game, he travels to many worlds to lock the keyholes, all while looking for Riku and King Mickey.  Meanwhile, Kairi is on Destiney Islands with apparently no memory of Sora, but she feels like he’s familiar.  She writes a letter and puts it in a bottle before sending it off in the ocean.  I’ll get back to that in a minute.

In the game, we are met again by Organization IIIX.  Sora battles a lot of them throughout the game.  So much stuff happens and there’s so many details that I’m just going to have to point out the major plot points, so here it goes.  Near the end, we find Riku has been using those nifty dark powers of his and his appearance has changed to look like Ansem, but he’s still good old Riku.  He and Kairi, who had been captured by the Nobody, Axel, but escaped with help from Namine, who is actually her Nobody…ok, this is getting confusing!  As I was saying, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy go with Sora to help him beat Xemnas, the leader of the Organization.  Well, they get separated, of course, and Riku and Sora are left to battle him.  Luckily, Riku is back to normal by this point.  They battle, Xemnas is defeated (and so were my fingers), and they find themselves trapped in the realm of darkness.

The end of this game has got to be one of the greatest.  Here, they sit on the beach in the realm of darkness, and that’s when they find a note in a bottle.  It’s the note Kairi wrote.  After reading it, and a heartfelt conversation between Riku and Sora, the door of light appears and they are able to go home to Destiny Islands where everyone is waiting.  Oh, what a reunion it was!  Sora’s “W-…we’re back!”  Gets me every. Single. Time.  And of course, the moment that Sora and Kairi appear as Roxas and Namine for a few seconds.  Oh, the feels!

So, all’s well that ends well…until later, of course.  But that’s a discussion for another time.  Like I said, I really enjoyed this game and the battles were really cool, my favorite being Roxas vs. Sora in The World That Never Was.  It was hard, but a little grinding and a strategy change did the trick.  But ugh!  That Xemnas battle!  If you played it, you know what I meant when I said my fingers were defeated…

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a plot so confusing, and as I go further in, it just gets worse and worse.  Believe me, I’ve had a headache for days.  It’s like cramming the night before an exam or something.  A review for Birth by Sleep will be coming soon (it literally only took me five days to beat that game, I was shocked).  After all the years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts III will be here in just, JUST thirteen more days!  Get it?  Thirteen?  Ok, I’ll stop now.  What did you think about Kingdom Hearts II?  What was your favorite part?  Let me know in the comments, as well as what you want to see happen in Kingdom Hearts III!

Kingdom Hearts III will finally make his grand debut on January 29, 2019


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