May The 4th Be With You!: 4 Times Star Wars Surprised Me

Star Wars day has come, my fellow Star Wars fans!  There are so many ways to celebrate!  You can wear your favorite Star Wars shirt, make a bunch of Star Wars inspired food, and, hey, we can’t forget about the annual Star Wars movie marathon!  In honor of this day, I’m going to look back at the times when Star Wars really surprised me.  Oh, and of course, mild spoiler warnings!…


1. Captain Rex Lives

Back in 2015, I remember sitting there watching the live stream of the Star Wars Celebration waiting for the Star Wars Rebels season two trailer to be revealed.  When it finally came, I got a lot more than what I was expecting!  I will never forget the moment when Rex, along with Gregor and Wolff, were introduced into Rebels.  All this time I thought he had died or betrayed the Jedi in Order 66.  I always look back on that and wish I had videotaped that moment because everyone who was watching the trailer completely lost their minds!


2. Grand Admiral Thrawn Returns

About six years ago I read Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy and immediately loved Thrawn.  He is such an amazing villain!  When I heard that Disney had thrown out the Expanded Universe, I was crushed.  There went my favorite villain!  A few years later, right before season three of Star Wars Rebels came out, some rumor emerged about Thrawn coming back to the Star Wars universe through Rebels.  I didn’t believe it would happen.  Boy was I surprised when the season three trailer released!  There was Grand Admiral Thrawn, ready to take down some rebels!


3. Lux Bonteri Is The Mentor

One of the most amazing books I’ve ever read is Christie Golden’s Inferno Squad.  One character that interested me was The Mentor.  I always wondered who he was, but never assumed that he’d be a character that had already been in Star Wars before.  I cannot tell you how shocked I was to learn that The Mentor is Lux Bonteri!  I was literally speechless and thought the book was just kidding!  Lux Bonteri was first introduced in the Clone Wars, and once that series ended, he never came back, until Inferno Squad, of course.  Now I want to know what happens next for Lux, as his fate was left in the air.


4. Meet Jacen Syndulla

Okay…I didn’t know what to think when the final episode of Star Wars Rebels aired.  The episode is amazing, but the last few minutes really caught me off guard.  You can only imagine my reaction when Jacen Syndulla, Hera and Kanan’s son, came on the scene!  Like, my jaw dropped to the floor.  It made me so happy that Kanan’s legacy would be continued through Jacen.  Honestly, I still find myself surprised about Jacen, even though it’s been two months.


Did any of these reveals surprise you?  What other scenes made you get overly excited?  Let me know in the comments below!  Now, May the 4th be with you, and God bless.















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