Star Wars Rebels: Family Reunion and Farewell Part 2 Review

And now for the grand finale!  The final half of “Family Reunion and Farewell is incredible!  It had me in tears until the very end (and afterwards too!).  There were so many surprises.  And then there was that last minute reveal; you know the one I’m talking about!  Now get comfy, here is my final episode review for Star Wars Rebels.  (Major Spoiler Warnings!)…


Ezra And The Emperor

Grand Admiral Thrawn leaves Ezra alone with Palpatine’s hologram.  Palpatine apologizes to Ezra for not being there in person, but he couldn’t come since “governing the galaxy takes up much of his time”.  Ezra tells him that he knows who and what he is, but Palpatine insists that Ezra misjudges him.  “Can you see the opportunity that stands here before you?”  He asks, gesturing to the section of the Lothal Jedi temple.  Ezra recognizes this and says that he stole it.  Palpatine tells him he had the temple moved there stone by stone for Ezra.  “Forgive me, but I would have thought you would thank me for this effort.”  Ezra is angry now.  “Thank you?”  He asks.  “Thank you for destroying the temple?  For imprisoning my people?  For killing my parents?!”  Palpatine says that it was Ezra who chose to destroy the temple, and his rebel friends require a firm hand to ensure that there is order on Lothal.  “As for your parents, allow me to offer what might have been, and what yet may be.”  Palpatine has Ezra go inside the temple, where the Jedi hears his mother, Mira Bridger, calling for him.  A light at the end of the tunnel reveals his house and his parents.  “They are waiting for you,” says Palpatine.  “Go to them. Open the door.  This is what you want, isn’t it?”  The life that Ezra deserves, he says.  Ezra says that it can’t be, but the Emperor says that it can.  “But you must choose to make it so,” he says.  Mira continues to call for her son, and Ezra ventures deeper into the tunnel.


Fight For The Shield Generators

Rex, Ketsu, and Hondo make it to the shield generators.  Ketsu comms Sabine to tell her they made it.  Sabine asks what the situation looks like, Ketsu replies sarcastically that it looks great.  The three rebels hide from enemy fire, firing back every now and then.  Rukh arrives to join the fight, making Rex call for back up.  Hera calls Zeb to see where his team is, but they’re a little stuck at the moment.  “You know that plan where we had to trap all these Stormtroopers in the Dome?”  Zeb asks.  “It just occurred to me that we’re trapped with all these Stormtroopers in this Dome!”  Sabine has Ryder close a blast door to keep the troopers away from Zeb, Kallus, and Gregor.  This works and the three of them are able to get to the generator.  Sabine urges Rex to hurry with the towers, but he can’t get to them until they extend the bridges.  Chopper tries to do this, but it turns out that that circuit is protected and the droid gets electrocuted.  Sabine tells Rex that he’ll have to extend the bridges manually.  Ketsu gets to work with this.  Meanwhile, Ezra is standing in front of the door way that will take him to a different life.  Palpatine stands behind him.  He tells Ezra that he gateway will not be opened forever.  “Go now, before it’s too late,” he says.  Ezra won’t go, and says that this is a lie.  He felt his parents die through the force.  Ephraim Bridger, Ezra’s dad, enters the scene and calls for him as well, and wonders where he is.  Palpatine says that Ezra knows it is possible to change fate.  “There are infinite paths and infinite possibilities, but you must open the door,” he says.  Ephraim asks if Ezra is coming.  Back at the generators, Ketsu finally extends the bridge.  Melch runs in and goes over the bridge, shooting Stormtroopers along the way.  At first, Hondo is proud of his buddy.   But then, Melch takes a blaster bolt to the chest.  Angered by this, Hondo shoots down two troopers and asks Melch what he was thinking.  “You’re not a hero, you’re a pirate like me,” he says.  Gregor tells Zeb and Kallus that there’s to many troopers in the way and they can’t get across the bridge.  He says they’ll have to do something drastic.  Zeb says he’ll go, even though Kallus yells for him to stop.  Zeb jumps off the platform he’s standing on and goes after Rukh.  The two of them fall into the the power conduits below the generators.  Gregor exclaims that Zeb is crazy for this.  Kallus reminds him that it was his idea.  Kallus and Gregor hurry to the bridge and shoot down two Imperial Technicians, but when the two of them are distracted, they don’t notice that one is still alive.  The surviving technician shoots Gregor down, making Rex call his name in horror.  Gregor pushes this technician off of the platform before telling Kallus to get the shields up.


“I Have To Let You Go.”

Palpitine is still trying to get Ezra to go through the gateway.  He tells the boy that so few have a choice to live the life they want.  “Why deny yourself?”  He asks.  Ezra calls for his parents and walks closer to the gateway.  Palpatine uses the force to release the binds on Ezra’s hands.  He shows Ezra a place in the wall that will activate the gateway, so he can be with his family again.  Ezra’s parents watch through the gateway, waiting for Ezra to make his choice.  Ezra asks about his friends.  Palpatine replies that if he opens the gateway, his parents will live, not answering the question about Ezra’s friends.  Ephraim and Mira walk over to the gateway, and Ezra starts to unlock it.  “Go on, you deserve this,” Palpatine whispers.  Ezra reaches out his hand to his parents, and they reach to him.  “Mom, dad,”  Ezra says.  “You will always be a part of me.”  His parents smile.  “But I have to let you go,” Ezra says as tears fall from his eyes.  “No!”  Palpatine shouts  Using the force, Ezra tears down the walls of the temple.  As his parents fade away, they let Ezra know that they love him.  Ezra turns to run before the temple crashes down, Palpatine’s hologram flickers from his younger self to what he looks like now.  Ezra makes it out just in time for the temple to collapse.  Ezra looks behind him, and the Palpatine’s hologram emerges from the ruins, switching back to his past and present looks.  The Emperor’s ominous theme begins to play.  The hologram finally settles on the Emperor’s present appearance.  “You’re wrong, I have a family,” Ezra tells the Emperor.  “I don’t need anything from you.”  The Emperor replies that this is unfortunate.  Three Royal Guards run into the room and the Emperor orders them to destroy Ezra.  Ezra force pushes them, but it doesn’t do much.  They use their Force Pikes to hold Ezra in the air and electrocute him.  Three Stormtroopers run in the room and try to shoot Ezra, but their aim is as bad as ever.  They can’t even hit him even though he’s right there in front of them.  Ezra uses the force to throw some temple ruins at the troopers and the guards and crushes them.


War Come With A Price

Zeb and Rukh fight to get to the platforms before the generators are turned on.  Zeb nearly falls, but if able to get Rukh’s foot caught in one of the power conduits.  On the Chimaera, Thrawn orders for a full scale bombardment of Lothal city.  They prepare to fire.  “I think we’re out of time!”  Hera says.  Sabine the others to tell them that it’s now or never.  “Now!”  Ketsu replies.  Kallus turns the generator on, and Zeb barely makes it to the platform.  But as for Rukh…  Hera announces that the shields are up, and it’s just in time, because Thrawn just commanded his officers to fire.  The rebels see that the shield is holding and the city is safe.  Thrawn is informed about the shields and he quickly comms Rukh.  Zeb answers.  “Sorry, you’ll have to call back, he’s busy at the moment,” he says.  Rukh’s screams stop, making Zeb tell Thrawn nevermind about calling back.  Sabine gets Chopper to wake up and tells him to contact the Ghost.  At the generators, Hondo is sitting next to Melch’s body, saying that he wishes he could get him back.  All of a sudden, Melch wakes up.  It turns out he was only stunned.  Hondo tells him that he’s fortunate to be in his service, since it keeps him alive.  Rex and Kallus are at Gregor’s side.  “It was an honor to serve with you, Rex,” Gregor says.  “It was an honor to fight with you for something we chose to believe in.”  Rex tells him that they did it before Gregor dies.  Rex has lost a brother, and Star Wars has lost a beloved character.


Ezra’s Path

Behind Thrawn, the blast doors open and the Death Trooper Guards are killed.  Thrawn turns to see Ezra with a Stormtrooper’s blaster.  “Looks like you lose, Thrawn,” Ezra tells him.  “A momentary setback,” Thrawn replies.  “We’ll see,” Ezra tells him.  An officer tells Thrawn that several unidentified objects have entered Lothal’s orbit.  Thrawn is sure that his blockade will take care of whatever it is, but the officer says that the blockade has been destroyed.  And guys…please tell me you read the Thrawn Trilogy, because another one’s back from the Expanded Universe!  Captain Pellaeon gets a name drop when Thrawn orders for him to be called.  Pellaeon says that “they came out of hyperspace” and “he’s never seen” before going silent.  The officer warns Thrawn that they have incoming.  Ezra tells Thrawn to take a look.  Out the window,  a ton of those space whales, or Purrgil, from the season two episode “The Call” come through the clouds towards the Chimaera.  The Ghost is leading them.  “So, would you have believed me if I told you this was Ezra’s plan?”  Mart asks Wolffe.  “No, but this has Bridger written all over it,” Wolffe replies.  “That’s why it’s going to work!”  Visago says.  TIE Fighters go after the whales, but it’s no use.  Two Star Destroyers get pulverized by the whales.  “When did this become the plan?”  Sabine asks.  “You’re asking the wrong person,” Hera replies.  On the Chimaera, Thrawn and Ezra stand watching the Purrgil.  They are both aiming to shoot at each other.  “Whatever happens next, happens to both of us,” Thrawn says.  “That’s the idea,” Ezra replies.  At that moment, the largest of the Purrgil break into the windows with it’s tentacles and begin to wreak havoc.  Thrawn tries to get out of the way, but Ezra force pushes him into the tentacles.  The tentacles squeeze around Thrawn, refusing to let him go.  Sabine calls Ezra and asks him if the Purrgil is his idea.  “Yeah! Pretty good, huh?”  Ezra replies.  Sabine says that he could have told the rest of them, but Ezra tells he wanted it to be a surprise.  The blast door opens and more troopers run in, but Erza forces them away and shoots them.  While he is distracted, Thrawn breaks free from the tentacles and shoots Ezra on his shoulder.  Ezra forces Thrawn’s blaster out of his hands and holds pushes him against the control panel.  Thrawn gets stuck in the tentacles again.  Before more troopers can come in, Ezra holds the blast door shut with the force.  The Purrgil’s tentacles begin to glow as the grab onto the Chimaera.  Hera and Sabine remember that if they glow like that, they’re about to jump into hyperspace.  Hera calls Ezra and tells him to get out of the Chimarea.  Ezra won’t do it, saying that he has to see this through to the end.  With his bad arm, he keeps Thrawn wrapped in the tentacle using the force.  Sabine pleads for Ezra to get out of there, but Ezra’s mind is made up.  He forces Thrawn to watch out the window.  “It’s up to all of you now,” Ezra tells his friends.  His family.  The whales begin their jump.  “And remember,” says Ezra.  “The Force will be with you…always.”  They go into hyperspace, and the rebels are left in shock and silence.


Lothal Saved

Wolffe call to ask if that was the plan, as there are no more Imperial ships left.  Sabine realizes that this is their chance to save Lothal.  “You heard Ezra!” she shouts to the rebels.  “Let’s finish this!”  She tells Chopper to prime the thruster.  “We’re gonna blow this place,” she says.  Hera calls Mart for the pick up.  They set the launch in motion, and get ready to leave.  Ryder tries to get Pryce to come with them, but she is stubborn.  “I serve the Empire, to the end,” she tells Ryder.  He tells her that it won’t be for much longer.  Dozens of Stormtroopers bust in the room and start a fire fight.  The Dome launches into the sky.  Chopper tosses Ezra’s lightsaber to Sabine.  She thanks him before going and breaking the window.  They all escape through the window, but are followed by the Stormtroopers.  The Ghost flies by and takes care of the troopers before landing to pick the rebels up.  Everyone watches, including the citizens of Lothal, as the Dome goes up into the sky.  Hera gives Sabine the signal.  “For Kanan and Ezra,” Sabine says before activates the explosives inside the Dome.  Pryce, forever loyal to the Empire, dies in the explosion.  The citizens watch as the Dome’s remains fall from the sky.  Inside the Ghost Hera asks Rex to bring up every star chart along Ezra’s last known trajectory.  Chopper rolls into the cockpit and shows them a holographic message recorded by Ezra.  “If you’re watching this recorder, then I owe you an explanation,” he starts out.  “There were several paths in front of me.  While this wasn’t the one I wanted to take, it’s what I had to do.  That’s something Kanan taught me.  I’m going to miss you all.”  He addresses each of the Ghost crew (except Chopper) and references things from season one, as well as one thing from this episode.  “Zeb, you can have the top bunk back, for now.  Hera, I left a meiloorun in your cabin, I hope it’s still your favorite.  Sabine, don’t forget.”  Sabine says it with him, that he’s counting on her.  But she doesn’t know what he’s counting on her to do.  Ezra continues.  “I couldn’t have wished for a better family.  I can’t wait to come home.”  The message ends and the rebels are left in silence.  “Not to kill the moment,” says Rex.  “But the Empire won’t just let us keep this planet.  We need to prepare for how we’re going to fight back.”  Kallus says that perhaps the Rebel Alliance will see their victory and support them, but Zeb says they took Lothal without them, and they can keep it without them.  They hear the crowds of citizens cheering on the streets and Hera says that Zeb may be right.  What’s left of the Imperials surrender to the citizens, who have been inspired by the rebels.  “Looks like the people are with you, General Syndulla,” says Kallus.  “Then If the Empire want a fight, we’ll be ready for them,” Hera says.



In the end, the beginning scene of Star Wars Rebels is mirrored.  Years later Sabine, who has a new look, is standing at the balcony of Ezra’s Hideout looking at the distant Lothal city.  The city has been rebuilt, the grass has grown back, and the air is clean.  A rebel ship and some X-Wings fly overhead, and Sabine goes downstairs to get on a speeder to go to the city.  In a voice over, Sabine explains what has happened over the years.  “The attack we all anticipated never came,” she starts.  “The once invincible Empire had begun to fracture.  The small Rebellion had become bold.”  Loth-cats watch her on her speeder as Loth-wolves run with her.  “And with the decisive victory at the battle of Endor, the Emperor’s reign of terror came to an end.”  We go to see Zeb’s story.  Zeb and Kallus are on a ship at Lira San.  “After the war, Zeb took Kallus along the secret hyperspace path to the planet Lira San.”  Other Lasats are there with them.  “It was then that Kallus realized that he hadn’t destroyed the Lasat people, and that they were thriving on this new world.  A world where he was welcomed as one of them.”  Next we get Hera’s surprising story!  The Ghost flies through the clouds of an unknown planet.  “Hera fought in the battle of Endor, as did Commander Rex.”  Inside the Ghost, Hera is piloting, and a new member of the rebels sits at Kanan’s old co-pilot seat.  “By that time, there had been a new member added to the crew of the Ghost. Spectre 7; Jacen Syndulla.” (*Faints*)  The boy looks at Hera happily.  Chopper is with them.  “Born to fly, just like his mother,” Sabine continues.  “And well, we all know what his father was like.”  Finally, we  go to an unknown area on Lothal, where Sabine has painted a picture of her Ghost crew family.  “As for me, I used to think that Ezra was counting on me to protect Lothal.  The planet and the people he cared for so much.”  She touches Ezra’s picture.  “But one day, I realized there was more to it.  There was something else I was meant to do.”  As “Binary Sunset” begins to play, she turns to see Ahsoka Tano, dressed in white robes with a staff.  “Ezra’s out there somewhere,” she says.  She puts her helmet on.  “And it’s time to bring him home.”  We end with Sabine’s artwork of the crew, the team, and in some ways, the family.



“It was a simple story, about a boy who was lost, and a girl who was broken.  They fought alongside a survivor, a war veteran, and a fallen knight.  I led them into battle against an evil so terrible, it tried to black out the stars.  We fought for each other.  We fought for those who could not.  But we never imagined it would end…like this…”                                                                                                                                                                     – Hera Syndulla

This was one amazing grand finale!  Everything was very well done.  The music, the animation, the script, all of it!  First, I want to talk about the scene with Ezra and the Emperor.  This literally had me bawling my eyes out!  But you know, this part shows how much Ezra has grown as a rebel.  If this had happened to Ezra earlier in the season, he would have fallen for the Emperor’s trap.  Ezra developed into an amazing character!  His showdown with Thrawn had me at the edge of my seat!  I was not expecting him to do that!  But I’m not going to lie, I completely lost it when Chopper played Ezra’s message.  There I was, sitting on my couch crying like a little kid.  It was mostly because those season one references…I think.  Anyway, before we talk about the epilogue, I want to talk about poor Gregor.  Gregor was first introduced in the Clone Wars TV series.  He had developed amnesia and had forgotten who he was.  Of course, he was helped and remembered that he fought for the Republic.  It was in that episode that it appeared that Gregor had died.  But Star Wars Rebels season two surprised us with the news that three of our favorite Clones lived!  His death came as a shocker for me because he was the last person I expected to die.  Is it just me, or have they been killing off all the comic relief characters?  Moving onto the ending, as if I couldn’t be crying anymore than I already was, I saw that they were mirroring the beginning of Star Wars Rebels.  Except this time, Sabine is in Ezra’s place and Lothal is free from the Empire.  Also, now we know for sure that the guy on “Return of the Jedi” is Rex!  I know I wasn’t the only one who’s jaw hit the floor when they saw Kanan and Hera’s son sitting in the co-pilot’s seat.  I totally freaked, and I’m still in shock.  And finally, who else was super, super excited to see Ahsoka again?  What am I talking about, I know everyone was!  I’m hoping a new series about Sabine and Ahsoka going off to find Ezra is next.  Perhaps Jacen Syndulla’s story can go with that?  And of course, we must see Grand Admiral Thrawn again.  What did you think about Star Wars Rebels’ grand finale?  Let me know in the comments below!  With all that discussed, it’s time to say goodbye to reviewing these episodes.  I have enjoyed writing about each and every one of them.  I will continue to write about Star Wars Rebels, as this show has touched my heart and I will never leave it behind me.  Now, as Ezra said, may the force be with you…always.


Stray Thoughts

– Just so everyone knows, Ezra and Thrawn have been confirmed to be alive by the Star Wars Rebels director, Dave Filoni.  No need to worry!

– As for Jacen, his name was taken from the Expanded Universe character, Jacen Solo, Han and Leia’s son.  The story of Jacen Solo is not one with a happy ending.  Jacen unfortunately turns to the Dark Side and kills his wife, daughter, and his aunt, Mara Jade Skywalker.  The director for Star Wars Rebels has said that Lucasfilm is very interested in Jacen’s future, and says that maybe in some ways, Jacen Solo’s story might will live through Jacen Syndulla.  We will have to see!

– You know, I kinda knew about Jacen.  After all, hints were dropped!  As of the epilogue for Rebels, Jacen is around five or six years old, having been born most likely before the battle of Scarif.  So, this means that Hera was apparently, well, expecting during the run of season four.  And we had no clue!

– Thrawn’s defeat was actually foreshadowed in the end of the season three finale, “Zero Hour”.  You might remember when the Bendu told Thrawn, “I see your defeat…like many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace.”

– Moving on to the credits, Star Wars’ main theme mixed with Star Wars Rebels’ main theme played, and the credits were arranged to look like they do in the movies.

– One of Star Wars Rebels’ biggest mysteries were solved in the credits.  A long asked question was, “Who does Chopper’s voice?”  Well, I barely caught the reveal!  According to the credits, Dave Filoni himself did Chopper’s beeps and warbles.  Mystery solved!

– I’m definitely going to miss hearing new music every week!  The music for this episode can be found at, you guessed it!  Star  It is simply titled, “Epilogue”.

Around now would be the time that I say, “Star Wars Rebels returns next week with blah blah blah…”  But, it’s over now.  However, you can expect for a series review of Star Wars Rebels to be posted tomorrow.  Until then, may the force be with you, and God bless.


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