Stars Wars Rebels: Family Reunion and Farewell Part 1 Review

Now starts the real battle!  With Pryce captured, it should be easy, right?  Not with Thrawn on his way!  Part 1 started off the end of Star Wars Rebels nicely, and I’m actually pretty surprised at how everything ended up.  There’s so much to talk about, so let’s start this review!  (Major Spoiler Warnings!)…


“Everything I’ve Done And Will Do, Began With You.”

Part 1 starts with Ezra sitting in the Ghost’s top gun turret looking at a holographic picture of his parents, Mira and Ephraim Bridger.  “Mom, dad,” he says.  “I know what I have to do now. But…I’m afraid.”  He says that he’s not afraid for himself, but for his friends.  Hera walks down the hall and hears him talking.  She stops to listen.  Ezra tells his parents that his friends have fought so hard and have given so much.  “And help me to understand why you stood up to the Empire, and made the sacrifices you did,” he says.  “I wish you could meet them…my new family.”  Ezra says that he guesses in some way his parents will be with them that day, when the rebels finish what they started.  “I want you to know that everything I’ve done and will do began with you.”  Hera calls to Ezra to tell him that their bringing Pryce up.  Outside, Ryder and Kallus are bringing Pryce to the Ghost.  Pryce tells Kallus that he disgusts him and calls him a traitor.  Kallus replies that the day he betrayed the Empire was the day he finally stopped betraying himself.  “You’ve given up years of service, a promising career, prestige, for what?” Pryce asks.  “To join a band of failures who don’t stand a chance.”  Ezra and Hera walk out of the Ghost.  “I think we do,” Ezra tells the governor.  “Especially with your help.”  Pryce says that she will never help them.  “Yes you will,” Ezra argues. “It’ll be your last act as governor of Lothal you’re finally going to do the right thing and help free your home world.”  Pryce denies this.  “Okay, if that’s your choice,” says Ezra.  He whistles for the white wolf to come over.  Ryder and Kallus step back to get away from the angry wolf.  The wolf bears it’s teeth and growls, threatening to eat Pryce.  “Or, you could transmit the victory code and we could fly to the capital as your prisoners,” Ezra tells her.  “If the odds against us are as bad as you say, what do you have to lose?” Pryce agrees to this, as long as he calls off his “dog”.



Getting Into The Command Center

Using three Imperial gunships that survived last episode’s battle, the rebels pretend to be Pryce’s prisoners on their way to the Imperial Dome.  Gregor is a little skeptic about the plan, and expresses this to Rex.  Rex tells him that in his experience when it comes to Jedi, the worse the plan, the better the results.  Sabine and Ezra, who are dressed as Scout Troopers, stand together.  Sabine notices that Ezra looks a little worried and asks if he’s okay.  “I know I can always count on you,” Ezra tells her.  Sabine asks what he’s up to.  Before Ezra can answer, Hera comms Sabine to tells her that they’d better get ready, as they’re coming up on the capital.  Sabine tells her to land on Platform Delta Zero, which Pryce recognizes to be the command center.  She knows they’re going to try to launch the Dome, saying the plan is worse than she thought.  Ezra corrects her to say that it’s bolder that she thought.  Sabine adds that it’s more creative.  Kallus asks Pryce for the landing codes, making sure to add that he’ll know if they’re correct.  Pryce gives the codes without resistance, saying that the sooner they land the sooner they will be her prisoners.  When they land, Stormtroopers arrive to take care of the prisoners.  Kallus, disguised as an Imperial officer, secretly holds a gun up to Pryce’s back.  “Nice and easy, governor,” he whispers.  Ezra tells the troopers that the prisoners are all theirs when they come to take them.  Before they take them, Zeb pushes Ezra and runs for the command center.  Ezra tells the troopers to stop him, making them turn away from the Jedi.  Ezra ignites his lightsaber and cuts their blaster before force pushing the Stormtroopers away.  A firefight breaks out on the platform.  An officer watching from the command center orders for the blast doors to be sealed and for security to be alerted.  Zeb reaches the door and holds it open long enough for Sabine and Ketsu to get in.  Sabine tells Ketsu to try to get the door opened and to jam their comm systems.  Hera takes out two Stormtroopers and leads her group of rebels to the door, just as Ketsu gets it opened.  When Sabine asks about the comm systems, Ketsu replies that the’re all locked down.  Hondo calls to Zeb, calling him “Purple Guy”, and tells him to get into position.  Ketsu tells Zeb good luck before following Sabine down the hall.  Hondo, Zeb, and Melch stay on the platform waiting for Ezra’s signal.  Ketsu, Chopper, Ezra, and Hera all wait at the command center door waiting for Sabine to get it opened.  Inside, an officer asks where the security detail.  Another Imperial informs him that communications have been cut off.  Hondo comms Ezra to tell him that they’re in position, and, once Sabine says she’s ready, gives them the signal.  Melch runs up to Zeb, and the Lasat throws him up to the command center window as a distraction for the Imperials.  “They can fly!”  Hondo shouts.  Melch face plants onto the window, making the Imperials start to shoot at him.  As soon as the Imperials are distracted, Ezra and the others charge in.  Ezra has Rex lock the Imperials in a storage bay and they all get to work.


Thrawn Is Informed

Ryder brings Pryce in, who tells them it will only be a matter of time before they are discover.  “You can’t hope to defeat my forces,” she says.  Sabine tells her that they’re not planning to defeat them, they just want them all in the Dome. Kallus says they will use Protocol 13.  Hera knows this to be the immediate recall of all Imperial personnel for a full evacuation.  Ryder says that once the Imperials are all inside, they’ll launch and it’ll be “goodbye to the Empire”.  Hera calls Wolffe, who is waiting at the Ghost with Visago and Mart, and tells him that they’ve taken the Dome.  She tells the to wait for her to send the signal for pick up.  Mart starts telling the two that Ezra gave him a special mission, not realizing that they are being watched.  Visago asks what Mart is talking about, but before he can answer, Visago yells for them to watch out.  Rukh jumps out from hiding and tackles Visago, knocking him out.  Wolffe and Mart both try to take the Noghri out, but it’s no use.  The two are also knocked out.  Rukh picks up Mart’s blaster and prepare to shoot the boy. (I’m not going to lie, this part scared me to death!  I definitely didn’t want to see Mart get shot! )  Luckily, the white wolf runs up and knocks the blaster out of Rukh’s hand.  Rukh throws an explosive at the wolf, but it doesn’t do much.  When Rukh tries to escape in the remaining, gunship, the wolf smashes into the window, only causing it to crack.  As the gunship flies away toward the capital, the wolf watches angrily.  In the gunship, Rukh calls Thrawn and informs him of everything that has happened.  “I expected Governor Pryce to fail, but not so completely,” Thrawn says.  He tells Rukh that he must get inside the Dome and deactivate the shield generator before the rebels lock it down.  After he has done that, Rukh must wait for Thrawn to arrive.


The Grand Admiral’s Entrance

Sabine tells Ezra that they’re ready, and Ezra sets Kallus to work.  Over the comm, Kallus alerts every Imperial stationed on Lothal that Protocol 13 is in effect.  And Imperial officer tells Kallus that this is highly irregular and asks him to repeat the authorization.  Ryder steps up to help while Kallus again confirms the order.  Ryder, mimicking ISB Colonel Yularen’s voice, says that is executing override code Base Gamma Zero.  The officer says that he was unaware the ISB was involved.  “That is the point of this exercise,” says Ryder.  The officer asks if it is a drill.  “Is it?” Ryder asks.  “And do you always question the orders of a superior officer?”  The rebels wait in silence for the officer to reply.  To their happiness, he replies that they will proceed with Protocol 13 immediately.  “Sounds like they bought it, Colonel,” says Ezra.  “Nice work.”  Every Imperial on Lothal then moves back to the Dome.  Including Rukh, who has arrived to spoil the rebels’ plans.  Kallus informs Ezra that the Dome is now secure.  Ezra has Hera start the launch cycle, and tells Ezra to set the self destruct.  Hondo asks if they have a way of the Dome before it explodes, Hera replies that the Ghost will comes to pick them up.  She tells them that it’s been a long time since the thrusters have been fired, so it might take awhile.  But that doesn’t matter; they have a visitor.  “You’re too late,” Pryce says.  They all look out the window to see the Chimaera Star Destroyer right over them.  “It’s Thrawn,” says Kallus.  Hera immediately begins shutting down the launch cycle.  Ketsu tries to stop her, saying that they can’t just sit there.  Hera explains that if they continue the launch, they will hit the Chimaera and will destroy the entire city.  “Karabast, we’re trapped,” says Zeb.  Ezra tells Chopper to put him through to Thrawn.  The Chiss’ hologram appears.  Ezra tells him that Governor Pryce is their prisoner and they have complete control over the Imperial Drome with everyone trapped inside.  “You failed, Thrawn,” says Ezra.  Uh, I don’t think so.  Ezra demands Thrawn to leave Lothal, and if he does, they might let his troops out before the blow the Dome to pieces.  Now, Thrawn says one of his best quotes, “Are you quiet finished?”  Thrawn tells the Jedi that if he truly wishes to save Lothal, the only terms he will except are Ezra’s immediate and unconditional surrender.  Ezra asks why he would surrender when he has his entire army prisoner.  Thrawn lets him have by saying that they have only moved his assets to a safe position.  “So that I can bombard the civilians of your home without incurring Imperial casualties,” he says.  Sabine tells Rex to raise the planetary shields, but he can’t.  Rex tells her that they have gone offline.  Rukh is carrying out Thrawn’s plan at the shield generator.  Sabine sees this on the primary schematics and lets everyone know.  “Your shield generators are under my control,” Thrawn says.  “Just so you understand that my intentions are genuine, I shall demonstrate my power.”  Thrawn orders his officers to open fire.  They rain laser fire down on the city, making the civilians panic and run away.  The rebels are horrified at this.  Ezra pleads for Thrawn to stop, even surrendering.  Thrawn stops, but the damage has been done.  Half of Lothal city is now in ruins.  Thrawn tells Ezra that he will await his arrival.  “Make no mistake,” Thrawn warns.  “Come alone.  If you attempt any heroics, I will resume the bombardment and destroy your city, and your friends.”  With that, Thrawn ends the transmission.  Ezra begins to walk away and hands Chopper his lightsaber.  Hera goes after him.  She says that she understands he thinks he needs to do this.  “This is what I was meant to do,” Ezra tells her.  But Hera is sure there’s another way.  “I won’t let you go,” she says.  Ezra decides to stay, but asks what the other way is.


Ezra’s Decision

Hera, satisfied that Ezra is staying, tells them they have to see what they have to work with.  As the rebels discuss plans, Chopper opens a ventilation shaft on the ceiling.  “One last time,” Ezra whispers, looking up at the shaft.  Ezra and Sabine look at each other, a sad look in their eyes.  Ezra nods at Sabine, and she goes to distract the others by joining in their conversation.  She bring their attention to the primary schematics on the wall.  She talks to them, but watches behind them to see that Ezra is no longer there.  Ezra heads for the platform and takes a gunship.  The rebels look outside the window just in time to see him leave.  Rex wants to stop him, and Hera comms Ezra to tell him not to go.  Sabine stops her and tells her they have to trust him.  “The best way we can help is to get that shield up so when Ezra makes his move. we’re ready,” she says.  She says they have to assume the generator room will be well guarded.  They will need two teams to hit it from different sides if they are going to capture both power terminals.  “That is, if you agree, Hera,” she says.  Hera admits it’s a good plan.  “The best chance we’ve got,” says Hera.  Chopper alerts them that Stormtroopers are coming.  They all get ready.  Pryce tells them that it appears her troops have decided their drill is over.


Ezra Faces Thrawn

Ezra reaches the Chimaera and is met by a whole lot of Stormtroopers.  Ezra is handcuffed and escorted straight to Thrawn’s office.  Thrawn is waiting for him at his desk.  The Chiss tells him it was a wise decision to surrender.  Ezra replies that he didn’t have much choice.  The Stortrooper leave, and Ezra is left to face the Grand Admiral alone.  “Oh nonsense, you could have chosen to let your people die,” Thrawn says. “However, you chose to be a Jedi.  Predictable.”  Thrawn explains that Ezra follows a long history written by the Jedi where they choose to believe they choose what is morally correct, instead of what is strategically sound.  Ezra points out that the Jedi have survived.  Thrawn reminds him that the Jedi were once numbered thousands.  He says that there is only a small, scattered, frightened lot who are in hiding or are training children like Ezra.  “I must admit, the mysteries of the force are an enigma to me,” Thrawn says.  He picks up the Jedi Temple Guard’s mask that is displayed on his desk.  “But for all those abilities, for all the power, the Jedi lack the vision for how to wield it.”  Ezra tells Thrawn that the force is not a weapon, but he could never understand that.  Thrawn replies that he doesn’t have to.  He says that it wasn’t his intention to destroy Lothal, but it is inevitable now.  He turns Ezra’s attention a piece of a wall taken out of the city that has Sabine’s artwork on it.  He tells Ezra that Sabine is “quiet talented”.  “Or, was quiet talented,” he corrects himself.  This makes Ezra frustrated.  “You think you can take whatever you want!  Things you didn’t make, didn’t earn, things you don’t even understand!” He shouts.  “You don’t deserve to have this art, or Lothal.”  Thrawn replies that who deserves what is irrelevant.  “What matters is who has power,” he says.  “But that is something the Jedi won’t teach you, so I will take you to someone who will.”  Thrawn takes Ezra to another part of the ship.  Ezra is shocked to see that an entire chunk of the Lothal Jedi temple has been brought to Thrawn’s ship.  “My Emperor,” Thrawn says.  “I have brought you Ezra Bridger.”  A hologram of a younger looking Palpatine turns to see them.  “My dear boy, I’ve so wanted to meet you,” he says.  “And here you are.  At last.”


The Back-up Plan

Meanwhile, back at the Ghost, the white wolf licks Mart’s face, making him wake up.  Mart is terrified by the wolf, and shouts, “Wolf!”  Making Wolffe wake up as well, asking what. “Not you, look!”  Mart replies.  Wolffe yells at Visago to get up.  “What’s happened now?”  Visago asks upon waking up.  Wolffe tells them they were ambushed by “that creature”.  “Thrawn’s pet,” he calls Rukh.  He says that if it wasn’t for the wolves, they be gone.  “Speaking of gone, the last gunship is missing!”  Mart says.  Wolffe fears that Rukh will warn Thrawn about their attack.  “It’s just like Ezra said,” Mart says.  Mart has them follow him to the Ghost.  Wolffe asks him what he means by “just what Ezra said”.  Mart explains that Ezra had told him there was a chance Thrawn would get back to the capital before they finished their plan.  “And if it looked like that was the case, he gave us a special mission,” he says.  Mart flies the Ghost into the sky, the wolves run under them.  “Ezra wanted us to go into high orbit around Lothal and send out a signal beacon on high frequency zero,” Mart tells them.  Wolffe says that no one ever uses this frequency any more and asks who they’re supposed to be contacting.  “Not sure it’s a who,” Mart replies.  “More like a what.  And if I told you what, well, that’s the part you might not believe.”  Back at the Dome, Stormtroopers are trying to get into the command center when Melch jumps down from the ventilation shafts.  He shoots down one of the troopers before leading the others on a chase.  The door opens and Zeb knocks out the remaining Stormtrooper, saying that it works every time.  Hondo praises Melch, as the Ugnaught takes out the last troopers.  “I’m sure you have a special relationship, but we’re kind of on a mission here,” Hera tells the pirate.  “We’ve gotta get that shield up over the city.”  Sabine assigns Rex, Hondo, and Ketsu to the north tower, while Zeb, Kallus and Gregor are assigned to the South.  She tells them she will talk them through it from the command center.  “Let’s go rebels!”  Zeb says before they all head out.  Sabine notices that Hera looks sad.  “What is it?”  She asks.  It’s about Ezra.  She is afraid to lose another part of her family.  Sabine reassures her that Ezra knows what he’s doing.



There’s part 1!  Hm, where to start?  How about this?  Please tell me I was not the only one who was totally upset when Ezra sneaked away?  That ventilation shaft came open and I completely lost it!  Since I know what happens in the end, the moment when Sabien and Ezra looks at each other…Ah!  My heart!  And Thrawn, you know how much I love Thrawn!  He totally killed it this episode! I was terrified of him the entire time!  The way he just casually does pretty much everything…how does he do it?  Thrawn is definitely my favorite Star Wars character.  Anyway, it’s strange not having Kanan around anymore.  I mean, Rebels isn’t around anymore at all, but still.  The last few episodes without him were strange.  What did you think about this half of the episode?  Let me know in the comments!


Stray Thoughts

– The soundtrack at the part where Ezra sneaks away, you know, the tear-jerking one?  You can find it at Star, titled “Sabine Sees Ezra”.  Beautiful song, but also sad.


My final Star Wars Rebels episode review will be out tomorrow.  You can expect a series review, where I will tell my journey with Star Wars Rebels, to be posted on Friday.


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