Star Wars Rebels: A Fool’s Hope Review

I’m back everyone!  So last Monday we saw the end of a beloved series.  Everything was put together so well!  Let’s start with “A Fool’s Hope”.  “A Fool’s Hope” set up Lothal’s last stand against the Empire, and there were a few surprises along the way.  There’s so much to talk about, so let’s get to it!  (Major Spoiler Warnings!)…


Are You In?

At the beginning of this episode, The Ghost comes out of hyperspace in front of Seelos, a planet first seen in the season two episode “The Lost Commanders”.  Rex comms Joopa Base, where the clones Wolffe and Gregor are currently living.  Wolffe tells Rex to proceed to the coordinates he gives them.  The Ghost lands on top of Wolffe and Gregor’s new AT-AT Walker base and Hera, Rex, and Kallus step out.  Inside, Wolffe tells her that he was expecting them last rotation.  Hera replies that she had trouble escaping Lothal and that the Empire’s blockade is tougher than ever.  “That would be no problem for me,” says Hondo, who is sitting with his buddy Melch.   “Hondo, I see you got my message,” Hera says, not entirely happy to see the pirate.  Ketsu Onyo is also there, and claims that he wasn’t hard to find.  “Talks a lot for a smuggler,” she says.  Hondo corrects her that he is a pirate and says that it’s more romantic that a smuggler.  Kallus says that it’s time they discuss the mission.  Hondo wonders how they will split the profits with such an odd collection of characters.  He asks if they are stealing or liberating.  Wolffe says that Rebel Command never sent a briefing.  “That’s because, old friend,” says Rex.  “This mission isn’t for the Rebellion.”  Hera tells the group that the mission is for Ezra.  They are liberating his home and they need their help.  “All of you,” she says.  Wolffe is skeptic, saying that going against a planet of Imperials are difficult odds.  Hondo agrees, but says that Ezra has spirit.  “He reminds of the time when there was still something you could believe in,” says Hondo.  “The Jedi,” Ketsu says.  Wolffe say that they’ve followed them into battle many times.  How about one more time?”  Gregor asks.  Hera asks if they’re in.  Hondo takes off his hat.  “Madam, for that boy,” he says. “There is nothing I would not do.”


The Betrayal

On Lothal, Ezra is out meditating.  Sabine comes and asks if he’s okay.  Ezra tells her that something has changed and he has to talk to Hera.  They go to their base, where Visago tells Ezra that he has Hera on a hologram.  When Hera asks what the emergency is, Ezra tells the general that they need to act now if they’re going to take Lothal city from the Empire.  Zeb tells him that his plan is crazy enough as it is and asks what the rush is.  Ezra tells them that he had a vision and explains that the Emperor is sending Thrawn back to Lothal.  “It’s now or never,” he says.  “Then it’s never,” Ryder says.  He tells them that they don’t stand a chance, and they’ve already tried and failed.  “Our best hope is to lay low, reorganize, and rebuild,” he says.  Ezra tells Ryder that he has to trust him.  Ryder replies that they need an army to take the city, and he doesn’t see an army.  “We don’t need an army,” says Ezra.  “We just need one person.”  Meanwhile, at the Imperial Dome, an Imperial lieutenant comes to tell Pryce that they have scanned the outer regions and have found the remains of several small encampments, but no rebels.  Pryce is not at all happy.  Why should she be?  Thrawn is coming to deal with her himself.  “Thrawn will return soon,” she says.  “And if I do not have the rebels, I will be executed.  But before that happens to me, do you know what I will do to you, for failing?”  She asks.  The lieutenant tells her that he will commit more troops to the search.  On his way out, he is nearly knocked down by an officer running in to inform Pryce of an incoming transmission.  Pryce answers the call, and surprise, surprise!  It’s Ryder Azadi.  “Hello Ahrinda,” he says.  Pryce tells him that his call is a bold move.  “I do what I have to do, to survive,” he says.  Pryce remind him that strategy didn’t work when way back when he was governor (you’ll know what she means if you read Star Wars: Thrawn).  “And yet here I am, alive,” says Ryder.  “To offer you something you can’t resist.”  Pryce asks if this something is his head on a platter.  “Not mine,” says Ryder.  “The rebels.  All of them.”  Pryce asks why he betrayed the rebels.  Ryder explains that they can’t win, and he doesn’t want to end up back in Imperial prison, or worse.  Pryce says that he wants amnesty.  Ryder replies that he does, in return for handing over Bridger, Syndulla, and the rest of the rebels.  “This is cowardly, even for you,” Pryce says.  Ryder asks if they have deal.  Pryce confirms this by asking for his coordinates.


Here They Come!

At the rebel base, Ezra and Sabine are walking together when they hear wolves howling.  They see the wolves out on the cliffs.  Sabine asks Ezra about his connection with the wolves, saying she never understood it.  Ezra tells her that he can’t explain it.  “Sometimes, the connection is strong, and sometimes, I’m just on my own,” he says.  Sabine says if his plan is going to work, they got to hope whatever he feels is there when he needs it.  “It has been so far,” Ezra replies.  The wolves stop howling and run off, making Sabine ask where they are going.  They here a rumbling sound.  Sabine asks if he hears it.  The two of them know what’s up.  They run to get the others.  Ezra calls to Zeb to tell him that they’re (the Empire) is coming.  Zeb looks, and sure enough, six Imperial gunships are on their way towards them.  “Karabast,” says Zeb.  The gunships immediately open fire on the rebels and some Jumptroopers get out and attack.  The rebels fight back.  Sabine tells Ezra that she’ll handle the Jumptroopers and flies off on her jet pack.  Ryder hides in the shadows.  Pryce tells her troops to make sure they take the Jedi alive; they don’t want to disappoint their Emperor.  Zeb yells at Jai Kell to get in the fight and man the cannons.  Dodging laser fire, Jai does so.  Three more gunships arrive, and Rukh is on one of them.  He leads more troopers to get inside the base.  Sabine manages to take out one of the gunships.  Ezra tells Chopper to warn Hera that they’re under attack.  While Chopper is doing this, Rukh runs up nearby and starts to shoot at them.  Ezra and Rukh fight while Chopper protects himself from a Stormtrooper.  In hyperspace, Rex tells Hera they’ve received a transmission from Chopper.  “They’re under attack,” Rex tells her.  Hera tells them that they’re coming up on Lothal and to get ready to power down.  They come out of hyperspace in front of the heavily guarded Lothal.  The Ghost powers down so the Empire won’t be able to track them.  Kallus says he doesn’t think they were detected.  Hera tells Hondo it’s time for him to join the Rebellion.  “Very good,” Hondo says.  “Move us to these coordinates.”  Hera says that the coordinates he is referring to is a hyperspace lane.  “Technically it is just outside a hyperspace lane,” Hondo corrects.  He says they will wait there for a cargo ship to arrive.  Kallus asks him if he’s mad and says that a cargo ship would crash into them.  Hondo replies that it’s a risk you take when you’re a pirate.  He asks them if they want to get in and help Ezra, they have to listen to him.  “I have done this many times,” he says.  He tries to remember how many times he’s actually been hit, but repeats that he’s done it many times.


Ryder and Ezra’s Surprise

The fight on Lothal is still going.  Sabine makes quick work of a gunship and it’s crew, as well as a Jumptrooper.  Ezra manages to get Rukh to fall below the base, but the Rukh is not done fighting yet.  He proceeds to climb back up the rocks.  Pryce orders her troops to storm the rebels’ ore crawler.  Zeb takes a cannon and shoots down a gunship with it.  Two gunships land on the ore crawler, but when Zeb tries to shoot them down, he finds that the cannon is out of power.  He tosses it at the troopers coming out of the ship.  Ezra wonders where Hera is.  Back in space, Rex says that they can’t just sit there.  “Who knows how long Ezra can hold out down there?” He says.  Hondo tells them to have patience and that the Empire runs shipments all the time.  The Ghost’s alarm goes off.
“Here comes one now,” says Hondo.  An Imperial cargo ship drops out of hyperspace right over them.  Hondo is very happy at this.  They all get to work.  Hondo reminds Hera not to power up the Ghost just yet.  Rex magnetically clamps the Ghost to the cargo ship.  Then, they let the Imperials do the rest.  Soon, they are through the blockade.  Hondo is even happier about this, saying that once again he’s come through.  Hera says that as soon as they’re through the atmosphere, she’ll give Ezra the signal.  Below, Sabine kills two more Jumptroopers, but the rebels are still surrounded.  “There’s too many!”  Zeb shouts.  Rukh climbs back up to the base and passes by Ryder, who is still hiding in the shadows.  Visago tells Ezra that he’s beginning to regret the day he met him.  “The day’s not over yet Visago!” Ezra replies.  Pryce commands for the troopers to target the crawler, where the rebels are being pinned down.  Zeb warns them just before missiles hit the side of the crawler.  The whole crawler begins to tip over.  Ezra shouts for everyone to abandon ship.  The Stormtroopers get back on the gunships, but a few of them fall off the crawler.  Mart Mattin jumps up to the base, barely making it.  Ezra tells Sabine to take Visago up before they jump too, also barely making it.  When they climb up to the ledge, they find that they’ve lost.  Visago, Sabine, Mart, Ryder, and other rebels are all on their knees surrounded by Stormtroopers.  Rukh, who is grabbing Sabine, tells Ezra and Zeb to drop their weapons.  They obey, and Rukh tells Pryce that the base is secure.  “And I have the boy,” he says.  A Stormtrooper knocks Ezra down as Zeb gets on his knees.  Pryce comes in on a gunship.  She names the rebels and Ryder, telling her “old friend” to stand up.  She thanks Ryder for helping her bring peace to Lothal.  The rebels lookat Ryder in horror.  “Ryder, you betrayed us?”  Sabine asks.  Ryder tells her they were never going to win without an army.  “A wise choice,” says Pryce.  Ezra replies that he knew she’d think so.  “We wouldn’t have been able to fool Thrawn, but you?”  He says.  “Well, looks like we both took a gamble today,” says Pryce.  “But I won.”  Ezra’s wrist comm begins to beep and he looks at Ryder.  “Do you want to tell her, or should I?”  he asks.  Ryder replies that he’s been waiting years for this.  Sabine looks at Ezra.  Ryder explains that getting them to come out to the base was part of their plan.  He didn’t really betray the rebels.  Pryce still thinks that she’s won.  “You’re little Rebellion ends right now,” she says.  She tells them they are her prisoners.  I don’t think so!  At that moment, the Ghost flies down and blows up Pryce’s gunship!  Ezra tells the rebels to get down before Hondo and Melch begin shooting from the turrets.  The Clones and Kallus jump out of the Ghost and join the fight.  Sabine tells Chopper to jam the Imperials’ transmissions.  Hera leads the gunships away so the rebels can deal with the Stormtroopers.


The Wolves Join The Fight

Ezra looks at the cave from the previous episodes and gets an idea.  When Visago says that they’re still outnumbered, Ezra tells him not for long.  He order for everyone to fallback to the cave.  Pryce says that they’re trapped and tells Rukh to bring Bridger to her, but to eliminate the rest.  Rukh and two troopers run into the dark cave.  Ezra is waiting for them.  “Where is your army now, Jedi?”  Rukh asks.  Three Loth-wolves appear as Ezra ignites his lightsaber.  Rukh is surprised at this.  The wolves are quick to attack.  Was it not satisfying to watch those wolves tear into those Stormtrooper?  The white wolf tosses Rukh off of the base before going for Pryce.  The rebels run out of the cave to see the fight.  In the air, Hondo and Melch are still trying to get rid of the gunships.  Hondo tells Melch to turn around and be productive.  The Ugnaught shoots down a gunship and cheers.  “Yes, yes,” says Hondo.  “You perform well when I pull your strings.”  Hera tells them to hang on before flipping the Ghost over and smashing the last gunship.  The wolves continue to terrorize the Imperials and the rebels join in and open fire.  Gregor brings Wolffe’s attention to the wolves.  “Can you believe it?”  He asks.  Wolffe asks him what.  “The wolves!”  Gregor replies.  “You got you’re wolf pack back!” (Gregor is referring to Wolffe’s Clone Trooper squad back in the Clone Wars)  Wolffe replies that they fight just like the boys.  They watch a wolf throw a Stormtrooper of the cliff.  “Just like ’em!”  Gregor agrees.  The wolves suround the remaining troopers, making Zeb tell them he’d drop his weapons if he were them.  The Imperials surrender and the white wolf brings Pryce to the rebels.  Pryce, who is completely freaking out and being held in the wolf’s mouth, asks the rebels to not let the wolf eat her.  The wolf drops her at Ryder’s feet.  “Why don’t you do the honors?” Ezra asks, giving Ryder handcuffs.  “Governor to governor.”  Ryder replies that it would be his pleasure.


It’s Not Over Yet

After everything settles down, Hera tells Ezra that he did it.  “Somehow, against all the odds, you actually did it,” she says.  Ezra says that he couldn’t have without her, or the rest of the rebels.  Hondo asks if they can all get payed and go home now.  Ezra replies that he wishes that it was over, but it’s not.  ” Not until we chase the Empire from Lothal and show the galaxy that for all their power, they can be defeated,” he says.  The battle is only beginning.  Who will win?



“A Fool’s Hope” was a good starting point for the finale.  You know, I was totally fooled by Ryder pretending to betray the rebels.  For one, I could see it coming.  I just knew thought that eventually, someone was going to turn.  And who better that Ryder Azadi?  I was really surprised when he revealed that it was all part of Ezra’s plan.  Were you fooled?  Also, it was good to see Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor fighting together.  It’s rare to see Clones fighting together in the time of the Empire!  This episode was pretty cool, but next comes the actual finale.  What did you think about “A Fool’s Hope”?  Let me know in the comments below!

Stray Thoughts

– When Hera flips the Ghost around and smashes into that gunship, you might remember this from the Solo: A Star Wars Story when Han Solo does the same thing to smash a TIE Fighter.

– The main soundtrack for this episode, “Hera’s Arrival”,  can be found at Star

– I want to talk about Jai Kell for a moment.  Jai is a confirmed force-sensitive.  (See the season one episode “Breaking Ranks”).  Nothing else since that episode has ever been spoken of this.  This might be because Jai might not be as strong in the force as other force-sensitives.  One more thing; does anyone know where in the world Jai went in this episode?  Last I saw him he was manning the cannons, but after that, he disappeared.  I don’t even think he was in the final episode.  Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention?  Let me know!

My review for “Family Reunion and Farewell Part 1” will be out tomorrow.


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