Star Wars Rebels: A World Between Worlds Review

I want to apologize for this post being late, some stuff came up yesterday and I got busy. Better late than never!  Anyway, the episode that followed after “Wolves and a Door” was completely insane!  “A World Between Worlds” showed something that’s never happened before.  Ezra actually had access to the very galaxy’s space and time!  Oh yeah, and how could I forget about the reveal of a certain very special character’s fate?  There’s so much stuff to talk about, so let’s get to it!  (Major Spoiler Warning!)…


“He Who Controls It, Controls The Universe.”

In the beginning of this episode, we hear voices.  They are quotes of Yoda, Obi-Wan-Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano, and Kanan Jarrus.  Ezra falls through the portal into a very strange world.  It’s a world between worlds.  The connection of space and time of the galaxy.  Ezra is amazed by the area.  Paths lead to thousands of gateways, and the gateways lead to different time eras.  It really blew my mind seeing this place!  We hear Obi-Wan’s voice; “The force is what gives a Jedi his power.  It’s an energy field created by all living things.  It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.”              Meanwhile, Sabine is taken to Minister Hydan’s office, where he asks her to sit.  Sabine’s Death Trooper escort forcefully pushes her down into a chair while another trooper gives Hydan a data pad with Sabine’s identification on it.  Once Hydan sees that she is Sabine Wren, he understands why she took interest in the paintings from the temple.  “The Grand Admiral has spoken highly of you talents,” Hydan says.  “You know he’s acquired a small collection of your work.”  Sabine sarcastically replies that she is flattered.  Hydan tells her that he would never consider himself an artist, but more of a critic.  He gives Sabine a cup of tea (or whatever it was).  “That explains a lot,” Sabine replies.  Hydan admits that Sabine and Ezra swiftly solved something that he could not and asks how they opened the portal.  “I’m smarter than you,” Sabine replies.  Hydan tells her that he will inform the Emperor that Ezra made it into the temple.  “He was rather impressed with young Bridger.  It must be so difficult now without his master.”  Hydan says that it is a pity that Kanan Jarrus, or Caleb Dume, chose the path that he did and fell such a meaningless end.  Sabine gets angry at this.  “You think your powerful, but you’re just a pawn,” she says.  Hydan says that she is correct.  “My power is but a reflection of the might of my Emperor.”  Sabine tells him that for all the Emperor’s might, he still couldn’t open the door, but Ezra could.  Hydan says that Ezra is not safe beyond the veil.  He tells her that it’s only a matter of time before the Emperor gets into the temple and finds Ezra.  “But there is hope,” he says.  “You have an opportunity to help him, if you help me.”  He presses a button on the data pad and a ton of holographic images of the painting in the the temple pop up around the room.  He tells her that since she is an artist she might relish in the opportunity to study the temple art.  He asks if she even realizes what the portal is.  Sabine observes an image of the portal, and finds that it’s not just a doorways into the temple.  It’s a pathway into all time and space.  “He who controls it, controls the universe,” says Hydan.


Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Weirder

Hera, Zeb, and Chopper are nearby.  Hera tells Zeb that the took Sabine into the buildings on the far side.  While trying not to be spotted, Zeb asks about Ezra.  Hera replies that she honestly doesn’t know where he is.  “I don’t think he does either,” she says.  They move around the mouth of the crater.  Inside the portal, Ezra calls out for Yoda and Obi-Wan as he goes down long paths.  This time, we here voices from tons of characters.  In addition to the ones from before, we hear the quotes of Maz Kanata, Jyn Erso, Kylo Ren, Rey, Poe Dameron, The Daughter, Leia Organa.  Let me tell you, with every new voice I heard, the more freaked out I got.  And to think that Ezra, in that moment, was in control of the very galaxy, it was crazy!  As we here Anakin Skywalker’s quote, “You would have never made it as Obi-Wan’s Padawan…but you might make it as mine.”  Anakin had said this to Ahsoka back in the Clone Wars TV series.  Ezra stops at another gateway where a convor owl is resting.  “Hey,” says Ezra.  “I’ve seen you before.”  Ezra remembers that whenever Ahsoka was around, the convor would be there too.  He asks it how it got there and if it can help him.  “I was sent here, but I’m not sure why,” Ezra says.  The owl looks down at the gateway, and it begins to glow.  Ezra asks what the owl is showing him and peers inside, and sees a moment in the past.  It’s the Darth Vader and Ahsoka’s battle from “Twilight of the Apprentice”.  “No…it can’t be,” he says.  And finally, after waiting for ages to get the answer, we see what actually happened to Ahsoka when they temple closed.  Ezra watches the two fight, and asks what he can do.  The temple begins to explode, and Ahsoka jabs her lightsabers into the ground.  The floor cracks beneath Vader, but just as he is about to fall, he goes for the kill.  He is about to strike Ahsoka, but Ezra reaches into the portal and pulls her to safety.  Vader falls through the floor and the portal closes.  Back in Hydan’s office, Hydan tells Sabine that he discovered the holograchic images when he was going through the Jedi archives on Coruscant.  Sabine says that she still isn’t interested.  “I doubt that,” says Hydan.  Hydan gestures to the Mortis Force-Wielders and says that they appeared in throughout the Jedi’s recorded history.  Sabine replies that they’re archetypes.  Hydan explains that they’re sometimes referred to as The Father, Son, and Daughter.  He asks if she notices anything different about their depiction on the temple.  Sabine lies and says that they look the same to her.  “I’m no fool,” says Hydan.  “So do not mistake my pleasant demeanor for weakness.”  He knows that the painting has changes.  “You noticed that, huh?”  Sabine says.  Hydan points out all of the differences.  He asks Sabine if she cares to share what the significance in The Daughter and The Father’s change to him.  Two Death Trooper walk up, making Sabine get up and say that the hands are a language.  Hydan says that finds no similarity between this language and any other language, and asks how she can ready it.  “Remember, I’m smarter that you,” Sabine taunts.  Hydan laments on how he had hoped that he could have a civil conversation with “Lady Wren” about art, but he sees that the Mandalorian inside her only understands one form of discourse.  One of the Death Troopers hits Saabine with his blaster, knocking her down.  The two troopers aim their blasters at her.  “Now,” says Hydan.  “Where were we?”



Ezra and Ahsoka wake up and are surprised to see each other.  Ahsoka is about to comment on the way Ezra looks when she notices where she is.  She asks what happend and where she is.  Ezra explains what happened.  Darth Vader’s voice is in the background.  Ahsoka notices the owl and refers to her as “Morai”.  The owl flies down to land on Ahsoka’s arm.  Ahsoka says that she is an old friend, and that she owes the owl her life.  “And now I owe you that as well,” she tells Ezra.  She asks how Ezra got there and where Kanan is.  Ezra sadly tells her, “You’ve missed a lot.”  Back on Lothal, Hera, Zeb, and Chopper are trying to find a way to get Sabine and Ezra back.  “These are mobile command centers, right?”  Zeb confirms this and says that he likes where this is going.  He tells Chopper to keep an eye out for Ezra before the two of the go in for the command centers.  Then we go back to Ezra and Ahsoka.  Ahsoka tells Ezra that the place is ancient.  “Like a world between worlds,” she says.  Ezra agrees and says that it feels like the dream where he met the giant wolf, Dume.  Ahsoka thinks that the wolf named Dume appearing after Kanan died is not a coincidence.  Ezra thinks so too, and asks what it means.  “Perhaps Kanan’s will is still at work through the wolf,” says Ahsoka..  Ezra asks how that could be.  “Well, Kanan is part of the cosmic force now,”  Ahsoka replies.  “There are ways those who have passed on may still guide or influence the living.  It’s not impossible.”  Ezra has an idea all of a sudden.  “If Kanan sent me here, then…”  He trails off, making Ahsoka asks what it is.  Ezra tells her that he thought he was there to stop the Empire, but then he found her.  “Don’t you see?”  He asks.  Ahsoka asks if he thinks Kanan sent him there to help her.  “Not just you!”  Ezra replies.  We hear things Kanan has said in the past.  Ezra wants to save Kanan like he saved Ahsoka.  he begins to run down the paths.  Ahsoka goes after him.  Ezra sasy that one of the portals must lead to Kanan.  “Ezra, think about what you are doing!”  Ahsoka says.  Ezra replies that he knows what he’s doing.  He knows he can change things.  “I can stop Kanan from dying!”  He says.  Ahsoka replies that he doesn’t know that.  “Yes I do!”  Ezra argues.  “If I can change your fate, I can change his!”  The gateway behind them begins to glow, and this time we see the scene I would rather not watch again.  Kanan’s death.  “I can reach him,” Ezra says.  Ahsoka tries to reason with him.  “Kanan gave his life so that you could live,” she says.  “If he’s taken out of this moment, you all die.”  Ezra tells her she doesn’t understand what she’s asking him to do, but Ahsoka knows alright.  “You can’t save your master, and I can’t save mine,” she tells him.  “I’m asking you to let go.”  Ezra stands there helplessly as his master’s death replays in front of him.  When Kanan is gone, he turns to walk away.  “I’m sorry, Ezra” says Ahsoka.  “But you must see, Kanan found the moment when he was needed most, and he did what he had to do.  For everyone.”  Ezra realizes something.  “That’s the lesson,” he says.  “I didn’t see it, but now….”  He tells Ahsoka that he sometimes wishes that his life was different.  “I wish I could see my mom and dad.  Why can’t things be like they were?”  All of a sudden, they hear a rumbling sound.  Ahsoka says that they can’t stay there.  She asks if he knows how to close the portal.  Ezra replies that Sabine will know and that they can do it together.  “They’ll be so happy to see you,” he says.  As they walk away, they don’t notice the portal beginning to glow again.  Ahsoka tells him that she can’t go with him.  “Perhaps I can,” a voice says behind them.  They turn back to the portal to the the Emperor.  He has used sith magic to get in.  Ahsoka pushes Ezra behind her.  “Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka Tano,” the Emperor says.  “Mine at last!”  He laughs.


The Sealing Of The Lothal Temple

Hera tries to activate on of the thrusters under Hydan’s office.  Zeb tells her to hurry.  Hera asks him to get ready to send Sabine a signal.  Zeb replies that he’ll tap it out as soon right before blast off.  He goes to get into position.  Inside the office, Hydan says The Father is clearly showing the way to the portal adn that the wolves are the portal guardians.  Sabine asks about the convor owl.  He replies that the owl could either be a servant of The Daughter or The Daughter herself as a spirit guide.  They conclude that if The Daughter was the one to open the portal, The Son would be the one to close it.  “There’s something I didn’t know,” says Sabine.  Hydan says that they can help each other.  A Stormtrooper runs up and says that something is happening to the portal.  right then, they hear a knocking sound.  Sabine laughs.  “I know that language too,” she says.  “Sorry about the mess.”  Suddenly, the whole station begins to tip over.  Then, once again in the portal, the Emperor shoots blue fire after Ahsoka and Ezra.  Ahsoka tries to hold it back, but she can’t alone.  Ezra helps her.  They are able to hold it back until the Emperor stops.  Ahsoka tells Ezra to run before the Emperor shoots more fire at them.

Hydan’s office tips completely over, but Sabine is able to escape before she could get hurt.  Reunited, the rebels don’t have time to stand around.  They barely make it out of the way before the command center crushes them.  Sabine leads them to the temple painting.  Hera asks about Ezra and Sabine replies that he’s on his way.

Ezra and Ahsoka are still trying to get away.  As they run, a whip of fire wraps around Ezra’s leg and begins pulling him back.  “Show me the way, Ezra,” the Emperor demands.  He begins to come through the portal.  Ahsoka uses her lightsabers to cut Ezra free.  They, continue to run.  “Keep going!”  Ahsoka says.  “You can make it!”  Ezra tells her that when she goes through her own portal to go and find him.  “I will, I promise,” Ahsoka replies.  They go down two different paths leading to their portals.  Ahsoka barely makes it through before the fire can get to her.  Inside, she is back on Malachor.  Her owl is with her.  “May the Force be with you, Ezra Bridger,” she says.  She turns to walk into the sith temple.  Ezra barely make it too.  The Emperor screams in anger as Ezra jumps through the portal.  Sabine, Zeb, and Hera are all there to meet him.  Sabine helps Ezra get up and says that they’re leaving.  Ezra tells her they have to shut the portal first.   They all head over to the wall painting of the Mortis Force-Wielders.  Chopper helps them out by driving the Stormtroopers away with one of the drillers.  Sabine tells Ezra to activate The Son.  Zeb help Ezra reach him.  he puts his fist over The Son’s.  Hydan tells the troopers to stop him, but they can’t get past the driller.  Ezra succeeds in closing the portal and we hear The Son’s voice, but it causes Ezra to pass out.  The painting moves again; The Father raises his hand and The Son bows his head.  The Son and Daughter begin to fall.  The Ghost crew make it to the driller and Hera tells Chopper to get them out of there.  Hydan freaks about he temple collapsing.  The wolf paintings run back to the Force-Wielders before The Father claps his hands together.  “What have they done with the knowledge?” Hydan asks.  “Everything will be lost!”  He falls into the new whole the temple had created.  “It’s gonna be close!”  Hera tells Sabine.  They put Ezra down and go to see what’s happening through the window.  We hear Kanan’s voice as light engulfs the rebels.  “The Force will be with you, always…”


“Goodbye Kanan.”

When Ezra awakes, Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper are the to greet him.  “If this is what you and Kanan used to do on your Jedi missions, you can keep it!”  Says Zeb.  Ezra asks where Hera is.  “She’s outside,” Sabine replies.  “Ezra, you gotta see.”  Ezra goes outside to find that the entire temple is gone.  The crater, the Imperials, everything.  Hera is standing alone looking very sad.  He hand is on her shoulder; Kanan’s ghost is probably there again.  Ezra asks where they are.  “The temple,” Hera replies quietly.  Ezra is shocked and asks how.  “You tell me,” Hera says.  Ezra tells her that he and Kanan stood on there when they first came to the temple.  “He’s gone now, isn’t he?”  Hera asks.  “I mean, really gone?”  Ezra confirms this.  “I know what we have to do now,” he says.  “In a way, Kanan showed me.  One last lesson.”  Hera walks back to the driller.  Ezra watches her leave before turning back to look where the temple was.  The white Loth-wolf is standing there looking back at him.  “Goodbye Kanan,” Ezra says.  The wolf and Ezra turn to go on their separate ways.



I am really blown away by what Star Wars Rebels has become.  “A World Between Worlds” was a beautiful episode.  It dealt with the mystery of Ahsoka Tano and we said our final goodbyes to Kanan Jarrus.  I still have a lot of questions though, like, what do the Mortis Force-Wielders have to do with Lothal, I still want to know more about the wolves, and hey, that one part when Ahoka promised that she would find Ezra again?  How is that going to work out with Rebels coming to it’s end this Monday?  Guess we’ll have to see!  Another things is, I want to say that Star Wars Rebels is doing something I wouldn’t have expected.  In almost every show I watch, if a character died that’s pretty much it.  Sure, they’ll get mentioned from time to time, but the other characters seem to recover from the death by the next episode.  But not on Star Wars Rebels.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen such raw pain and grief in animated cartoon.  What do you think about this episode?  Are you happy that Ahsoka survived her battle with her former master?  Let me know in the comments below!

Stray Thoughts

– Among the voices heard in the portal, we hear…

From the past

The Daughter’s lines from the Mortis arc in The Clone Wars Tv series

Ahsoka’s lines from Star Wars Rebels

From the present

Jyn Erso’s lines from Rogue One

From the future

Princess Leia’s lines from A New Hope

Obi-Wan-Kenobi’s lines from A New Hope

Yoda’s lines from The Empire Strikes Back

Maz Kanata’s lines from The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren’s lines from The Force Awakens

Poe Dameron’s line from The Force Awakens

Let me know if I missed any!

– I forgot to mention in my last review that the talented Ian Mcdiarmid has returned to play the Emperor for Star Wars Rebels!

– The animation was absolutely gorgeous in the episode!  And the music…they are killing it with the music.  The soundtrack when Ezra is sealing the temple is amazing, but it has unfortunately not been released yet.  However, you can here the final song, titled “Kanan’s End Credits”, at Star

– Just in case you didn’t notice, at the end of the season two finale, “Twilight of the Apprentice”, a shadow is seen entering the sith temple.  Of course, everyone theorized that it was Ahsoka.  This episode confirms this and explains everything that happened before that.  So that pretty much happened over and over again in the world between worlds until time caught up with it and Ezra was actually there to help Ahsoka.  Isn’t time travel a bizarre thing?

You can catch Star Wars Rebels one more time on Disney XD on March 5, at 8:30 p.m. to see the final three episode, “A Fool’s Hope” and “Family Reunion and Farewell Part 1 and 2” air.  My reviews for them probably won’t come out until the week after, though.  Something about my wisdom teeth…


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