Star Wars Rebels: Dume Review

After a devastating loss, the characters of Star Wars Rebels, as well as the audience, needed some time to mourn.  The Ghost crew dealt with their loss in their owns ways, and I’m not gonna lie, this episode was sad.  Like, really sad.  So grab some tissues and let’s get to it…(Major Spoiler Warnings!)


Pryce Hides The Truth

This episode starts with what is left of the fuel depot.  Pryce is standing nearby the smoldering ruins when an Imperial lieutenant appears.  “Well,” says Pryce.  “What have you found?” Pryce asks.  The lieutenant informs her that a stolen gunship escaped the blast, but confirms that Kanan Jarrus is indeed dead.  Pryce is surprised to hear this, even asking if the lieutenant is certain of this.  The lieutenant is about to start worrying about the fuel depot, but Pryce interrupts him, saying that it’s not her concern.  The lieutenant explains that since the fuel depot has been destroyed the TIE Defender’s production would halt.  “And who knows this beside you and me?”  Asks Pryce.  The lieutenant replies that no one knows, but it won’t be long until the command realizes what has happened.  He asks the governor what they should do.  “We throw a parade,” Pryce says.  “To celebrate this victory.”


“It’s Over.”

Hera, Ezra, and Sabine return to their makeshift base on the stolen gunship.  Zeb and Chopper are there to great them, and are unaware of what has happened.  The door opens and Sabine throws her TIE pilot helmet to the ground with a cry of anger.  Zeb asks Sabine what’s wrong, but she ignores the question and walks past him.  Hera walks away and Ezra goes to see Zeb.  When Zeb asks what’s going on, Ezra tells him the brutal truth.  “Kanan’s gone…,” he says.  But Zeb still doesn’t understand and asks if he was captured.  “No!” Ezra shouts.  “He’s gone.”  Now Zeb understands, and the two hug.  Chopper rolls up to Hera and takes her hand.  A tear rolls down Hera’s cheek.  Up in the rock formations, The Ghost crew, Ryder, Jai, Mart, and a few other rebels listen in on an Imperial transmission.  The transmission says that the insurgency on Lothal is over and that the rebels have been crushed.  They also speak of the parade before Sabine demands that they turn it off.  Ryder says that they need to contact rebel command to get reinforcements, but Ezra says that as far as Yavin is concerned the fight for Lothal is over.  Mon Mothma won’t commit more forces.  Ryder asks Hera what she thinks they should do, but she doesn’t reply.  She walks into the cave where Kanan had been in the episode before.  “She just needs time,” says Ezra.  Ryder says they don’t have time, they need a plan.   “Well, I have a plan,” says Sabine.  “The Empire’s going to have a parade?  Good!  I’m gonna go add some fireworks to their celebration.”  Zeb agrees with this and goes with her.  Jai asks Ezra what they should do, but he walks away too.  “There’s nothing we can do,” says Ryder.  “It’s over.”   Ezra walks out into Lothal’s plains and sees Sabine and Zeb drive towards Lothal city on speeders.  He sits down on the rocks.  “You didn’t prepare me for this, Kanan,” he says.  “What do I do now?”  Suddenly, the white Loth-wolf appears, and doesn’t seem happy.  “I guess you know about Kanan too, then?” Asks Ezra.  The wolf growls and barks at him.  “You!”  It growls. (at least, I’m pretty sure that’s what it says.)  The wolf scares Ezra off of the rocks, making him fall into the grass where two grey wolves are waiting.  Ezra gets up and runs away, but the wolves chase him, and they are a lot faster.  All of a sudden, the wolves are gone.  Ezra looks around the fields and sees nothing, but he can sense them.  The wolves appear again and they continue to chase Ezra.  But it’s no use, the wolves knock Ezra unconscious.


Don’t Make The Grand Admiral Angry

Back at the Imperial Dome, a very unhappy Grand Admiral Thrawn speaks with Pryce and Rukh over a holocall.  “So, you lost Hera Syndulla, yet you hold a parade?” Thrawn says.  “Explain yourself, Governor Pryce.”  Pryce tells him that it is a celebration for their victory over the rebels.  “And as for General Syndulla, I have something better,” she says.  She shows Thrawn the fallen Jedi’s lightsaber.  Thrawn is a little happy for the confirmation of Kanan’s death, but is upset about the fuel depot.  “Did you really believe that holding a parade would hide the fact that you destroyed my entire fuel supply?” Thrawn asks.  “In defeating Kanan Jarrus, you have accomplished what the rebels failed to, and have given them a victory.”  Thrawn is very angry that his TIE Defender project has been compromised.  Pryce tries to come up with an excuse, but there’s nothing she can say.  “I will deal with you when I return, Governor,” Thrawn says.  I always say that Thrawn is a very intimidating villain, and the way he says this line just sends chills up my spine.  I would not want to be Governor Pryce right now!  Thrawn begins to explain that now that Kanan is dead, the other rebels will flounder, especially Ezra.  He tells Rukh to use this to his advantage.  “Expect them to strike out recklessly, and when they do, eliminate them,” he says.  After Thrawn hangs up, Rukh gives Pryce a smug look before leaving.  Things are looking pretty grim for Lothal’s Governor…


Hera’s Pain

Meanwhile, back at the cave, Hera is grieving Kanan’s death with Chopper by her side.  She runs her hand over the cave drawings and asks herself why she waited so long to tell Kanan that she loved him.  She says she thought there would be more time before she breaks down into tears.  She sinks to the floor next to Chopper.  Chopper says something in binary, making Hera angry.  “You don’t understand!”  She tells him.  “If I had listened to Kanan, he would be alive! He said starting a war was a mistake…and he was right.”  She takes the Kalikori.  “He was right, and now he’s gone.” She blames herself for what happened to Kanan.  “I was the one who was blind,” she says.  Chopper says something about the Kalikori.  Hera tells him that Kanan was able to find it in the middle of everything else going on.  “He knew how much this meant to me,” she tells Chopper.  She says that Kanan rescued her and her family history.  Chopper says something in binary, Kanan was the only one worthy of joining Hera’s family.  “Your right,” Hera says. “No one deserves that honor, more than Kanan.”  She pulls her droid close before breaking down again.

The Revelation

Zeb and Sabine are watching the parade through binoculars near the city.  Sabine laments on how much the Empire has grown.  “Isn’t that why we’re here?” Zeb asks. “To reduce their numbers?”  Sabine wonders how they can beat them, since even the entire fleet couldn’t stop them and that there are only a few rebels left on Lothal.  Zeb asks Sabine if she sees anything strange about the city.  “Beside the refinery being on fire?” She asks.  Zeb points out that the TIE Defender factory is shut down.  Sabine says that it’s probably because of the parade.  “The Empire doesn’t give days off, Sabine,” says Zeb.  Sabine considers this and admits that it is interesting.  They head back to their speeder to get a closer look.  Later that night, Ezra wakes up in the middle of a field.  The wolves are no where to be seen.  “I know you’re out there!”  Says Ezra.  “Show yourselves!”  When the wolves don’t come, Ezra decides that he better get back to the base while he can.  In Lothal’s streets, Zeb knocks out a Scout Trooper.  Sabine puts a devise into the trooper’s speeder.  She connects to the Imperial network and finds that the TIE Defender was shut down because of the damage it suffered when the fuel blew up.  “Zeb, Kanan didn’t just save us,” she says.  “He completed the mission!”  Zeb asks why the Empire is celebrating. Sabine tells him that Pryce probably doesn’t want anyone to know.  “Instead of admitting we hurt them…”  Zeb finishes that Pryce sent all her workers to a parade.  He asks what’s next.  Sabine pulls out an explosive from her belt.  “The Empire and us,” she says.  “We’re not even yet.”  While all this is going on, Ezra staggers up to a small rock formation and wonders how he could have lived on Lothal his whole life and still get lost.  He sits down and looks out over the landscape.  “Loth-rat, Loth-cat, Loth-wolf run, pick a path and all is done,” Ezra says, trying to figure out which way he should go.  he does this again when he lands on a path he doesn’t want to go on.  Rukh and a Stormtrooper find Sabine’s devise in the Scout Trooper’s speeder.  The trooper states that the comm was tampered with.  Rukh spots an explosive on the speeder and jumps out of the way.  Nearby, Sabine and Zeb watch.  Sabine comments on how fast the Imperial were in finding the bomb.  Zeb says that she wanted to send a message.  Sabine is saying that she can do better when she spies Rukh through her binoculars.  “What is that?” She asks.  She lets Zeb look through the binoculars.  Zeb says that Rukh looks like a baby Rancor!  Sabine remembers that Ezra had told them about Rukh, and so does Zeb.  Zeb remembers Rukh from when they stole the TIE Defender’s hyperdrive.  Through the binoculars, Zeb sees Rukh look straight at him.  “It looked right at me!”  He says.  Sabine asks if Rukh saw him.  He replies that he doesn’t know.  “Well, look and see,” Sabine tells him.  “I don’t want too!”  Says Zeb.  “It’s got creepy eyes!”  Sabine takes the binoculars and sees that Rukh is definitely heading in their direction.  Zeb points out that Rukh is alone.  He says they could even the score.  “They took Kanan from us, we can take something from them,” he says.  Sabine agrees, only so that Rukh wouldn’t be able to track them back to the other rebels.  They drive of on their speeders.



Ezra has fallen asleep by the rock out in the middle of no where.  The sky turns very strange as the Loth-wolf’s theme begins to play.  Something huge sniffs Ezra, causing him to wake up.  “Kanan?” Says Ezra.  He turns around and comes face to face with a HUGE Loth-wolf!  The wolf has Kanan’s symbol on his forehead.  Frightened, Ezra scrambles away from the wolf, but is stopped by the other white wolf.  The two other grey wolves are there as well.  “Who are you?”  Ezra asks.   “I…am…Dume,” says that wolf.  Ezra looks up at the giant wolf, a terrified expression on his face.  Meanwhile Rukh catches up with Sabine and Zeb.  It’s time for a battle.  Rukh and Zeb fight.  Sabine joins them.  “We’re not in the mood for a fair fight today,” she says.  “Neither am I,” says Rukh.  He activates his cloaking devise and goes invisible.  Zeb and Sabine try their hardest to fight the Noghri, but they are no match for him.  Sabine even tries to see him through her helmet’s heat signature detector, but Rukh only knocks her helmet off.

Back to the wolves, Ezra comments on the wolf’s name, saying that it was his master’s name.  He asks the wolf what he wants from him.  “You…ran,” the wolf growls.  Ezra counters that the wolves were chasing him.  Dume asks why.  Ezra explains that he didn’t mean to run and that he feels lost without his master.  “He was wise, and brave and he cared,” he says.  “He was there for me when no one else was.”  Ezra says that there was so much more he needed to learn from him.  “Fear,” says Dume.  Ezra angrily admits that he is indeed afraid.  He says that everything feels so hopeless.  “Fight,” Dume tells him.  Ezra asks how they can fight.  “Together,” Dume replies.  The white wolf comes closer and sets a stone tablet next to Ezra.  The tablet has three hands carved into it.  Ezra asks where the stone came from.  Dume tells him it’s from the Jedi Temple.

Sabine and Zeb are still trying to take out Rukh.  Zeb complains about not being able to see him.  Sabine is able to get a paint bomb on him.  She hits the detonator, casuing Rukh to be covered with orange paint!  “Can you see him now?” Asks Sabine.  Zeb laughs.  “Oh yeah,” he replies.  He rams Rukh into a rock formation and pins him on the ground.  He starts to punch him multiple times.  “This…is…for…Kanan!”  He says.  Sabine stops him before he can land a killing blow to the Noghri.  “I thought you wanted to get even,” says Zeb.  “I do,” Sabine tells him.  “But this isn’t how we do it.”  Zeb asks what their going to do with Rukh and Sabine gets an idea.  She gets her paint out and begins to spray paint all over Thrawn’s bodyguard.


“Restore…Past.  Redeem…Future.”

Ezra explains to the wolves that they accidentally led the Empire to Lothal’s Jeid Temple and it’s now captured.  “Danger,” Dume says.  Ezra says that the Empire is still there.  “Secrets…waiting,” says Dume.  Ezra asks what secrets are waiting.  “What else is inside the temple?”  He asks.  Dume gets closer to Ezra, making him back up.  “Knowledge…destruction…”  Ezra tells them that Ahsoka said that they would find knowledge in the sith temple on Malachor, but they were wrong.  “That’s when everything changed,” says Ezra.  “Restore…past.  Redeem…future,” says Dume.  Ezra asks how they could do that.  Dume does not reply to this.  “Tell me!”  Ezra demands.  Dume gets angry, and lashes out at Ezra.  “Kanan!” Ezra shouts, revealing that this scene was a dream of some sort when he awakens.  Or was it a dream?  He looks around and sees the tablet that the white wolf had given him.  Meanwhile, an unconscious Rukh has been painted with multiple colors and is being taken back to his speeder.  “I always liked your art,” says Zeb.  He plops the Noghri on his speeder and sends him off.  “Thanks,” says Sabine.  “I think this is the best message we can send to the Empire right now.”  She asks if he set the homing beacon on.  “Yeah,” says Zeb.  “Well, I think I did.”  Sabine shakes her head.  “I did,” says Zeb.  “I did!”  Sabine doesn’t believe him.  “Unbelievable!”  She says.  “Did you just see how much I worked on that thing?”


A New Mission

Back at the cave, Hera puts a new piece on the Kalikori, representing Kanan.  “For Kanan,” she says.  “So he’ll always be remembered as a part of my family.”  The first time I watched this, I didn’t notice what that piece was actually made of, but watching it again…gosh, now I’m crying!  The piece is actually a triangle taken from Kanan’s holocron.  It now has green stripes painted on it.  Hera tells Chopper that despite all of Kanan’s misgivings about the Rebellion, he always believed that they could change things.  “That’s what I’ll miss the most,” she says.  “That when none of us could find the answer, Kanan could.  And always in the most unexpected way.”  She turns to leave the cave.  Outside, she is greeted by Sabine and Zeb.  Hera asks if their mission was a success.  “No,” Sabine replies.  “But…yours was.”  She tells Hera that the TIE Defender factories have shut down and that they didn’t fail.  “Kanan made sure of it.”  Sabine continues on to say that in the Empire’s attempt to destroy them they blew up their own refinery.  Zeb says they have no fuel for the factory and that their entire production line has stopped.  “Then we have a chance,” says Hera.  “We can still beat them.”  Ezra joins them and says that he knows what their first mission is.  “The Jedi Temple is in danger,” he says.  He presents the stone tablet.  “And we’re the only ones who can do anything about it.”



This episode was a nice break from all the chaos.  It gave everyone time to mourn Star Wars Rebels’ first major loss.  I’ve always wondered how the Ghost crew would react to a death in their family, and now I know.  Sabine and Zeb  lashed out in anger, Ezra felt totally lost, and Hera kinda shut down for awhile.  And Chopper…who knew he had such a big heart for a grumpy, old droid?  I want to talk about the wolves for awhile.  Everything is just so mysterious about them. (And I cannot stop venting about how amazing their themes are.  I mean, this is some of the best music I’ve ever heard!)  And Dume?  Who is he?  Is he really Kanan?  And what about the other white wolf?  There are so many questions that I have after watching this episode.  And about the stone tablet that the wolf gave Ezra.  The three hands that are craved into the stone are doing different things.  I know for a fact that these symbols are referring to THAT Clone Wars family.  The Son, The Father, and The Daughter.  If you watch the mid-season four trailer, you can see Ezra looking at a cave drawing of the three of them.  Each of them are doing things with their hand, which are the same on the tablet.  Star Wars Rebels will go further into this on Monday.  As for the Kalikori, Hera actually made Kanan part of her family by adding him to her family heirloom.  It makes me wonder what would have happened if Kanan didn’t die.  What do you think about this episode?  Who did you relate to the most in regards to grieving Kanan’s death?  Tell me in the comments below!

Stray Thoughts

  – The scene with the wolves is mysterious and bizarre.  This is actually the kind of stuff I like to see.  Like, my favorite part in The Last Jedi was literally the part where Rey goes in the cave and has that vision.  It was so strange.  I don’t really think that Dume is actually Kanan, but I guess we’ll see!

– If you want to hear that beautifully sad music at the part where Hera laments about how she waited too long to tell Kanan she loved him, you can find it at Star  It is called “Nobody More Than Kanan”.  This song was actually leaked a few weeks before this episode actually aired.  At that time is was called “Hera at the Wall”.

Star Wars Rebels returns on February 26, at 9:00 p.m. ET on Disney XD with “Wolves and a Door” and “A World Between Worlds”.  As I said in my previous post, you can view a clip for “Wolves and a Door” titled “Here We Go” at Star


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