Star Wars Rebels: Kindred Review

Just when you think that a show can’t get any cooler, the show gets cooler!  Good grief, last night’s episode was a something I’ve never seen before.  White wolves and Imperial agents coming back into canon and a certain event that almost everyone’s been excited about. (You know what I’m talking about!)  This episode had everything, including mysteries that are driving me crazy!  There’s so much to talk about, so lets get right into reviewing!  Major Spoiler Warnings!…


Drawn To Lothal

At the beginning of this episode, Kanan is meditating out on Lothal’s plains.  Hera approaches him and tells him that the rebels had left to get the hyperdrive.  She says that she thought he would have gone with them.  Kanan replies that he wanted to stay.  He chuckles.  “It’s funny,” he says.  “No matter what happens we always end up back here. On Lothal.”  Hera goes to sit with him and says that Ezra has a strong connection to the planet, since it’s his home.  Kanan reminds her that even before they met Ezra they were drawn to Lothal.  “The mission was here,” Hera says.  Kanan says that there were lots of missions and a lot of places, but Lothal was a place that they kept coming back to.   “Are you saying that we were meant to come here? Maybe, to meet Ezra?”  “I don’t know, something like that,” Kanan replies.  “But there’s more to it.  I’m just not sure what.”


Rukh Arrives

At the crash site from the earlier episode, the Empire has set up yellow tape and things like that.  Governor Pryce tell Thrawn via hologram that they had recovered the prototype, but it’s data recorder and hyperdrive were missing.   “The rebels will attempt to deliver the recorder to Rebels Command, in hopes of studying the Tie Defender design for a weakness,” Thrawn says.  Pryce says that the hyperdrive would be to cumbersome for the rebels to have carried on foot and that they might have hidden it in the area.  “Which is why I’ve dispatched…specialized assistance to your aid,” Thrawn tells her.  Though, Pryce is sure that she doesn’t need help.  “The return of these rebels to Lothal and the theft of my ship are two reasons that prove otherwise,” Thrawn says.  “My agent, Rukh, will arrive shortly.”  Thrawn deactivates the holoprojecter and Pryce is clearly unhappy.  Nearby, Ezra, Jai, and Zeb are trying to find the hyperdrive.  Now, it is really baffling to me how Ezra forgot where he had put the thing, but he has an excuse for that.  “It was dark, and we crashed.  We didn’t have time to make a map,” he says when when Zeb questions him about the hyperdrive.  The two of the see the white Loth-cat sitting on the rock that is covering the hyperdrive.  “Hey,” Ezra says. “When in doubt, follow the Loth-cat!”  They puch the rock aside and the hyperdrive is there to greet them.  “You and your Loth-cats,” says Zeb.  At that moment, an Imperial transport flies by.  When it lands, Pryce greets the small, creepy creature that steps out.  It’s Thrawn’s Noghri assassin, Rukh.  Rukh ignores Pryce and begin to sniff the air.  “I smell it,” he says.  “I smell Lasat. And he’s not alone.”  Star Wars Rebels has really made Rukh more animal like than what he was in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy.  Really, it makes him a lot more terrifying.  Rukh begins to run, on all fours, towards the rebels that are retrieving the hyperdrive.  Jai alerts Ezra of the strange creature that is coming their way, saying that they have a problem.  “What is that?” Ezra asks.  “I don’t know,” Jai replies. “And I don’t think I wanna know.”   Ezra tells Zeb to take care of the hyperdrive while they go talk to Rukh, since they are dressed as Imperial Scout Troopers.  Jai tells Ezra to just blast him, but Ezra says he’ll get them out of the problem.  Rukh comes up to Ezra and begins to sniff him.  Ezra tries to convince him that they’re Imperials, but Rukh is smart.  To smart for that.  Ezra asks if they should continue their search for the rebels.  “No,” Rukh replies before quickly outmatching Ezra.  Jai tries to shoot the Noghri, but he unfortunately shoots like a Stormtrooper.   “Don’t shoot me, shoot him!” Ezra yells.  After more unsuccessful attempts to blast Rukh, Ezra force-pushes him against a large stone, and reveals to the agent he is a Jedi.  Imperial reinforcements arrive along with Pryce.  When Pryce recognizes Ezra, she orders the Stormtroopers to blast him.  Jai and Ezra get away on a speeder bike.  Rukh tells Pryce that the Lasat is still close and to find him before speeding after the rebels on his own speeder.  “Are they following us?”  Jai asks.  “What do you think?” Ezra replies.  A Stormtrooper finds Zeb’s speeder and shows it to Pryce.  Here we see that Zeb is hiding on top of one of the rock formations with the hyperdrive.  He sees the unoccupied Imperial Troop transports and decides to go for a little ride.  While the Imperials are distracted, he loads up the hyperdrive and drives away, nearly running Pryce over in the process.  Zeb calls Hera to tell her that he has the hyperdrive.  Hera aks where Ezra is.  “Oh, I’m sure he’ll be along,” Zeb replies.”


The Speeder Chase

Jai, who’s driving the speeder, asks Ezra how many Imperials are chasing them.  “More than enough,” Ezra replies.  To be precise, two Scout Troopers and Rukh are chasing them.  The rebels head for a series of rock formations to try and lose the Imperials.  Before they can get there, Rykh catches up and activate an electrostaff and attacks them with it.  Ezra easily blocks with his lightsaber.  Ezra asks if the speeder can go faster.  “Just hold him there!”  Jai shouts.  A boulder block Rukh’s way and he is forced to stop, allowing the two teens get ahead of him.  They haven’t gotten away, though, since Rukh fires a tracking devise at the speeder.  The rebels reach the rock formations and do their best to dodge enemy fire.  One huge rock formation had apparently fallen, barely blocking the path.  Jai and Ezra go under the rock and toss a explosive on it.  Just as a Scout Trooper is going under the rock, it explodes and crushes him.  The othe trooper tries to stop, but Rukh goes faster.  In an impressive move, Rukh’s speeder goes over the rock’s debris and continues to chase the rebels.  Now, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that Ezra manages to shoot Rukh’s speeder, causing it to blow up and throw Rukh off.  Ezra salutes to Rukh before they escape.  The bad news is that they haven’t noticed that they’re being tracked back to the rebel’s temporary base.


“I Guess You Never Really Thought About Us?”

Back at the rebel base, Hera tells Sabine that Zeb should be back soon and asks if she’s ready to put the hyperdrive into Ryder’s ship.  “I should be able to just drop the hyperdrive in and run power to it,,” Sabine says before leaving.  Kanan walks up saying that Ryder’s ship is old and that there’s no guarantee that the TIE Defender’s hyperdrive would even work in the U-Wing.  Hera tells him that getting the TIE Defender data to the Rebellion is vital.   “When are you going to feel that you’ve done enough for this Rebellion?” Kanan asks.  “I guess when the Empire is overthrown and people are free to live their lives the way they want again,” Hera replies.  Kanan asks her how she plans to live her life when that time comes.  Hera says that she hasn’t really thought about it.  “So I guess you never really thought about us?”  Kanan says.  Hera says that they have discussed that before.  Kanan takes her hand.  “Have we?”  Hera tells him that he knows how she feels.  “Do I?”  Guys, guys, they try again to kiss.  They’re so close…but Ryder just HAD to run up!  “Hey, excuse me!”  He says.  “We’ve got incoming!”  They look, and an Imperial Troop transport is pulling in.  Ryder and Hera prepare to fire, leaving a frustrated Kanan in the background.  Zeb, in the middle of saying something, tries to get out o the transport, but Ryder nearly shoots him in the head.  Zeb says that he should have mentioned to them that he stole a transport.  Ezra and Jai are the next to arrive, on their tracked speeder.  Kanan says that it looks like their hyperdrive problem is solved.  “Yeah, you know how one problem usually leads to another?”  Ezra asks.  “We have another, and it’s small, creepy, and very dangerous.”  They still have not realized that they’re being tracked.


The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For!

Rukh calls Pryce to tell her that he found the rebels and transmits their coordinates to her.  Sabine, saying that it wasn’t easy, successfully puts the hyperdrive in Ryder’s U-Wing with the help of Chopper.  She isn’t quiet sure it will work, though.  In the distance, Era spots two Imperial tanks heading their way.  He alerts the other rebels, saying that they’re out of time.  Rukh tells Pryce that he could have dealt with the rebels himself, but Pryce says that they have escaped him once already.  “Besides, where could they go?”  Rukh reminds her that she had let the Lasat go, and now that they have a hyperdrive they can go anywhere.  Pryce is sure that even if they were to get airborne, they’d never make it out o the system.  After loading up a bunch of crates of a land speeder, Jai escapes the base, bidding the rebels good luck.  Sabine rants on about how she didn’t get a chance to check on the U-wings navicomputer.  “Sabine, I trust your work,” Hera says.  Sabine tells her good luck before running to protect the camp.  Hera turns to climb aboard the U-wing, but Kanan stops her.   “Hera, about what happened,” he says.  “I don’t want you to think…I just.”  He is interrupted when…Surprise!  Hera pulls Kanan into a kiss!  Sabine sees this and motions for the other rebels to look as well.  They all look pretty happy, so apparently, the fans aren’t the only ones who have been waiting for this moment!  Kanan and Hera touch foreheads for a moment before Hera heads for the U-wing.  Before the door closes, she turns to tell Kanan the famous line, “May the Force be with you.”   Hera and Chopper take off in the U-wing, Rukh and Pryce watching.  Pryce calls someone to tell them to alert Thrawn that the U-wing is getting away.  Once in space, a crowd of TIEs come to intercept the U-wing.  Chopper warbles nervously.  “I’m not worried about the TIE Fighters, I’m worried about getting torn to pieces by those Star Destroyers,” Hera says.  On the ground, things aren’t looking good…


The Loth-wolves Are Back

“We won’t stand long against those tanks!” Zeb says.  The rebels have taken cover, but they can’t hide forever.  “We have that transport and a bike,” Ryder suggests.  Unfortunately, as soon as he says this, the stolen transport gets destroyed by the Imperial tanks.  “How many can we get on a bike?” Zeb asks.  When Ryder says that they’re out of options, Ezra hears a familiar sound; the howling of the Loth-wolves.  He sees three run through the nearby rock formations.  The third one stops to look at him with his glowing eyes.   “There!” Ezra shouts.  “That’s our way out!”   Ryder sees the wolves, and is shocked.   Ezra explains that the wolves had helped him before, so they should follow them.  He asks the wolf if he knows the way out.  The wolf simply runs off.  Ezra hurries to follow it.  Sabine is a little unsure.  “Seems like the best idea we got,” Kanan says before going after Ezra.  “This is good,” Zeb tells Ryder.  “When it gets strange like this, it’s a good thing.”  “How have you people stayed alive so long!”  Ryder says.  Soon, they’re all chasing the wolves deeper into the rock formations, where the Imperial tanks can no longer follow.  Rukh tells Pryce where the rebels had gone.  “Then they’ve trapped themselves,” Pryce says.  “Perhaps,” the Noghri replies.  “But their not alone.  I’ll hunt them down.”  Pryce tells him that he had his chance and that they’re going to do it her way.  She calls in air support.  Back in space, Hera dodges the TIE Fighters’ attacks and gets ready to go into hyperspace.  The only thing in her way is a construction module.  An officer tells Thrawn what’s going on, saying that Hera is trapped.  But do you think Hera is going to let a construction module stop her?  In the best hyperspace entrance I have ever seen, Hera zips right through the module, leaving only wrecked Imperial ships.  The officer reports this to Thrawn as well.  With Hera successfully on her way to the rebels base on Yavin 4, it’s time to focus on what’s happening on Lothal.  The rebels are still chasing the wolves through the rock formations.  Everyone keeps telling Ezra to wait for them, but Ezra tells them he doesn’t want to lose sight of the wolves.  They stop when they come around the corner to see the wolves sitting around.  Two grey ones and the white one.  Kanan wonders why they stopped.  Against Kanan’s will, Ezra walks towards the wolves.  he comes to the white wolf, and again asks if there is a way out.  “You wanted us to follow you, didn’t you?”  He says.  The rebels had better hurry, because Pryce’s air support has arrived in the form of two TIE Bombers.  Ezra asks the wolf what it’s waiting for, and it looks to Kanan.  Kanan comes closer to the wolf and asks what it wants.  The Loth-wolf stands and walks into a cave, the other wolves following.  “I guess they were waiting for you,” Ezra tells Kanan.  The rebels venture into the cave.


The Rebels’ Story Deepens

Inside, Sabine turns her flashlight to the wall, and sees man cave drawings.  They are pictures of people following the wolves.  “I guess we’re not the first ones,” says Zeb.  Ezra tells them to stop walking and to turn off the flashlight.  The wolves stare at them.  “There wasn’t a picture of wolves eating those people, was there?” Zeb asks.  The cave begins to shake and the wolves growl.  The TIE Bombers are bombing the rocks.  When Ezra says that they have to get out, the white wolf has Ezra hold onto it’s tail.  Ezra tells everyone to hold hands.  The rebels become afraid that they the cave will collapse on them, but then, the unimaginable happens, and it was breathtaking.  The wolves take the rebels to a narrow tunnel that begins to glow like hyperspace.  I cannot even explain what it looked like as they walked through.  It was amazing.  The screen turns white, and the next thing we see in the plains of Lothal, untouched by the Empire.  The rebels are lying around.  The white Loth-cat is there, and he wakes Ezra up.  When they awake, they are no longer in the plains, they are in another cave with the wolves.  Zeb asks where they are.  “Lets find out,” Ezra says.  They head out of the cave onto a ledge overlooking a part of Lothal that the Empire hasn’t gotten to, yet.  “Your not going to believe this,” Sabine says as she looks at a data pad.  “We were in the northern hemisphere, now we’re in the southern hemisphere.  Somehow, we’ve moved half across the planet.”   “I’m not even going to ask how we got here,” says Ryder.  Zeb asks Ezra how he knew the wolves could do what they did.  “I didn’t,” Ezra replies.  Ezra goes back into the cave and finds Kanan with the white wolf.   Kanan tells Ezra to look around and tell him what he sees.  On the wall, there are more cave drawings.  Ezra says that the cave reminds him of the Jedi temple on Lothal.  “The walls are telling a story,” he says.  He describes the drawings.  “There are people coming down from the sky…I think they might be Jedi.”  Kanan says that there’s a message there for them and Ezra wonders if it is because they are Jedi.  The wolf speaks again.  I’m going to say something real quick.  In my review for “Flight of the Defender”, I wrote that the wolf had said “Doom,” but I said that he might have meant it as “Dume”, like Kanan’s real last name.  It turn out that it is, in fact, “Dume”.  Anyway, Kanan is surprised when the wolf says this.  Ezra asks what it means.  Kanan, taking of his mask, says, ” Dume is my name, Caleb Dume is the name I was born with.”  Ezra asks how the wolf knows that.   “It has a deep connection to the force, to the energy of this planet,” Kanan explains.  “Don’t all living things?”  Ezra asks.  Kanan says that what the wolves have is different, more focused.  “Like it has a purpose,” Kanan says.  “And we’re are part of it,” Ezra replies.  Kanan says that he’s getting a feeling that the Empire building the TIE Defender is not the worst thing they’re doing on Lothal.  “There’s something else…something more, sinister.”   The wolf says Kanan’s name again before mysteriously vanishing into the wall, a wall that has another drawing.  The drawing is of a mountain, most likely the Lothal Jedi temple.  “So…are the paths are coming together, right?” Ezra asks.  Kanan comfirms.  “I’m just not sure if we’re going to like where they lead,” he says.  Ezra asks if they ever like where they lead.  “Yes,” Kanan replies.  “And no.”  Ezra wonders if Hera made.  “I know she did,” Kanan replies.  On Yavin 4, Hera gets the data recorder to Mon Mothma.



Every episode of Rebels is just better and better.  Those Loth-wolves might just be my new favorite Star Wars creature.  They’re so mysterious and there’s so much that needs to be explained about them.  And why do they say Kanan’s name?  It’s driving me crazy trying to figure this out!  Another exciting thing, other than the wolves, is that Rukh came back from the Expanded Universe in this episode.  Rukh was a terrifying character in the Thrawn Trilogy and I’m so excited to have him back!  Just as long as he doesn’t kill Thrawn again… Anyway, there’s one thing I want to say about Kanan and Hera.  So they finally kissed in this episode, but is it just me or did that moment feel really forced in there.  I mean, like, the Imperials are coming and Hera really has to leave and get back to Yavin 4.  I wonder if it was pushed because that might have been the last time those to ever meet up again.  The next episode is the mid-season finale, and there is a chance that Kanan could die.  And the two’s conversation at the beginning of this episode.  Ezra does seem special, but how special?  What the Ghost crew was drawn to Lothal to meet Ezra?  I have a feeling that something big is about to happen.  Something that will change the face of Star Wars Rebels.

Stray Thoughts

– The soundtrack for the soundtrack for the wolves is the best music rebels has ever had, in my opinion.  It’s so mysterious, just like the wolves.  Everything about them is just a mystery.

– Thrawn’s Noghri assassin, Rukh, is voiced by Warwick Davis, the man who played Wicket in Return of the Jedi, and many other parts in many movies.

“Rebel Assault”, the mid-season finale, will air on November 13, at 9:00 p.m. ET.


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