Star Wars Rebels: In The Name of the Rebellion Part 2 Review

Onward to part two!  This episode was crammed full of Rogue One references.  I just can’t wait to talk about it all, so let’s start right away.  Major Spoiler Warnings!…


Faos Station

“The words your looking for are thank you,” Saw tells Sabine and Ezra.  Ezra tells him that they do appreciate the save.  Saw says that they turned the worst case scenario into the best, but Ezra wishes that Hera would see it that way.  He says that now all that they’ve done is disobey orders.  “Following orders will only get you so far,” says Saw.  “Then you have to take control of your destiny.”  Sabine says that that’s what they did on Mandalore.  Saw says that he had heard about what happened on Mandalore, and that is why he needs their help.  He shows them a hologram of Faos Station and tells them that  his search for what the Empire is building led him to the station.  He thinks a cargo ship that from the station has the answers he needs.  Saw says that they are really good at infiltrating Imperial bases, and he just saved their lives.  Ezra asks if he’s saying that they owe him one.  “Your choice,” Saw says.  “You can go back to rebel command and run Mon Mothma’s errands, or you could help me do something that might actually matter.”  Sabine and Ezra agree to go, even though Chopper would rather not.   “We might make them into rebels yet,” Saw tells Edrio.


Sneaking Aboard The Cargo Ship

When they arrive at Faos Station, Sabine becomes skeptical about the mission.  She points out that it just looks like a civilian cargo facility.  Saw tells her that’s what the Empire wants them to think.  They land the ship in a hangar bay.  When Sabine notices that there is a lot of droids in the area, she decides to give Chopper a new paint job.  They all get out of the ship, except for Chopper, who doesn’t like the new paint job.  “Oh, stop complaining,” says Sabine.  “I kinda like it better than the orange.”  Chopper, grumbling all the way, follows them.  Edrio, as their getaway pilot, leaves the hangar but stays in the area.  The rebels sneak aboard the cargo ship inside of a cargo container, to which Ezra comments that they are familiar with the strategy.   Once they are inside the ship, Saw calls Edrio to tell him to keep the comm line open and that he would send him their coordinates whenever they reach their destination.  Sabine notes that nothing looks out of the ordinary, but Ezra hears something.  “Do you hear that?”  He asks.  “It sound like singing.”  Sabine says that she doesn’t hear anything.  Saw finds a data pad and figures out whats in the cargo containers.  He says that they are full of things that the Empire uses to build their ships.  Sabine says that the material could have come from any shipyard in the galaxy.  “Yeah, it’s not exactly a secret cargo,” Ezra says.  Saw tells them that there are more holds to search.  They head for the next room, but are almost caught by Stormtroopers.  Sabine finds it strange that there is Stormtroopers on a civilian freighter and says that Saw must be on to something after all.  “They’re guarding something,” says Saw.  Chopper checks the cargo manifest and finds out that there is an imperial shuttle in hold twelve.  Ezra agrees that the ship is more than it seems.  Chopper tells them that they are heading to the Tonnis sector.  Sabine finds that to be very weird, saying that the Tonnis sector is just empty space.  Saw thinks that he is very close to finding the Empire’s secret weapon, but Ezra thinks it’s just a rendezvous point.  Chopper finds more information that says bay seventeen on the freighter is a restricted area.  They all head that way.  Chopper opens the door, careful not to alert anyone.  Three Stormtroopers on the inside of bay seventeen hear them coming, but it’s too late for them.  The four rebels take them out and head inside of bay seventeen.  Ezra puts Chopper on lookout duty.


This Is Not The Cargo They’re Looking For

Sabine says that she thinks she found the cargo they are looking for, but when she opens it, they get a surprise; the Empire is keeping prisoners in the cargo hold.  Sabine tells the scared prisoners that they are there to help them.  Ezra tells Saw that his intel came through, but Saw says that his intel wasn’t about prisoners.  They put the bodies of the three downed Stormtroopers in the cargo container after the prisoners get out.  Saw asks one of the prisoners, Mich Matt, what he knows about the cargo.  Matt tells him that he doesn’t know anything about the cargo, but he did hear Stormtroopers talking about Jedha, which is the planet from Rogue One.  “If there’s any special cargo it probably came from there,” says Matt.  Matt tells them that all of the prisoners are power technicians and that they are being sent to work on some secret project.  Sabine says that she doesn’t know why the Empire would a large amount of security just to guard a few techs.  Saw says that there must be something else there, and Ezra believes him.  “But we’ve got to get these prisoners out of here,” says Ezra.  Sabine suggests that they sabotage the hyperdrive and when they drop out of hyperspace the prisoners can leave in escape pods.  Chopper hurries in to tell them that Stormtroopers are coming.  They have the prisoners get back into the container.  it’s too late though, they are spotted.  A trooper asks the prisoners who let them out, and notice the three troopers from before laying in the back.  Ezra and Sabine jump out of there hiding spots to take them down.  Saw joins them and, surprisingly, stuns the troopers.  I find it weird that Saw didn’t just shoot them, since that seems like something he would rather do.  While Chopper gets the prisoners to the escape pods, Sabine, Ezra, and Saw go sabotage the hyperdrive.  I must say, the guards were at the top of their game in this episode…not.  I’m totally being sarcastic.  On their way to the engine room, two Stormtroopers walk by, but the three are able to avoid them.  They are almost there when Ezra hear the singing again.  He says it’s coming from the cargo hold closest to him.  Sabine manages to get the door open, but a squad of Deathtroopers are there to meet them.


 The Cargo Is Revealed

Chopper takes the prisoners to the escape pods.  One of the prisoners tell Chopper that he is very kind little droid.  They definitely have not been around him long enough!  Meanwhile, Sabine, Ezra, and Saw use smoke bombs to hide from the Deathtroopers and take them out one by one.  The Deathtroopers were guarding something of high value, and when Saw accidentally shoots it, DT-F16 tells the other trooper to evacuate, but she is the only Deathtrooper that is able to escape.  Sabine worries about leaving her to run free, but Saw says to forget about her.  The secret cargo was frozen in carbonite, and after the carbonite melts, they are shocked to see what it is; a huge Kyber crystal.  Sabine says that the crystals stores and amplifies energy, so one that big would probably be unstable.  She has them put their blasters away.  DT-F16 calls the captain of the freighter, Captain Wells to tell him that Saw and his rebel followers have taken possession of the cargo and to alert Director Krennic.  I just want to say that I am very happy that Krennic was mentioned in this episode.  Captain Wells asks if Saw plans to hijack the cargo.  DT-F16 says that she won’t let it happen and that she wants all security personnel to meet her at bay six, where the crystal is being held.  She also tells them to purge the escape pods.  Chopper sees the escape pods being purged one by one and has the prisoners get out.  To the prisoners’ confusion, Chopper tells them to go back to the hold.  “This isn’t a very good rescue,” Matt comments.  Back at bay six, Saw realizes that the reason why the Empire kidnapped the techs was because they needed them to weaponize the crystal.  Ezra says that that’s the reason they need to stop the ship and get the prisoners out of there, but Saw really wants to wait until the freighter comes out of hyperspace on it’s own to see what they’re hiding.  Sabine says that they can’t take the chance that the Empire might take back the crystal.  Saw agrees.  Ezra tells Saw to guard the Kyber crystal while he and Sabine go get the ship out of hyperspace.


Saw’s True Colors

Sabine says that they better hurry before the Empire figures out what they are up to.  She gets the door to the engine room open and Ezra kills the two guards who are standing there.  They find the hyperdrive override and Sabine gets to work.  She is about to drop the ship out of hyperspace when a stun bolt hits Ezra.  Sabine is surprised to see that it’s Saw.  Saw stuns her as well.  “I’ve come too far to give up the quest.  I must learn the secrets of my enemy,” he says.  “And today, I will.”   DT-F16 and a squad of Stormtroopers arrive at bay six, only to find that the Kyber crystal is gone.  She alerts the captain of this.  He is about to warn her of what could happen if they lose the crystal but DT-F16 cuts him off.  “It’s both our heads,” she says.  She asks Wells where the rebels are but he doesn’t know.  However, he tells her that they did lose contact with the engine room.  DT-F16 and the Stormtroopers head that way.  Sabine and Ezra awaken to find that they are handcuffed.  Saw has brought the crystal with him into the engine room and is telling Edrio where to meet over the comm.  Ezra is angry that Saw shot him.  “Let’s be more precise, I stunned you,” Saw replies.  Ezra is also angry that Saw had betrayed them.  “Geonosis was only the beginning,” Saw tells the two rebels.  “The materials, the power technicians, the crystal.  It all adds up to what the Empire is building!”  He tells them they they must ride the ship to the Tonnis sector.  He is sure that’s where the Empire is building their super-weapon.  Sabine says that there is no guarantee that anything but Imperial reinforcements.  Ezra says that he thought they were on the same side.  “The difference between us, Ezra, is this.  I will do whatever is required to be the victor,” says Saw.  Ezra, just noticing that the crystal is in the room, asks why he brought it there.  Saw replies that they can’t allow it to fall back into the Empire’s hands.  The alarm goes off, indicating that they are about to drop out of hyperspace.  Saw, Ezra, and Sabine hurry over to the console to see what exactly is in the Tonnis sector.  “I hope this was worth it,” says Ezra.  The ship drops out and they see nothing at first.  A shadow moves over the freighter, and please, please tell me that I was not the only one really hoping that the shadow was actually the Death Star, or at least the Death Star’s skeleton?  I was bummed to see that it was a Star Destroyer.  “It has to be here,” says Saw.  “It has to be.”  But the super-weapon that he wants to see just isn’t there.  On the Star Destroyer, Captain Slavin hears that there is rebels on board the freighter and orders a boarding party.  Right then, Edrio comes out of hyperspace ready to pick the rebel up.  The Empire tries to shoot him down, but Edrio docks with the freighter.  Slavin fears that they might accidentally hit the freighter and stops firing.  Saw asks the two rebels if they want a ride, but Ezra is still worried about the prisoners.  “This is war, Ezra,” says Saw.  “What about doing what’s right?” Ezra asks.  “Isn’t that what this war is about?”  Saw asks Ezra what he would do to save his world, and that it is to late for him.  “My world is gone, I lost everything.  And once you do, you can see things clearly and you can understand what’s at stake.”  Ezra says that he just wants to help the prisoners.  “That’s your choice Ezra, but you better hurry,” says Saw as he ignites Ezra’s lightsaber.  “Because this is what I’m willing to do.”  He drives Ezra’s blade into the freighter’s engine.  He reminds them that the Kyber crystal is unstable.  The sparks from the engine get on the crystal.  “You’re turning it into a bomb?”  Ezra asks.  “I won’t let the Empire use it, so you better get off this ship,” Saw replies.  Stormtroopers run into the room, but are quickly pulverized by the crystal’s energy.  Saw takes Ezra and Sabine’s handcuffs off.  “Last chance. Ezra,” says Saw.  But Ezra is set on what he’s going to do.  “You fight your war, we’ll fight ours.”   Saw says that they hope they meet again before rushing out of the room.  DT-F16 and what’s left of her troops leave as well.  Ezra asks Sabine if she can stop the crystal from blowing up, but she replies that it will only absorb more power until it discharges.  “And trust me, we don’t want to be anywhere close when that happens,” she says.  “Which won’t be long.”  Saw makes it to his U-wing and he flies away.  An Imperial officer tells Slavin that they can’t detect the crystal on Saw’s ship.  Slavin says that it must still be on the freighter and that they will need to secure it.


The Escape

Ezra calls Chopper to tell him to tell Hera where they are and to get the prisoners onto the Imperial shuttle.  Chopper asks about the guards, but Ezra tells him not to worry.  Chopper leads the prisoners to the shuttle where some Stormtroopers are.  They hide and wait for Ezra and Sabine to get there.  “I think I’ll go back to the container now,” says Matt.  Chopper tells tells them to follow him towards the shuttle.  One of the Stormtroopers demands Chopper to stop where he is, but Matt tells them that the droid was ordered to evacuate them.  The trooper tells them that the ship was being held for the commander.  Chopper stuns him, knocks out the other trooper, and gets the prisoners onto the shuttle.  Ezra and Sabine, along with DT-F16 and two Stormtrooper, arrive at the scene.  The Imperials try to stop Chopper and the prisoners from leaving, but Ezra takes care of them.  They all get in the ship and fly away, with DT-F16 trying to shoot them down.  As the rebels get away, the Imperial boarding party is arriving at the freighter, unaware of what is going on.  Ezra tells Sabine that there is a massive energy reading.  Sabine turns around and starts flying back to the Star Destroyer.  “What are you doing?”  Ezra asks.  Sabine tells him that there is no time for hyperspace and that she’s going to try to put the Star Destroyer between them and the crystal.  Slavin watches as the Imperial shuttle flies right over them, thinking it is DT-F16, and wonders where she is going.  An officer tells him that they are picking up a large energy reading on the freighter.  “Oh no,” Slavin says.  He knows what’s about to happen.  The Kyber crystal explodes, taking everything within range with it.  Sabine, Ezra, Chopper, and the prisoners don’t explode, but the power gets knocked out; they’re dead in space.  All hopes not lost, though, since the Ghost drops out of hyperspace.  Hera sees the Star Destroyer slowly exploding and says, “What did they do now?”  “Those two can’t go anywhere without blowing something up,” Zeb comments.  Ezra waves at them awkwardly from the shuttle’s cockpit.  The Ghost docks with the shuttle and get everyone on board.


The Empire Is Up To Something…But What?

On the Ghost, Hera tells Matt that as soon as they can plot a course they will take them all back to there home planets.  Matt tells her that they have all decided to enlist in the Rebellion.  “We figured if the Empire valued our skills, they’d be better put to work for serving you and the Rebellion,” he says.  Hera tells him that command will be grateful for their commitment and thanks them.  Kanan says that he doesn’t like the sound of that Kyber crystal and that it was the second one that they had prevented the Empire from getting their hands on.  “Saw seemed convinced that they’re trying to weaponize it somehow,” Sabine says. “Is that even possible?”  Kanan replies that he does not know.  “What if Saw is right?”  Ezra asks.  “And the Empire is already on the verge of winning a war most of the Rebel Alliance doesn’t believe it’s already begun.”   As ominous music plays, the three of the exchange fearful glances.



This is definitely one of the best Star Wars Rebels episodes that they’ve had so far!  I love how close we’re getting to Rogue One and the Death Star; it’s just so terrifying and exciting at the same time!  There was so many connections to Rogue One, with the Deathtroopers, Jedha, and of course, the Director Krennic name drop.  I really want to see the Death Star on screen, but I don’t know if it will come to that.  Again, I want to ask who’s side your on, Saw Gerrera’s or Mon Mothma’s?  Let me know in the comments!

Stray Thoughts

– In this episode we have yet another Imperial death.  This time it was Captain Slavin.  Slavin first came to the show in the season three episode “Hera’s Heroes” and has been an annoyance to Grand Admiral Thrawn ever since.

– Just in case your wondering, when Ezra says that they are familiar with sneaking to places inside of cargo containers, he’s referring to the time in season 2’s first episode “Siege of Lothal” when they hid in crates to get into the Imperial complex on Lothal.  Also, when Kanan says that they have already stopped the Empire from getting their hands on a Kyber crystal, he means that other time all the way back in the season one episode “Breaking Ranks” when Kanan and Hera stopped a shipment of Kyber crystals from getting to their destination.


Star Wars Rebels returns this Monday at 9:00 p.m. ET with “The Occupation” followed by “Flight of the Defender”.


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