Star Wars Rebels: In the Name of the Rebellion Part 1 Review

Ah, another great Rebels episode.  Monday’s Star Wars Rebels episode answered a long asked question; what happened between Saw Gerrera and Mon Mothma?  Not only that, but we got to see the Yavin 4 base!  There’s so much excitement to review, so let’s get to it! Major Spoiler Warnings!…


“Welcome To Yavin 4!”

We start this episode with Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper arriving at Yavin 4 base from Mandalore for the first time since Thrawn invaded their old base back in season 3.  Ezra wonders what the base is like and it’s size compared to their old base.   “According to Hera it’s more well equipped than we were,” Kanan says.  “The remnants of Phoenix Squadron are now apart of this cell.”   Chopper beeps out complaints, making Kanan tell him that he is going to get an oil bath on Hera’s orders.  They land the ship, which actually used to be Darth Maul’s Gauntlet Fighter.  Zeb is there to great them.  “Welcome to Yavin 4!”  He says.  Sabine, who is happy to see him, punches him in the gut in a playful manner.  “Wow, easy there,” Zeb tells her.  Sabine asks him if he has gotten weaker since she’s been gone.  Kanan asks Zeb where Hera is, to which he replies that she went on a supply mission.  Zeb offers to show them around the base.  Ezra comments that there is so many different ships and people.  “There are cells gathered here from every corner of the galaxy, and it’s still not enough against the Empire,”  Zeb laments.  Ezra says that he is fine just as long as they can help Ryder Azadi and Lothal.  Rex runs up to greet them right as the alarms start going off.  Ezra asks what’s going on and where Hera is.  “Well, if you’re looking for Hera, there she is,” Rex says as he points to the sky.  “Coming in hot with what’s left of her squadron.”   In the sky, a few B-wing Bombers are coming down a little too fast, obviously damaged.


The Reunion

With the rebels on standby for the emergency landing, Hera gives out order to her fellow pilots, including Wedge, telling them to check their speed and dump their fuel.  Ezra expresses worry, but Kanan assures that Hera’s got it under control.  Hera makes the first land, managing to save the ship and herself.  A rebel runs up and helps Hera out of the ship.  Chopper rolls up and asks Hera if her astromech survived.  Angrily, Hera replies no, not realizing that it’s Chopper.  When she does notice him, she is glad to see him and says that she could have used him on the mission.  Wedge and two other pilots run up to see if Hera is okay.  After confirming that she’s fine, she tells them that she’s glad that they made it too.  Wedge apologizes for the mission.  “This wasn’t your fault, any of yours.  Our intel was bad.  If you hadn’t handled yourselves so courageously we would have lost everybody,” Hera tells him.  She tell the pilots to get cleaned up and that she want a full assessment of the damage done to the Y-wings so that they can see what’s salvageable.   Kanan and the rest of the crew walk up.  “Well, I’ve seen worse landings,” Kanan says.  Hera is overjoyed to see that they have returned especially Sabine, since she thought that Sabine would stay with her family.   “They’ll be fine,” Sabine tells her.  “Right now, my family here needs me more.”  Hera says that she’s glad to have her and that there’s plenty of work to go around.  “Well then, let’s get started,” Ezra says.  Agent Kallus, or should I say Captain Kallus now, walks up.  “A reunion, how nice,” he says.  “But as Commander Bridger suggests, it’s time to get to work.”  He tells them that Mon Mothma requests their presence.


“This Is A Time Of Difficult Choices…”

In the war room, Mon Mothma, General Dodonna, the Ghost crew, Agent Kallus, and a hologram of Bail Organa gather around.  Mon Mothma commends Hera’s bravery and protecting her fellow pilots.  Hera says she wants to know what went wrong with the mission and Mothma agrees, telling them that Bail might be able to shed some light on that.  Bail tells them that the Empire has a new communications relay in the Jalindi and that that it enabled them to respond much more quickly to the rebels’ attack.  Dodonna says that he hates to admit it, but Saw Gerrera was right.  Rex wonders how Saw’s group has better intel then they have.  “Because Gerrera has absolutely no qualms about how he acquires it,” Kallus offers.  “Well, he gets results,” says Ezra.  Mon Mothma sternly tells them that they do not mistreat their prisoners.  Dodonna asks what they can do, because they can’t allow the relay to hamper their missions.  “Perhaps there is another way,” Kallus says.  Kallus says that if they were to tap into the relay, they could use it to monitor Imperial fleet movements to learn where to avoid them.  Mothma asks if it can be done and Hera volunteers, saying that her crew has done many missions like it.   “Are you confident that your ship can get in and out undetected?” Dodanna asks.  “We don’t call it the Ghost for nothing,” Hera replies.   Mon Mothma tells them that they are authorized to proceed with the mission and everyone is dismissed.  “Wait, that’s it?  What about Lothal?” Ezra asks.  Hera tells him that now is not the time.  “If not now, when?  We promised my people support.  Our attack failed, but they’re still waiting.  Ryder is counting on us.”  As the Ghost crew leaves, Mon Mothma tells Ezra that she want to talk with him.  She tells him that she is sympathetic towards his people and that her home planet, Chandrila  is suffering under the Empire as well.  She asks if they were to help those two worlds, what would become of all the other planets that are in control of the Empire.  “Where do we start?”  Mothma asks.  Ezra says that they already told Ryder that they would help.  “If Thrawn hadn’t found our base we would have attacked,” he says.  Mothma tells him that they were taught a valuable lesson by Thrawn; they are just not ready for open war.  Ezra says that people says that it’s already begun.  “Indeed they do,” Mon Mothma agrees. “This is a time of difficult choices…sometimes impossible ones.”  Ezra says that he understands.


Saw’s Message

Outside of the base, Kanan is meditating.  When Ezra walks up, Kanan can sense that he is upset.  He asks what’s upsetting him.  Ezra tells him that he feels helpless.  “I thought being here would get me closer to helping Lothal, but now that I am, it seems farther away than ever.”   Kanan has Ezra sit with him and tells him to find his center.  Kanan senses that something else is bothering Ezra.  “When we were on Geonosis with Saw, we didn’t always agree with how he did things.  But it seems like he’s the only on who doesn’t care about all the politics.  He just…fights.”  Kanan tells him it’s not whether or not they fight.  “It’s how we choose to fight that matters, I know Kanan,” says Ezra.  “Maybe we’re choosing the wrong way.”  And another step closer to the Dark Side he goes!  An astromech droid who was seen following Ezra earlier comes out and displays large hologram of Saw Gerrera.  “Members of the alliance to restore the Republic,” Saw starts out.  Ezra and Kanan stand and turn to watch the message.  Saw continues.  “Your losses today, stem from your leader’s cowardice, their unwillingness to take decisive action against the Empire.”  he tells them that all across the galaxy people are suffering while the leader of Rebellion refuse to act.  Mon Mothma steps outside and a rebels asks her if he should shut the hologram down.  Mothma tells him that she want to speak to Saw.  “What is your business here?”  She asks him.  Saw tells her that she ignored his warnings about the Jalindi relay and paid the price.  They have confirmation and they still won’t destroy it.  Mothma is saying something about the Senate having a peaceful resolution to the conflict when Saw says, “If you continue this war to be fought on the Empire’s terms, not yours, you are going to lose.”  Mothma says that she will not be lectured on a military strategy by a man who has proved himself to be a criminal.  “The Empire considers both of us criminals, at least I act like one,” says Saw.  “You target civilians!  Kill those who surrender! Break every rule of engagement!”  Mothma says.  “If we degrade ourselves to the Empire’s level, what will we become?”    “There she is!” Saw yells.  “That’s the leader the Rebellion needs!  Where is that fire, that passion when your people need it most?”  Saw tells her that he hopes that when the Empire reigns over the galaxy unopposed that she will find comfort in the knowledge that she fought according to the rules.  Mothma tells the rebel from before to turn of the transmission.  “What are you afraid of, Senator?” Saw asks.  “The truth?”   The transmission is cut off and Mothma has the rebels return to their duties.


To The Jalindi Relay

On the Ghost, the crew discuss the mission.  Hera says that the Ghost will approach at high altitude and Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper will rocket jump onto the dish and install the spike that will allow them to tap into the Empire’s transmissions.  Kanan tells them that when their done they’ll come pick them up.  Hera asks if there is any questions.  “Spiking it won’t do anything to hurt the Empire, it’ll just make it easier for us to sneak around them,” Ezra says.  “Yeah, that’s really more a comment than a question, Ezra, but you do have a point,” says Sabine.  Hera tells Ezra that he’s not seeing the bigger picture and that if they destroy the relay the Empire will just build another.  But if the continue with the mission they can use the relay to stay one step ahead of the enemy.  Ezra is about to argue, but Hera tells him that it’s no longer up for discussion and that they have they’re orders as she leave the room.  Kanan follows her to the cockpit and asks if she’s alright.  “Never better,” Hera says.  “I don’t need to see you to know something’s wrong,” Kanan says.  Hera says that Ezra is right and that what they’re doing won’t hurt the Empire.  “And after what they did to my squadron that’s all I want,” she says. “To hurt them the way they keep hurting us.”  In a brief rage, she says that she want’s to blow the relay right off the map.   “That’s Gerrera talking,” Kanan says.  “Not you.  You’re doing the right thing.”  Hera says that she isn’t sure what the right thing is anymore.  The Ghost comes out of hyperspace at Jalindi.  Kanan advises her to scramble the Ghost’s signature so the Empire won’t detect them.  They fly done closer to the relay and Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper prepare to jump.  Chopper tells Ezra that he doesn’t need a jet pack, but Ezra says that he likes wearing them.  “Just don’t hit your jets to early or their censors will pick us up,” says Sabine.  Ezra asks what would happen if they hit them to late.  “Hey, I like abstract art, I just don’t want to become it,” Sabine replies.  They all jump out of the Ghost and free fall towards the relay.  Zeb says that he doesn’t like how they’re falling so fast.  Kanan tells him to relax and says that they have to keep their speed up until the last minute so they won’t be detected.  When they get close enough, they activate their jet packs and fall onto the relay dish.  They don’t slow down fast enough and slide down the dish until Ezra can stop them both from falling all the way to the middle.  Chopper isn’t so lucky.  The poor droid crashes into the center of the dish.  Inside the dish where the Imperial workers are, one worker notices that the dish is glitching, but doesn’t think much of it as it quickly corrects itself once nothing is bothering it outside anymore.  Ezra and Sabine hurry to see if Chopper is okay.  Chopper complains, causing Sabine to say that since he’s complaining, he must be fine.  Sabine tells Hera vie comm link that they made it to the dish.  Right as Hera tells them to hurry and place the spike, Zeb detects and Imperial Cruiser coming into the area.  Hera warns the three rebels at the dish.  As they try to hide, Kanan tells them that is they see them the mission is blown.  “They didn’t see us,” Ezra says. “At least I don’t think they did.  We’re good.”  Sabine and Chopper get to work with installing the spike.


A Change In The Mission

With the spike installed, the rebels are about to leave.  That is until they realize they patched into the main comm system instead.  The commander of the Imperial Cruiser requests the clearance to dock with the station.  Sabine tells Chopper to reconnect the commander to the station, but Ezra has an idea.  Ezra impersonates Commander Brom Titus, a character last seen in the first episode of season 3.  He tells the commander of the cruiser that they are off schedule and are causing trouble for the station.  Unfortunately for Ezra, the commander of the cruiser happens to be Brom Titus himself.   Oops!  “This is so typical of our luck,” says Ezra.  Right then, the station realigns the dish, making Ezra, Sabine, fall towards the cruiser.  Chopper locks down and tries to straighten the dish.  From inside the cruiser, Titus looks through a pair of macrobinoculars and sees Ezra and Sabine.  Ezra waves at him awkwardly until Sabine hits him.  Sabine alerts the Ghost crew that they had been spotted and that they going to need a pickup.  Hera replies that they are on their way.  Sabine throws Ezra a couple detonators and gets one for herself.  “I take it we’re changing the plan?”  Says Ezra.  Sabine asks him if he wants to salvage something from the mission or not.  They both decide to blow the relay up.  Stormtroopers come up to the dish, making things harder for them.  Neaby, the Ghost is coming to pick them up.  Sabine tells Hera about the Stormtroopers and wants them to hurry up.  Ezra says that he will hold the Stormtroopers off while Sabine plants the detonators. While Sabine is doing her job, she has to stop and take cover when the troopers almost shoot her.  “That’s holding them off?”  She asks.  Ezra has Chopper level the dish, making Ezra, Sabine, and the Stormtroopers fall.  In the cruiser, an officer tells Titus that they are picking up a small ship coming their way; it’s the Ghost.  Ezra and Sabine get ready to be picked up, but the Imperials have sent TIE Defenders to attack the Ghost.  Hera tells Zeb to get to the turret and then tells Sabine that she’ll have to turn around and come back in awhile.  Chopper continues to tilt the dish until all of the Stormtroopers have fallen off.  Meanwhile, the Ghost is trying to get rid of the TIE Defenders.  Zeb complains that they aren’t the normal kind of TIE Fighters, and that they are the nasty ones.  Hera tells him to keep firing and that the TIEs’ shields can’t last forever.  “They may have the better fighters, but we’ve still got the better pilot,” Hera says  “Would you like a chance to prove that?”  Kanan asks.  Kanan tells Hera to fly the Ghost down farther into the foggy atmosphere of Jalindi.  Zeb asks how she’ll be able to see.  “She won’t have to, I will,” Kanan replies.  “Boy, I must really trust you,” Hera tells him.  “I know you do,” Kanan says.  Hera flies into the fog and the TIEs follow her.  With Kanan giving her directions, Hera does some pretty fancy flying and manages to get the TIEs to crash into the rock formations.


The Unexpected Guest

An Imperial officer tells Titus that another ship is coming out of hyperspace.  The ship joins the party; it’s a U-wing.  It does some serious damage to the Imperial Cruiser.  Sabine asks who is flying the ship.  “I don’t know, but they’re my new favorites,” Ezra replies.  The Ghost, with the last Defender destroyed, goes to “pick up the kids”.  But the U-wing gets there first.  The ship’s door opens to reveal Saw Gerrera.  “Do the rebels need a ride?”  He asks.  He tosses huge explosives down onto the dish.  “I wouldn’t think too long,” he says.  “Those charges are on a real short fuse.”  Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper hop on board the U-wing and fly away just before the dish explodes, taking the cruiser and Commander Brom Titus with it.   “Now that’s how you deal with the Empire,” says Saw.  Just then the Ghost arrives to see what has happened.  Hera calls Ezra and Sabine to see if they are okay.  “Relax Captain Syndulla, I’ve got them,” Saw tells her.  Hera wants to dock with Saw’s U-wing to get the rest of the Ghost crew, but Saw has other ideas.  A Star Destroyer pops out of hyperspace and sends out TIE Fighters.  Saw tells Hera that there’s no time.  “Don’t worry captain, your kids will be fine with me.”  He tells his buddy, Edrio Two-Tubes, who you might remember from Rogue One, that Ezra and Sabine might like fighting with a real army for a change.  Hera demands that Saw lets Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper come back to the Ghost.  Saw says that unless Ezra and Sabine have any objections they are just going to leave.  “What choice do we have?”  Ezra asks.  The Ghost crew watches as the U-wing goes into hyperspace.  Zeb wonders where they are going.  “I’m not worried about where they’re going,” Hera says.  “I’m worried about who they’re going with.”  The Ghost goes into hyperspace as well just before the TIE Fighters can get to them.


Well, that was interesting.  This episode has all kinds of things from Rogue One, which I’ll talk more about in my review for part two.  One thing I do want to ask is if any of you Star Wars fans out there actually agree with Saw.  Sometimes I really do.  I mean, it just seems like Mon Mothma is in another world or something.  It’s like she thinks that eventually the Emperor is just going to surrender or something.  Yes, Saw’s methods are a little harsh, but seriously, Mon Mothma needs to fight back.  If not, what is the Rebellion for?

Stray Thoughts

– This episode sees the end of Commander Brom Titus.  This guy has literally been around forever and had kept getting demoted.  I think that it was about time that he left the show.

– When Mon Mothma asks Saw what they would become if they were to degrade themselves to the Empire’s level, it was a reference to Saw’s lines from the Rogue One trailer, “If you continue to fight, what will you become?”

– The animation in this episode was beautiful.  The sky on Jalindi almost looked real!

– In this episode Forest Whitaker reprises his role as Saw Gerrera with Genevieve O’reilly doing the same for Mon Mothma.

Star Wars Rebels will return this Monday with “The Occupation” at 9:00 p.m..  Immediately following is another episode titled “Flight of the Defender”.


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