Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore Part 2 Review

In part two of Heroes of Mandalore, we dove into Sabine’s weapon, “The Duchess”, and what it means for her that it caused the death of her people.  Like always, major spoiler warnings!…

Sabine’s Creation

Part two starts back where part one left off.  Sabine is on her knees, overwhelmed by the destruction that she helped to create.  She picks up a Mandalorian shoulder pad, only for it to disintegrate in her hand.   “There were rumors the Empire has working on a weapon to neutralize Mandalorian armor,” says Bo-Katan.  “That is would even be tested on our people…I did not believe it.”   “Not the Empire, me,” Sabine says.  “This is all my fault.”   Ezra does not agree with her.   Sabine, as she stands to her feet, tells him that the weapon was her work.  “Because of me, the Empire is going to turn my world into a graveyard!  Because of me, Mandalorians are going to die!”  Sabine is about to says that her mother and brother are dead because of her as well, but a voice calls her name.  It’s Ursa, who is just injured, and Tristan is with her.  Sabine, who is overjoyed to see them, runs over them.  Ursa says that they were caught at the edge of the weapon’s range and that they were able to get away thanks to Sabine’s warning.  Chopper starts to freak out and says that he’s picked up something coming there way.  Fenn see Imperial Mandalorians coming in with jet packs.  “The Empire is coming back to finish the job, he says.


“A Mandalorian With A Jet Pack Is A Weapon.”

The rebels and the Imperials quickly go to battle.  Kanan says to get Sabine’s parents to safety.  Ezra, Ursa, and Alrich hurry to a speeder, but it gets destroyed by a torpedo.  Kanan tells Sabine that they have to leave, she reluctantly agrees.  When the rebels try to escape, the Imperials surround them, and a most unwelcoming sound is heard.  Sabine turns around and sees three TIE Fighters heading their way.  But no need to worry!  Coming in from a different direction is a Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighter.  The Gauntlet takes down two Imperials and a TIE before the Rebels hop on board.  Unfortunately, the Gauntlet’s weapons system is damaged, and they begin to loose power.  While Sabine is busy trying to keep the ship flying, Ezra and Bo-Katan head outside.  “Where are you going?”  Ezra asks.  “Rau said our weapons were down.”  “A Mandalorian with a jet pack is a weapon,” Bo-Katan replies.  Ezra has still not gotten the hang of his jet pack and slams into one of the TIE Fighter’s windshield.  Bo-Katan takes on one TIE with a grenade and Ezra, after falling off the windshield, uses a torpedo to take out the last TIE.  They both head back to the Gauntlet.


Thrawn Returns

Back at the capital, Tiber Saxon is showing Thrawn a recording of Sabine’s weapon via hologram.  This time we see what the Duchess can do, and it’s terrifying to think that Sabine made the thing.  Saxon explains how the weapon works, says that it will only do damage to Mandalorians, who’s armor is made of beskar alloy, and not their Stormtroopers.  Thrawn says that the weapon is effective, but that they are missing the true art of it.  “It turns armor legendary for it’s strength into a crippling weakness, and it strikes at the very heart of your people’s traditions,” he says.  Saxon replies that the Emperor requested that the uprising be dealt with quickly and that the Duchess would do the trick.  “Your different from your brother,” Thrawn says.  “How would Gar Saxon feel about you betraying your heritage.  Saxon says that his brother no longer feels anything.  “I have evolved, and Mandalore must evolve with me,” says Saxon.  Thrawn asks him if he thinks that if the Mandalorians see their sense of security turned against them that they would swear loyalty to the Empire.  “A Mandalorian without armor is no more than a common soldier.  Fear will compel them to join the Empire,” Saxon replies.  “We shall see,” Thrawn says before changing the subject.  Thrawn says that the weapons range if far more limited that Saxon had promised.  “Or, perhaps you thought I wouldn’t notice?”  Thrawn asks.  Yikes!  Saxon defends himself by saying that he only had pieces of the prototype and that he did everything he could.  Thrawn tell him that he needs Sabine to make the weapon work properly before signing off.  Captain Hark asks Saxon what would stop the Empire from using the weapon on them.  “Unquestioning loyalty,” Saxon replies. “Now, find Sabine Wren.”


“It’s Time For You To Prove Your Loyalty.”

Tristan goes to talk about the weapon to his sister, saying, “You told us you destroyed it!”  “I did,” Sabine replies.  ” The Empire must have rebuilt it.”  Bo-Katan runs over and slams Sabine into the wall.   “Your and Mandalorian!  Why would create such an abomination?” She shouts.  “This is the weapon of a coward!”  Sabine says that she was a just a child and was arrogant.  “But when I realized the Empire tested it and actually planned to use it, I sabotaged the prototype and destroyed the plans.”  She says that she was sure that was the end of it.  Bo-Katan lets Sabine go.  Ezra suggests that they all change they armor to a different alloy, which makes everyone look at him like he’s got three heads.   “Ezra…the armor I wear is five hundred years old,” Sabine says.  “I reforged it to my liking, but the battles, the history, the blood all lives within it. And the same goes for every Mandalorian.”  Alrich tells Ezra that their armor is part of their identity, it makes them who they are.  “And now it’s going to make us dead,” Bo-Katan says.   They arrive at the Clan Kryze camp.  When the Kryze members see Sabine, they immediately draw their weapons.  They all shout that she betrayed them and that she’s a traitor to Mandalore.  The rebels are ready to fight back.  “Any attack on my daughter, is an attack on Clan Wren.”  “No!”  Sabine shouts as she throws down her helmet.  “I’m prepared to take responsibility for my actions.”  Sabine confirms that she built the Duchess as a loyal academy student.  She says that the weapon is functioning at only a fraction of it’s capacity and it full power, it could destroy armies.  “So, you’ve got a choice to make.  We can fight each other, or we can destroy this weapon once and for all.”  Bo-Katan says that she can understand the Kryze member’s anger, and that she feels it as well, but Sabine is right.  “Now is not the time to be divisive.  She knows the most about this weapon and how to destroy it.  We need her.”  At this, Clan Kryze stands down.  As they all begin to walk away, Bo-Katan turns to Sabine an says, “It’s time for you to prove your loyalty.  Not just to your family, but to all of Mandalore.”   Once inside, the rebels try to find away to get into Saxon’s Star Destroyer and eliminate the Duchess.  Sabine says that they’ll need two teams.  One to find the weapon and one two wipe out all of the data on the Imperial computer system.  Fenn asks if there is any way that the weapon could be turn against the Empire.  Sabine says that the thought had crossed her mind, but she would rather destroy it.   Ursa volunteers to lead the attack team, but she is injured and they need her for tactical support.  In the end, Sabine and Bo-Katan will destroy the Duchess while Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper wipe all the data.  While Sabine is going over their infiltration path, Fenn and Bo-Katan chat for a moment.   “I’m surprised to see you so swayed by Sabine,” he says.  “You seem to be as impressed with her as I am.”   Bo-Katan says that she had her doubts, but since Sabine had come back to face her past and that impressed her.  “She has become a courageous leader…she reminds me of the best of who we were and could inspire us to become more than we have been of late,” she says.  “I will not allow her efforts to be wasted.”


Infiltrating Saxon’s Star Destroyer

After getting into the Star Destroyer, Sabine spots her creation.  Fenn notes that the weapon’s core is not there.  “Thank you, Fenn Rau, that’s helpful,” Sabine replies sarcastically.   Sabine figures that they are working on the Duchess’ core in the upper room.  Upon hearing the weapon’s name for the first time, Bo-Katan says, “The Duchess?  You name your weapon after my sister?  The former ruler of Mandalore?”   “It was a series of bad decisions, okay?”  Sabine replies.  A TIE Fighter pilot is getting out of his TIE and spots Ezra.  Sabine and Bo-Katan take him out right before a Stormtrooper notices them as well.  The trooper starts to fire his weapon, causing in the hangar to see them.  Sabine tells her followers to hold them off while she and Bo-Katan destroy the Duchess.  While the two of them are on there way to the Duchess’ core, two AT-DP Walkers are activated in the hangar.  “Those will complicate things,” says Fenn.  As Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper leave to find the data terminal, Sabine and Bo-Katan make it to the core.   “It doesn’t seem so dangerous like this,” Bo-Katan comments.  But right as they get closer, the core activates and electrocutes them both.  Saxon and Hark come into the room.  Saxon comes over to where Sabine is laying.  “Sabine Wren, you truly are brilliant,” he says to her.  “Except for thinking that you could infiltrate my ship unnoticed.”   He says that he would like to end her life, but he need her to upgrade her weapon.  Sabine, of course, says that she won’t do it.  “Lets see if I can persuade you too,” Saxon says.  Hark tries to get Saxon to stop, saying that what he’s doing is to much .  Hark is afraid that if the weapon is made more powerful, then the Empire might use it against all of Mandalore.   “I am the Empire!” Saxon says as he stands to his feet.  “Palpatine has showed me the way to true power.”  He activates the core again, this time it not only electrocutes Sabine and Bo-Katan, but Captain Hark as well.  “This is not enough power to kill you,” says Saxon.  “Just to teach you a lesson that in the end all of Mandalore will bow to me!”   Luckily, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper’s job is going a lot better.  After taking out a few troopers, Chopper begins to erase all the files about the Duchess.  Ezra tries to call Sabine but she does not answer.  Ezra says that she’s in trouble.  Kanan tells him to go find her while he and Chopper finishes up their job.  Soon after Ezra leaves, more troopers run in and order Kanan not to move.  Kanan ignites his lightsaber and says, “Oh, I’m moving!”  Back at the hangar, an intense battle is going on.  Ezra runs in and tries to help, only to get his jet pack shot.  It sends him into the air and he crashes to the ground.  A Mandalorian shoots a torpedo at one on the Walkers, but it doesn’t go down.  Ezra clumsily joins up with Fenn and Tristan.   “I finished my mission,” Ezra says.  “Now I have to finish your too?”  Tristan replies that he had the easier mission.  “Will you two knock it off?”  Fenn asks angrily.  Erza asks where Sabine is, and Fenn points to the upper room.


For Mandalore

In the upper room, Saxon turns the core off as two Stormtroopers enter the room.       “Are you impressed by how well your weapon works?”  Saxon asks Sabine.  “I believe you can do better.”  Saxon tell her to increase the Duchess’ range or he will kill Bo-Katan.  At this, Sabine quickly agrees to help, even though Bo-Katan tells her not to.  Saxon tell her that she is doing the right thing and that her weapon can untie the houses and bring peace.  “As long as our people are on their knees before you and your Emperor,” Sabine says as she works on the core.  Saxon says that Mandalore must adapt to survive and asks if she would rather they destroy themselves in a fight that cannot be won.  “At least we die free,” Sabine says when she is done upgrading the core.  “As true Mandalorians.”  Sabine tells Saxon that the weapon is at full power, but she begs him not to use it.  He replies that he will take it into consideration.  He activates the core yet again, but this time, something different happens.  Instead of electrocuting people in Mandalorian armor, it electrocutes the people wearing Imperial armor.  Hark hurries out of the room.  The range of the core goes out into the hangar and pulverizes the troops inside of the AT-DP’s as well as the Stormtroopers.  For a split second, it zaps Ezra too, since he was wearing a Scout trooper’s helmet.  Tristan asks what is happening.  “The weapon has been turned against the Empire!”  Fenn replies.  Ezra runs off to help Sabine.   Meanwhile, Kanan and Chopper are surrounded by Stormtroopers, but the Duchess’ range even reaches to that room.  The troopers are all electrocuted and knocked out.  In the upper room, Sabine repeats what Saxon had said.  “This isn’t enough power to kill you.”  She stands over him.  “Just to make you suffer.  How does it feel?”   Bo-Katan urges her to stop.  Sabine says the Mandalore must be free.  “At what cost?” Bo-Katan asks.  Sabine sounds a lot like Saw Gerrera when she says, “To beat the Empire this is the only way!”  “It’s not our way, it’s their way!”  Bo-Katan pleads.  “You came here to make things right.  Will the future of Mandalore be on of honor or cowardice? Hope or fear? The choice is yours.”  Sabine considers this, and, drawing out the Dark Saber, walks back over to the core.  “For Mandalore,” she says.  “For Mandalore,” Bo-Katan repeats.  Sabine destroys the core with one swipe of the Dark Saber.  Ezra comes into the room, prompting Bo-Katan and Sabine to almost attack him.  When Ezra sees the core, which i s about to explode, he says, “Well that looks bad!”  Sabine call Kanan and tell him the the power core has been breached.  Kanan says the data files have been wiped but the storm troopers are starting to wake up.   “Don’t worry about them because this entire place is about to blow!”  Sabine shouts.  “We should probably go then,” Kanan replies.  As the rebels escape, Saxon tries to turn the core off, but it’s too late.  The Star Destroyer, along with what remained of the Duchess, is destroyed.


Mandalore’s Rightful Ruler

Upon returning back to Clan Kryze’s camp, Bo-Katan and Sabine discuss who will lead Mandalore.  Bo-Katan says that the Empire will send everything they have to crush Mandalore.  Sabine replies that that is why Bo-Katan must lead.  “You have the wisdom of a ruler.  There’s no one I trust to have the Dark Saber more than you.”  She says that she is not alone on that vote.  The ship door opens to reveal other Mandalorian Clan leaders who all swear loyalty to Bo-Katan.  “Know I understand why the saber came to me,” Says Sabine.  “It came to me so I could pass it to you.”  Sabine offers the Dark Saber to Bo-Katan.  “I accept this sword for my sister,” Bo-Katan says as she takes the blade.  “For my clan, and for all of Mandalore.”  She ignites the saber and hold it high as the Mandalorians bow.


Alright!  I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed Heroes of Mandalore.  What a perfect way to start off the last season of Star Wars Rebels.  Sabine is a character that has not been given a very goo backstory and I’m glad that she has one now.  What did you think about Heroes of Mandalore?  Let me know in the comments!

Stray Thoughts

– The moment when Ezra opens the hangar door to reveal the battle going on mirrors the same moment in the Clone Wars when Obi-Wan- Kenobi opens a door that is very similar to see the Mandalorians fighting against each other.

– One of the Mandalorian clans was called Clan Rook.  I wonder if this could be a reference to the Mandalorian from the comic book series Son of Dathomir, Rook Kast, who was at first believed to be Sabine Wren’s mother before Ursa was revealed.

The next Rebels episode, In the Name of the Rebellion, will air for the first time this Monday at 12:30 a.m. ET.


All media property of Lucasfilm 





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