Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore Part 1 Review

I apologize that this post is late.  My internet was bad and I was unable to update until today.  Starting next week, my reviews will come out every Wednesdays and Thursdays. Anyway, Star Wars Rebels season 4 is upon us!  The final season is certainly off to a strong start with it’s premiere, Heroes of Mandalore.  Oh yeah, and we can’t forget about the returning Clone Wars character!  It was good to see Bo-Katan back in action.  There’s so much to talk about so let’s get to it!  (Major Spoiler Alert!)…



We start this episode with Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper hiding in a trench looking at an Imperial prison.  They are preparing to break Sabine’s father out of there.  “How sure are we that your father is in there?”  Ezra asks.  Sabine replies that their spies in the capital say he’s there, and that they have been right so far.  She calls Fenn Rau to tell him about the status of the the prison’s guards and weapons.  In a different trench, Fenn, Kanan, and Mandalorian soldiers are waiting to attack.  “Sabine, doesn’t it seem suspicious that the Empire would move your father so far from the capital?”  Kanan wonders.                    “My father has many friends, he’s not just important to me,” Sabine explains.  “The Empire probably moved him out here to prevent someone from doing what we’re about to do.”  Fenn says that that might be true, but he still has doubts about it.  They all get into position and the time for attack has come.  After giving some orders to her Clan Wren soldiers, Sabine is ready to go.  But Ezra doesn’t seem so ready!  “What’s wrong with you?”  Sabine asks.  Ezra, who is fumbling around with his jet pack, says, “I wish I had more practice with this jet pack.”  Sabine comments that he is a Jedi, and that she’s sure he will pick it up on the fly.  Chopper flaps his arms around as he says something in binary.  “Yes, on the fly, I get it Chopper,” Ezra says.  Sabine climbs out of the trench.  Two Stormtroopers spot her and alert high command.  Sabine activates the Dark Saber and holds it high.  Ezra and the rest of her army jump out of the trench.  The Stormtroopers report them as well.   “Forward!”  Sabine shouts.  They all follow Sabine’s lead.



Sabine and her Mandalorian followers use their jet packs to their advantage when they go to battle.  Ezra is having some major issues with is jet pack, and is flying around all over the place.  I must say, Ezra has always been the most awkward character on the show, but in this episode, he was the most awkward I have ever seen him.  Don’t get me wrong, Ezra is a really good character…he’s just awkward.  Makes for a good laugh though!  The Empire sends in Jumptroopers to fight of the Mandalorians.  Fenn and Kanan tries to fight them off.  “I’ll handle it!”  Kanan says.  He jumps up onto one of the Jumptroopers backs and cuts his jet pack, causing him to fall to his death.  he does the same to the others.  “Show off!”  Fenn says.  Even though Kanan is blind, he still fights with the best of them!  Sabine shows that she got some moves as well when she takes down two Stormtroopers and a turret with the Darksaber while flying.  Ezra complains about his jet pack before it launches him up into the sky.  Two troopers begin to fire at him from below.  Ezra, despite flying crazily, is able to deflect every bast t the ground.  This causes a dust cloud so that the troopers loose sight of him.  Ezra lands back on the ground and kills them both with their own shots….just before being flung into the air again!  Up in the prison tower, a commanding Jumptrooper notifies Tiber Saxon, brother of Gar Saxon, that Sabine is leading the attack, just as he had thought.  Saxon tells him to do away with her allies, but he wants Sabine alive.  The Jumptrooper says that he’s not even sure if they can hold onto the prison.  “I know how stubborn Clan Wren can be,” says Saxon.  “That’s why I dispatched reinforcements to help you.”  Back at the battle, Sabine and Ezra watch as an Imperial ship brings in two AT-DP Walkers.  “Well, this just got more and more-,” Ezra is broken off by Sabine, who yells, “Interesting!  The word your looking for is interesting!”  “Nope!”  Says Ezra.  “Just more!”   The Mandalorians immediately begin to fight off the Walkers.  One Mandolorian is lost before Sabine tries to take down one of the Walkers and gets shot down herself.  Ezra hurries to get to her side, but is blocked off by three Jumptroopers.  Sabine is getting back up, but one of the Jumptroopers stuns her.   “Stand down, Jedi,” he says as he aims his blaster and the stunned Sabine.  “Or she dies.”  Ezra, along with Kanan and Fenn, do so.  The trooper orders them to surrender.  All hope seemed lost…that is until some surprise company arrives!  Three newcomers, who are also Mandalorian, fly in on their jet packs and take down one of the Walkers.   “Don’t just stand there!”  The leader yells.  “Protect her!”   Fenn gets his blaster back out.  “It’s Clan Kryze!”  He says.  Clan Kryze makes quick work of the Imperials, and the battle is won.


The Special Visitor

Unfortunately, Sabine’s father was not in the prison tower.  The Clan Kryze leader tells her that it was a trap to lure her in.  She tells Sabine that her mother had learned of this and tried to warn her, but the Empire was jamming all transmissions.  Clan Kryze was sent ahead as reinforcements before Sabine’s mother would arrive.   “Who are you?” Sabine asks.  The Kryze leader removes her helmet, to reveal a very familiar face, but only to those who are fans of the Clone Wars.  “This is Lady Bo-Katan of House Kryze,” says Fenn.  “Her sister once ruled Mandalore.”  He goes on to explain that Bo-Katan was made regent of Mandalore near the end of the Cone Wars and that some still view her as the rightful ruler of the planet.  Ezra asks what happened to her.  “After the Empire took over I refused to obey the Emperor and was betrayed, by the Saxon Clan,” Bo-Katan replies.    “Your commitment to Mandalore’s freedom is legendary,” says Sabine.  She holds out the Dark Saber, ready to give it away.  “This belongs to you.”   Everyone waits in anticipation for Bo-Katan to take the lightsaber, but she does not.   “I had my chance to rule, and I failed,” says Bo-Katan.  “I am not my sister.”  She places her helmet back on.  “I am not the leader you seek,” she finishes before walking away.   Sabine watches in despair.   “See if you can contact my mother,” Sabine says to Fenn.  “Right away,” Fenn replies before walking off to do so.  Everyone but Ezra and Sabine leaves the platform.


Sabine’s Chance To Change Things

Ezra and Sabine look out over Mandalore’s vast land.  “You know, your home planet is very different from mine,” Ezra comments.   “Once upon a time, these plains were covered with grass,” says Sabine.  “But, I never saw it.  This destruction happened before I was born.”  Ezra asks if the grass ever grew back.  Sabine replies that it never had a chance to.  “This is what continuous war has done to my home.”   Ezra thinks for awhile.  “Well…Maybe this is your chance to help change things here,” he says.  Chopper rolls up and points out that they have visitors.  Sabine’s mother, Ursa Wren, Brother, Tristan Wren, and two other Clan Wren members arrive at the scene.  Ursa informs them that the Empire has changed their plans.  “They’re moving your father back to the capital, for a public termination.


The Rescue Of Sabine’s Father

Sabine, Ezra, Bo-Katan, and Fenn and waiting for Ursa’s diversion so that they can attack the transports that are taking Sabine’s father, Alrich Wren, to the capital.   “I don’t see anything yet,” says Ezra.   “Just give my mom a chance,” Sabine replies.  Next marks one of the conversations that Rebels fans may have gotten a little excited over!   Kanan is updating Hera via hologram on the mission.   “We were hoping you could have freed him by now,” says Hera.  “What’s the outlook?”   Kanan explains the situation and their plan.   Hera asks what the status of the Imperial occupation is.  “Mandalore is under complete lock down.  Civil war is raging,” Kanan replies.  Hera says that she hates to say so, but she thinks that Mandalore is lost.   Kanan says that Sabine’s father is important, not just to her but to her people.  “That’s how I persuaded Mon Mothma to let you help,” says Hera.  “But once that’s done, I need you to come back.”  Kanan smiles, asking if she’s having trouble overthrowing the Empire without him.  Hera says that their team is an important asset to the Rebellion.  “An asset?  Is that what we are?”  Kanan asks.  Hera replies with, “You know what I mean.”   Something has definitely been bothering Kanan, as he says,   “Well…you know how I feel.”  Hera asks if their still talking about the mission.   Kanan smiles again.  “That depends.”  Hera asks what it depends on.  Kanan only replies with, “You know.”   Chopper interrupts them with complaints.  Hera sighs and tells Kanan to be careful, and that she will see him soon before signing off.  I don’t know about you, but Kanan’s personality has changed a little since season 3.  He seemed a little more humorous in this episode.  After this, an explosion is heard and smoke is seen rising in the distance; it’s Ursa’s diversion.   “Yep, that’s my mom,” says Sabine.   “Blowing things up definitely runs in your family,” Ezra comments.   “It’s a Wren specialty,” Sabine replies.   Ursa call Sabine and tells her that they are fighting the Imperials and that the transports have changed course.   “Then the diversion worked,” says Bo-Katan.  Fenn spots the transports and tells them that he’s scanning a single passenger in the middle transport…the one that is heavily guarded.   Sabine says that if they attack the lead transport, the middle one will fall back.  She says that if someone could sneak aboard the middle transport and force it to stop.  Fenn agrees, saying that by then the other transports would be to far ahead to do anything in support.  “So, who’s going in?”  Fenn asks.  Ezra volunteers.  “Are you sure?” Sabine asks.  “You haven’t exactly mastered that jet pack.  “Hey,” Ezra replies.  “I got it.”  Kanan tells Chopper to be ready to jam the Imperial’s comms.  In the middle transport, Saxon asks what the status is of the transports via hologram.  An Imperial Mandalorian, Captain Hark says that they have changed course to avoid running into a battle, but they remain on schedule.  Saxon tells him to continue to the capital with the prisoner and that he is ordering “the weapon” to be readied.  Saxon signs off and Hark goes to the back of the transport to tell Alrich that his escape had failed and that they would reach the capital within the hour.  “I do love the capital,” says Alrich.  “It’s a masterful expression of our architecture.”   I’m glad you enjoy it, it will be the last thing you see,” Hark assures.  Back outside, the rebels are preparing to attack.  “Goes easy on em’,” Ezra asks.  “No chance,” Sabine replies as she ignites the Dark Saber.   Sabine jumps down from the cliff and, after activating her jet pack, causes the middle transport to stop by using a paint bomb.  Inside the transport, Alrich knows that it’s Sabine that is coming to his rescue.  The Imperials try to shoot Sabine down, but to no success.  The others soon join Sabine.  Sabine takes control of one of the Scouttrooper’s speeder bikes.  Kanan is waiting nearby, and when the transports get close enough, he jumps onto one of them, using a speeder bike as leverage.  He takes out two Imperial Mandalorians.  Ezra appears to be doing a lot better with his jet pack.  He goes under the middle transport and puts his lightaber through the bottom, causing little damage to it.  He climbs up the back of the transport before Hark can see him.  Kanan is about to cut down more troopers when the middle transport runs into the one he is standing on, making him fall down and drop his lightsaber.  Sabine hangs back on her speeder after a salute from Ezra.  The front transport slows down.  Chopper is a little terrifying when he picks up a blaster and proceeds to smack a trooper in the head with it and laugh.  Kanan makes quick work of a few Stormtroopers before retriving his lightsaber and jumping down onto Sabine’s speeder.  “How we doing?”  He asks.  Sabine replies with, “It could be worse!”  Kanan deflects an Imperial’s shots.  “Yeah, keep telling yourself that.”  Kanan jumps back onto one of the transports and continues to kill troopers, until the top side opens up and he falls inside the transport.  a few troopers are waiting for him inside.  One of them tell Kanan to drop his weapon.  “I’ve got a better idea,” Kanan replies.  He cuts their weapons and force pushes them out of the transport.  “This is where we get off!”  Kanan says to Fenn as he runs his lightsaber into the control panel.  Sabine tells Ezra to stop messing around and to get her father out of the transport.  Ezra replies that he’s working on it.  Sabine gets off her speeder trying to escape from multiple shots, but fails.  Once inside the middle transport, Ezra kills the troopers inside.  “Are you with Sabine?”  Alrich asks.  “Yeah I’m with her!”  Ezra replies. “I mean, not with her with her, I’m just friends…with her.”  See, awkward!  Chopper tells Ezra over the comm that they are heading for a cliff.  Alarmed, Ezra hurries to free Alrich.  Upon seeing Ezra’s lightsaber, Alrich asks, “Are you a Jedi?”                                “Let’s hope so!”  Ezra replies.  He cuts Alrich free and gives him his jet pack.  “Here, take this sir,” he says.  “How will you get out?” Alrich asks.  Ezra replies that he’s much better off without it.  Right as the transports go over the cliff, Ezra force pushes Sabine’s father out and waits for him to get to safety when he climbs out and jumps up the other transports until he is hanging over the side of the cliff.  Ezra almost falls, but Sabine saves him.   “Was wondering where you were!”  Ezra says.  Back at the capital, Saxon call Hark to ask if there was a problem.  Hark explains what happened.  Saxon tells Hark to have his men retreat; he is bringing in the weapon.



“Thank you, young Jedi,” Alrich says as he gives the jet pack back to Ezra.  Sabine walks up and her father says that he had gotten word that she had returned to Mandalore, but he did not believe it.   “And…?”  Sabine asks.  Alrich comes closer and gives his daughter a hug.  “Sabine, you are my daughter.  I was pleased then, but even more now.”  He lets go of her.  “Well, we would never leave you in the hands of the Empire,” says Sabine.  “No, that was fine,” Alrich says.  “I meant your artwork.”  He says that she has progressed much and that she is getting better.  “Better? What do you mean better?  Its great,” says Sabine.    Her father replies with, “It…It’s getting there.”  The two proceed to discuss art inspirations.   “Now I see where Sabine gets her creative side,” says Ezra.  Alrich corrects him by saying that her creativity comes from her mother.   “And here I thought we were just rescuing another warrior,” says Ezra.  Sabine says that her father fights with his art.  Bo-Katan says that they better get moving and that they are too exposed.  Fenn informs Ursa that they have rescued her husband.  “Then we have two victories today,” Ursa replies.  She says that Saxon’s forces are in retreat.


The Weapon Is Revealed

Ursa’s battle is not over yet, as one, lone Walker is being brought to the area.  Tristen tells informs them about the Walker.  Sabine finds it strange that the Empire has reinforcements to cover their retreat, but then she hears a strange sound over the comm…one that she recognizes.  “Get out of there, now!”  She shouts.  But it’s too late.  The comm goes dead.  They hear an explosion in the distance.  “No!”  Sabine says.  They hurry to see what’s going on.  Sabine is the first on the scene.  Not much is left.  Only smoke and Mandalorian armor.  “No, no,” Sabine says to herself.  She knows exactly what did it.  “What happened here?”  Ezra asks.  “Where are the survivors of this battle?” Bo-Katan asks.  “The wounded, the victors?”   “I see only the defeated,” says Alrich.   Ezra asks what could do this.  “A weapon did this, a weapon created by my daughter,” Alrich replies.  Sabine, devastated, falls on her hand and knees and begins to cry.



So, this episode was pretty cool and a really goo start to the season.  The music was really good as well.  Once again, I’m sorry this was late.  Part two of my review will be here tomorrow.

Stray Thoughts

– This episode marks the return of Bo-Katan.  Katie Sackhoff reprises her role as the Clone Wars veteran.

– This episode also sees the first appearance of Sabine’s weapon, the Duchess.

Star Wars Rebels will return on October 23 with it’s two part episodes, In the Name of the Rebellion at 12:30 a.m. ET.

All media property of Lucasfilm




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