Star Wars: The Forces of Destiny

Are you getting tired of waiting for Star Wars 8 or Star Wars Rebels?  In these times, patience is hard to master for Star Wars fans.  Especially with all the new details and rumors are slowing leaking out.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Lucasfilm started releasing some content to tide us over?  Well good news, because they have!  Yesterday at 1pm CT The Forces of Destiny debuted on the internet.  Aimed toward younger viewers, these 3-minute animated shorts comprised of 16 episodes will air up until the fall.  The Forces of Destiny will bring the spotlight to the female heroes of Star Wars.  The first of the 16 episodes entitled “The Sands of Jakku” aired yesterday showing Rey’s walk back home after retrieving BB-8 from Teedo.  The Forces of Destiny will continue to air every day until July 9,.  This series is officially canon and original actresses and actors will reprise their roles for the characters.  You can view the trailer for the series below…



All media property of Lucasfilms 







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