Star Wars Rebels Season Four Trailer Breakdown

Sorry, this post is late, but here it is! Two days ago at the Star Wars Celebration they revealed our first look at Star Wars Rebels Season 4.  Sadly, this season will be the last, and its looking to be pretty dark.  Let’s get to breaking down that emotional trailer.  Before we do that, though why not watch it real quick?


We start with glimpses of things that we have already seen (Season 1-3 stuff) while Hera says, “It was a simple story…about a boy, who was lost.  And a girl, who was broken.  They fought alongside a survivor.  A war veteran.  And a fallen knight.  I led them into battle…against an evil so terrible…it tried to black out the stars.  We fought for each other, we fought for those who could not.  But we never imagined…it would end…like this…”  Before we move on, I want to talk about those lines for a second.  It appears like Hera is talking like her entire crew just died or something.  At least, that’s how I take it. We all know that Kanan and Ezra can’t live past this series or they could turn to the Dark Side.  But what about Sabine and Zeb, or Chopper?  All of their deaths would bring a heartbreaking end to Star Wars Rebels.  I guess we will just have to see!  Anyway, immediately after this, we see Ezra and what looks like an unconscious Sabine riding a huge wolf.  We all know that those wolves were going to get in this show somehow, since the director, Dave Filoni, is well known for his love of wolves.  But they look incredible! Also, it looks like they are on Lothal, so this is going to be pretty interesting.  Next, we come to this place with clouds and large stones.  TIE Defenders are chasing the Ghost. Afterwards we see Sabine and Ezra free-falling in the sky.  Then there’s a lot of shoot, shoot, deflect when Ezra and a TIE fighter pilot get into a fight, which also looks like it takes place on Lothal.

And what’s next?  Yavin IV!  We see the Ghost arriving at the iconic Rebel Base as Mon Mothma says, “This is a time of difficult choices…” We see Kanan and Hera having a quiet moment together.

Soon after that we see Sabine leading her people wielding the Darksaber with Ezra by her side.  After that Sabine cuts down a Scout Trooper’s speeder bike with the DarkSaber and then a TIE Fighter exploding with a Mandalorian flying away with a jet pack.  Next, it’s a U-Wing!  It takes out an Imperial Freighter as well as a large satellite dish.  Mon Mothma continues, “…Sometimes impossible ones,”  as we see Hera, who is wearing an outfit that is a major change from her original one, watching Stormtroopers and tanks coming towards her.  Then we see Saw Gerrera, and behind him it looks like a huge Kyber Crystal.  Perhaps for the Death Star?  Next, we see Mandalorians and Chopper heading for Mandalore.  And then, surprise!  It Bo-Katan!  Does the name sound familiar? It should, if you watched the Clone Wars TV series.  Bo-Katan was once apart of Death Watch, a group of terrorists, but after their leader, Pre-Visla, died, she took part in the Mandalorian Civil War.

But she isn’t the only character to return.  Rising from the ashes of the Expanded Universe, Thrawn’s bodyguard Rukh has arrived!  And he looks like he means business! It appears that he is on Lothal, riding on a speeder bike.  He takes out a long electric staff thingie and tries to fight a disguised Ezra and Kanan who are also riding on a speeder bike.  Sabine says, “As long as we’re together, we’ve got a chance.”  After that there is a split second shot of Chopper doing his thing and taken out some Stormtroopers.  Next, I’m not exactly sure who that is, but they are trying to take down an Imperial Probe Droid.  Then it looks like another Mandalorion civil war is about to take place when we see Mandalorians fighting traitors.  Next, we see Stormtroopers as Zeb says, “At least we’ll go down fighting!”  We see Zeb and Hera shooting at an unseen enemy.  Then there’s more shots of Sabine and Ezra in action.  We come to a space battle, with a U-Wing!  And it looks like Hera is piloting it!  Kanan says, “More paths are coming together now.”  And we see an awesome shot of the U-Wing going into hyperspace right through an Imperial Station!  Next, we see the rebels standing around outside of the Rebels Base as Kallus walks up and says, “It’s time to get to work.”

Kallus has got new looks too! And by the looks of his badge, he’s a captain.  Then we see Saw taken out some Stormtroopers, and Kanan, with a jet pack, doing the same in the next shot.  Next we see Kanan outside preparing to battle incoming Imperials.  Then we see Kanan inside of what looks like the Lothal Temple petting the giant white wolf saying, “We, are the balance Ezra.”  We see Rukh fighting Ezra.  And then Ezra fighting that TIE Fighter pilot again.  Next, in a bink and you’ll miss it shot, we see Bo-Katan fighting Sabine.  This could be the battle for the Darksaber, and Bo is trying to win the saber from its original owner, Sabine. We see a ship blow up.  Then we see the Broken Horn ship flying towards a messed up planet, that looks like it could be Lothal, guarded by the entire Imperial Fleet.  Afterwards we see a fimiliar shot, Ezra standing as a door opens revealing Mandalorians fighting Imperials.  The reason I say familiar is because there was a part in The Clone Wars when this similar scene was done with Obi-Wan-Kenobi at the Mandalorian Civil War.  A tank blows a Landspeeder up as Hera and Zeb jump out of the way.  Kanan continues saying, “We were meant to be Jedi so we could be here now when Lothal need us most.”  We see a cool shot of a Deathtrooper runging down the hall.  Some TIE Fighters shoot at something.  Next, we see Thrawn on Lothal shooting at a TIE Defending, which is interesting.  A Rebel must be piloting for him to shot at an Imperial ship.  And then, wait for it…X-Wings!!!  Finally after three whole seasons of waiting, we get our beloved X-Wings!  And guess who’s flying one, Hera!  She’s wearing yet another different outfit.  Next, we see Y-Wings, which are apparently destroyed, falling towards the Rebels Base on Yavin IV.  Then we see Bo-Katan holding up the Darksaber with Sabine and Ursa Wren standing behind her as the Mandalorians bow down.  Last,, we see Hera.  She turns around and says, everybody says it with me!  “May the Force be with you.”  A door shuts, and the trailer ends.

This was an amazing trailer, and it definitely brought a sense that Star Wars Rebels is about to end.  Hopefully, all questions will be answered by the time this series is over!  Is there anything you would like to point out about the trailer?  Let me know in the comments!


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