Star Wars Celebration Day 4 Highlights

Well, that’s it!  Star Wars Celebration is over!  We were left with so much good stuff, from trailers to special announcements.  So until next year this is my last highlights post.  Here they are…


The These Are The Droids Your Looking For Panel

Like droids?  If so, then this is the panel your looking for!  In this panel, Mathew Woods (Supervising Sound Editor), Anthony Daniels (C-3P0), and Alan Tudyk (K2-S0) sit down to talk about some of the most beloved droid in the Star Wars galaxy.  I hope that K2-S0 will make an appearance in Star Wars Rebels, because you can never get enough of that droid!  Anyway, this panel was really great!


Mark Hamill’s One Man Panel

Once again, Mark Hamill returns to the stage to make jokes and talk about his times as an actor.  This is always one of my favorite panels!  I can’t wait to see him as Luke Skywalker when Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases in December.


The Star Wars Celebration Closing Ceremony

Now that all the panels and interviews and reveals are over, everyone gathers around to to recap everything that has taken place over this amazing weekend, and to say goodbye to yet another celebration.  This is a highlight that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Remember, if you missed anything from this year’s celebration, you can always watch everything on the Star YouTube channel.  What did you think of the final day of the Star Wars Celebration?  Let me know in the comments.


All media property of Lucasfilms





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