Star Wars Celebration Day Two Highlights

Day two of the Star Wars Celebration is now over, and it was incredible!  Unfortunately, I did not watch the entire live stream for today, but I saw enough to know that it was a great day.  Here are some of my favorite things that happened today in Orlando, Florida.


The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Panel

Of course this is a highlight!  Not only did we get to hear some amazing speakers, but we got our first look at the highly anticipated movie, The Last Jedi.  First, we got word that a few new characters will be arriving, the first revealed one is named Rose.  Rose is a maintenance worker for the Resistance, and she is said to play a big part in the upcoming movie.  We saw lots of incredible photographs taken by Rian Johnson (Star Wars 8 director) himself.  Then they revealed the incredible poster for The Last Jedi.  The poster has Rey holding an activated blue lightsaber up.  As we follow the saber upwards, it turns from blue to red, and we see half of Luke’s face and half of Kylo Ren’s face.  I would love to get my hands on it!  But that wasn’t all.  After months and months of waiting and longing, it came.  It finally came!  The beautiful trailer for The Last Jedi.  It was incredible to see!  We saw Luke training Rey the ways of the Force and that the First Order was on the rise.  And then, there were some of the first words we have heard Luke speak since Return of the Jedi.  “Breath…just, breath,” he said.  “Now reach out…what do you see?” The trailer ended with Luke’s remark, “I only know one truth…the Jedi, must end.”  I will be doing a trailer breakdown tomorrow, so I will talk about this more then.  Anyway, this panel was truly wonderful, and I’m glad I did not miss it!


Mark Hamill’s Tribute To Carrie Fisher

It is truly a sad thing that Carrie Fisher couldn’t be a part of this amazing celebration.  In this panel, Mark Hamill looks back at all of the memories that he has of Carrie Fisher. While she may have died back in December last year, she will always remain in our hearts.  This panel was very touching.


Out of all the things that happened today, these are the things that I found most interesting.  I cannot wait to see what they have planned for tomorrow!  I’m totally going to be there for the Star Wars Rebels season 4 panel!  What was your favorite part of day two of the Star Wars Celebration?  Let me know in the comments!


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