Star Wars Rebels: Zero Hour Part 2 Review

Here is my last review for Rebels season 3!  It’s kind of sad for this season to finally be over. Guess we’ll just have to wait for season 4!  Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to recapping. (Major Spoilers Ahead)…


Round 2

Part 2 of Zero Hour starts off with the rebels trying to prepare for the second wave of Thrawn’s attack.  Hera says that he is planning for a planetary bombardment.  Rex and Zeb are working on the shield generator that was first seen in “Ghosts of Geonosis”, hoping to get it operational. Rex says that they never got to test it with Sabine around, so if the generator was to overload, they would probably not be able to get it working again.  Hera tells them to try it out.  They activate the generator, and thankfully, it worked!  With Attolon Base shielded, Hera calls Kanan to see if he is on his way back.  He is, and Hera tells him to to hurry before Thrawn attacks.  Above them, Governor Pryce gives Thrawn the status of the rebels fleet.  Thrawn tells them to begin their second attack.  This time, the Star Destroyers will fire at the rebels base, perhaps destroyer the shield.  Kanan still hadn’t reached the base yet when the shots had reached Attolon, and his speeder was unfortunately hit.  To make things worse, the shield was overheating.  The rebels watched as the Empire’s green firepower rained down on their base, hoping that the shield would last just a little longer.  Right when the rebels thinks that it’s over for them, Thrawn calls of the attack.  Rex and Zeb are overjoyed that the shield had held out for the whole attack.  Hera calls Kanan to make sure he’s okay.  With a slight pause making us believe that he probably died, Kanan replies.  “I get the feeling that Thrawn is actually trying to kill us this time,” he says.  “That’s only funny because you’re still alive,” Hera replies.  She tells him to get home as fast as he can.


Mandalorian Reinforcements

While chaos is raining down on Attolon, Ezra and Chopper arrive on Krownest.  Sabine is surprised to see them, and asks why they are there.  Ezra explains what is happening at the base, and asks them to come help.  Ursa says they can’t come, since they are busy with their civil war.  Sabine says that there must be something they could do.  With some pleading, Ursa is willing to at least hear Ezra’s plan.


The Ground Assault

Thrawn leaves Governor Pryce in charge of the fleet while he goes down to Attolon to personally wipe out the rebels.  Hera knows he is coming, and begins planning their defences.  Zeb and Rex would take a squad down to go to slow Imperial soldiers down and give what was left of Phoenix Squadron time to escape.  Back on Krownest, the Mandalorians are still hesitant to help, since they barely have enough resources to deal with their own war.  Ezra is frustrated that they won’t come back with him and starts to leave, but Sabine stops him; she’s going with him.  Finn says that they won’t last long without an army, but Sabine says she won’t need one. On Attolon, Zeb and Rex sit waiting to ambush the Imperial ground forces.  Their plan works when AT-ST walker get blown to pieces.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The next to come are AT-AT walkers.  And we all say it with Rex, “I know that sound!”  Rex tries to blow them up with the bombs, but it doesn’t even leave a scratch.  The walkers go right through the shields.  Zeb complains that Sabine should have built a shield that they can’t walk through.  “Let’s hope we get the chance to tell her,” says Rex.  They are forced to fall back.  Things are starting to seem really bad, until Kanan arrives.  Kanan destroys one of the walkers with his lightsaber.  Zeb is happy to see him.  Zeb says that Hera told them that he would be bringing help.  “Maybe,” Kanan replies.  “Maybe not.”  They all retreat into a nearby cave, and Kanan pauses to look up at the sky.  Dark clouds are forming as thunder sounds; a storm is coming.


The Storm

Thrawn arrives at the scene with his Death Trooper body guards.  He orders his soldiers to storm the rebels base and, if possible, to capture the leaders.  Kanan leads the other through the caves to try and get back to the base.  Meanwhile, Ezra and the reinforcements arrive.  They immediately go after the second Interdictor.  Ezra calls Hera to tell her that he’s got the reinforcements and that they are going after the Interdictor.  With someone distracting that ship, Phoenix Squadron can escape.  “Looks like the family is back together again,” says Kanan. “Lets try and keep it that way,” Hera replies.  While they are trying to escape, their shield overheats and explodes.  Now, they are left defenceless.  Yet another rebel ship is shot down, and the rebels are captured.  The chances of the rebels surviving are starting to look pretty slim now.  “And now, Captain Syndulla, I will accept your formal surrender,” says Thrawn.  “Or you will watch your friends perish, one by one, beginning with the Jedi.”  Thrawn is waiting for Hera’s reply when the storm intensifies.  The lightning is reaching the ground as the thunder rumbles.  Kanan gets a little jumpy when he hears the thunder.  “You fear the storm,” says Thrawn.  “Yeah, you should too,” Kanan replies.  Lightning comes down, almost hitting the Grand Admiral.  They all look up at the clouds, and two glowing eyes look back at them.  “I am the Bendu,” the storm says.  “I told you my friend was coming,” Kanan says to Hera.  The Bendu uses lighting to take out Rebel and Imperial forces alike. Back at the space battle, Ezra, Sabine, and the rest of the reinforcements get out of their ships to try and destroy the Interdictor personally.  They shoot at the gravity wells, but are distracted when Governor Pryce sends  Jump Troopers to intercept them.  While the Mandalorians are busy with their task, back on Attolon, the Bendu commands that they all leave the planet, or he will destroy them. “I am the night, I am the dark, I am the end,” he claims.  “You heard,” Kanan says.  “Make for the ship.”  With the Imperials distracted, the rebels are able to escape the base.  “This is your friend?”  Asks Hera.  Kanan replies that he might have made him angry.  “I can relate,” says Hera.  The Bendu is still pulverizing the old rebels base, trying to scare Thrawn into leaving.  Thrawn, is not scared, however, and orders his troopers to fire at the Bendu.  This works, and the Bendu is seen falling out of the sky as the storm clears.


The Rebels Escape

In space, Ezra and his squad are still trying to fight the Jump Troopers.  Hera calls and asks him if the Interdictor is destabilised yet.  “Working on it,” he replies.  The Mandalorians shoot rockets at the gravity wells, causing them to explode.  This takes out the Jump Troopers as well. They all hurry back to the Gauntlet.  An Imperial officer informs Pryce that they lost the Interdictor, and she is not happy.  “Thrawn’s not going to be happy,” Kallus comments.  Pryce orders the guards to throw Kallus out of the air lock.  The stormtroops take him to an elevator, and Kallus is obviously planning his escape.  When the elevator opens, the Stormtrooper are knocked out and Kallus hurries to get to a life pod.  The Ghost picks him up and they all quickly make the jump into hyperspace.


“You Cannot See…But I Can.”

Thrawn and the Death Troopers go to see the injured Bendu.  Thrawn asks him what kind of creature he is.  “One beyond your power to destroy,” the Bendu replies.  Thrawn disagrees, and aims his blaster at him.  The Bendu claims that Thrawn cannot see like he does.  “What? What do you see?” Thrawn asks.  The Bendu stares at him.  “I see your defeat, like many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace.”  Annoyed at this, Thrawn shoots, but is surprised when the bolt only hits the ground; the Bendu is gone, and only the echo of his laughter remains.


A Future For The Rebellion

Kanan walks throughout the Ghost, and we see all of the surviving rebels resting.  In the common room, Sabine says that she is going to return to Krownest.  In the hall, Kallus thanks Kanan for taking him in, and Kanan thanks Kallus for risking everything for them.  In the cockpit, AP-5 argues with Rex about their hyperspace routes.  Then, he stops in the nose gun, where Ezra sits resting.  He tells him that he and Sabine really saved the day, but Ezra doesn’t think so.  “But Kanan,” he says.  “We’ve lost everything.”  Kanan tells him that he has had to learn how to see things differently, and he sees a future for the Rebellion.  “One where we’re all free,” he says.  He tells Ezra that it’s up to them to make it happen.  They watch out the window as they make the jump to hyperspace.  They would soon be arriving at Yavin 4.



Zero Hour was amazing.  There is so much that needs to be explained though.  Thrawn’s encounter with the Bendu was the most confusing part.  I am so glad that Thrawn did not die, and I hope we will be seeing more of him in season 4.  If you just can’t wait, you can read the new novel that will be released on April 6 entitled Thrawn.  Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels will be released sometime in the fall.  In the meantime, why not binge-watch all three seasons?


Stray Thoughts

– It was good to see Sabine again in this episode

– I can’t wait to see more of Agent Kallus in season 4

– I hope that in season 4 the Bendu will be explained


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