Star Wars Rebels: Zero Hour Part 1 Review

Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels is officially over!  “Zero Hour” was a very interesting, intense finale, and it was just what I wanted.  It was a little weird that there was only one major character death, since I was expecting a lot more.  I thought for sure that Agent Kallus was a goner!  Let’s get into recapping this spectacular finale.  (Major Spoilers Ahead!)…


“The Real Performance Is About To Begin.”

At the beginning of this episode, we see Thrawn arrive at Lothal in a Lambda Class Shuttle.  Governor Pryce and Admiral Konstantine are there to meet him.  Thrawn tell the two that he has urgent news and they go to a quieter, safer room to discuss it.  Konstantine asks if it is necessary to be so cautious.  Thrawn tells them that they still have a traitor in their midst, and they must be careful.  “What I’m about to say, cannot fall into the rebel’s hands,” he says.  Tarkin attends the meeting via hologram.  There is one thing they didn’t notice, though.  Agent Kallus had rigged a mouse droid so that he could hear everything that they were about to say.  Thrawn tells them that the rebels are planning on attacking Lothal, but Tarkin thinks they wouldn’t dare do such a thing.  “Oh, but they would,” says Thrawn.  “Everything leading up to this moment has been rehersal.  The real performance is about to begin, I’m counting on it.”  Thrawn says that he is sure that the rebels are about to attack their TIE Defender factory that is on Lothal.  He says that one of his spies had found that General Dodonna’s fleet was on their way to help Phoenix Squadron.  “A coordinated attack from multiple rebels cells is unprecedented,” says Governor Pryce.   Thrawn smiles and says,  “And it’s exactly this moment that I’ve been waiting for, to wipe them out.”  Tarkin says that he wants Thrawn to capture the leaders of Phoenix Squadron, but Thrawn says in the future battle, there can be no prisoners.  Tarkin insists that he takes them prisoner instead of killing them, since he wants to make sure they make examples to the other rebels through their leaders.  “As you wish,” Thrawn says before turning off Tarkin’s hologram.


Master And Apprentice

Back on Attolon, Phoenix Squadron is hard at work preparing for their attack on Lothal. Ezra is admiring all the work Hera had done to pull everything off when Kanan tells him that Hera wasn’t the only one.  Ezra thinks that Kanan was referring to himself and the rest of the Ghost crew, but Kanan says he was talking about him.  “I didn’t do any of this,” Ezra says.  “If not for you guys, I’d be back on Lothal, waiting to be rescued like everyone else.”  Kanan tells him that he has never been like everyone else and that Hera had always saw something special in Ezra.  Kanan goes on to tell his student that he was often afraid if he could teach him.  Ezra says that he has learned a whole lot from Kanan.  “So have I,” Kanan admits.  “We all have.  I fact, sometimes I wonder if I have anything left to teach you.”  Ezra insists that it can’t be true, but Kanan reminds him that even his own Jedi training was limited.  Ezra tells him that it’s not only about the force, but about being a good person.  Before Kanan can reply, Hera interrupts them to say that General Dodonna would be there any minute and they need to help out with final preparations.  Ezra comments that the General’s name sounds familiar.  “It should,” says Kanan.  “He got those Y-Wing Bombers we stole.”  Now, before we move on, I want to say something about Kanan’s choice of words in this sentence.  I think I would have preferred “liberated” instead of “stole”.  It just makes Phoenix Squadron sound bad!  Anyway, let’s get back to the task at hand.



While General Dodonna arrives at Attolon, all the way back at Lothal Agent Kallus is hurrying to get word to the rebels that Thrawn knows about the attack that they are planning.  Kallus takes a speeder to Ezra’s old comm tower and we see that Kallus has been sending his transmissions to the rebels through the same transmitter from the season one episode “Call to Action”.  He begins his transmission, but before he can get the word out, someone cuts the transmission off.  A voice from behind says, “By the light of Lothal’s moons.”  He turns to see Thrawn.  “That is your code phrase, isn’t it, Agent Kallus?”  Thrawn reveals that he had cut off his transmission.  “Or, would you prefer I address you as Fulcrum.”  Kallus immediately attacks Thrawn.  Thrawn overpowers him easily.  “Your technique is good,” says Thrawn.  “But limited by your training at the Imperial Academy, predictable.”  Thrawn catches the Stormtrooper helmet that Kallus throws at him before the agent trips him.  “You talk too much,” Kallus says.  The two proceed to fistfight, and Thrawn quickly wins.  He has his Death Trooper body guards arrest him.  “You have the heart of a rebel,” Thrawn comments.  “I’ll take that as a compliment,” Kallus replies.  Later, Thrawn shows the agent that by tracking his transmissions and tracking Dodonna’s fleet, he has found the rebel’s base.


Thrawn Is Here

On Attolon, Phoenix Squadron receives Kallus’ transmission.  They are disturbed to find that it was cut short.  Ryder Azadi, present as a hologram, says that there must be something wrong, since the Imperial Fleet had left Lothal’s orbit.  Hera concludes that Thrawn must know where their base is, and tells  to prepare for battle.  Commander Sato, who is also present as a hologram, get called by one of his pilots; there are Imperial ships incoming.  At that moment, five Star Destroyers emerge from hyperspace.  Alarmed, Sato tells the pilots to prepare for battle.  Ryder’s hologram disappears, which means that the Empire is jamming their communications.  General Dodonna says that they must scrub the mission.  Ezra complains at this, since they were so close.  Hera gives an evacuation order.  But, there will be no evacuating.  When Dodonna’s ship goes into hyperspace, they are immediately pulled back out.  Two Interdictors have arrived.  “There is no escape for us,” says Sato.  One of the Interdictors shoot down a ship from Dodonna’s fleet.  But even though the Imperial fleet heavily outnumbers Phoenix Squadron, they aren’t done yet.  The last ship to come out of hyperspace is Thrawn’s Star Destroyer, the Chimera.  Thrawn contacts the rebels who are still down on Attolon.  He addresses each of the major rebel leader and tells them that there will be no escape for them.  “This Rebellion ends today,” he says.  Hera tells him that they refuse to surrender, but Thrawn says that she is mistaken.  He’s not accepting surrenders anymore.  “I want you to know failure, utter defeat, and that it is I who will bring it, crashing down upon you,” Thrawn tells her.  “Let’s proceed, shall we?”  Thrawn turns of his transmission.  Hera says that they must get help, and that they have to get one ship past the blockade and out of range from the jammer so they can call for help.  Hera volunteers Kanan and Ezra to go in Maul’s old ship, The Gauntlet.  Kanan immediately declines, since he doesn’t want to leave her.  Ezsa doesn’t want to go either.  Hera says that there is no time to argue, and she orders them to go.


The Battle Begins

Later, when they are alone, Kanan tells Hera that he is not going with Ezra, and that there is someone he needs to talk to out in the wilderness.  Hera says that he has to go in order to get help.  Kanan says that’s what he will be doing.  Ezra walks up and asks if he is going to go get ‘him”.  Hera asks who they are talking about.  “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Kanan says.  Hera says that Kanan can go get whoever they were talking about, and Ezra can with Chopper to get help elsewhere.  “May the force be with me,” says Ezra.  On the Ghost, Zeb asks Rex if he is still glad he got mixed up with the Rebellion.  “Beats slingin’ for Joopas,” Rex replies.  In the space above Attolon, Phoenix Squadron engages to Empire in battle.  Thrawn tells Admiral Konstantine, who is commanding one of the Interdictors, that until he orders otherwise to hold his position.  The admiral asks why they can’t just attack.  Thrawn tells him that he knows the rebels will send something unexpected, and they will be prepared for it as long as he did exactly as he said.  “As you wish,” says Konstsantine.  “Fighting over glory,” Kallus says.  Thrawn tells him that he does not need glory, only results for the Emperor.  Ezra sees another freighter get destroyed and says that he hopes Kanan is having better luck.


The One In The Middle

Meanwhile, Kanan is going to visit an old friend, hoping that he can get him to help the Rebellion.  It’s the Bendu.  When Kanan finds the Bendu sitting and watching the battle that is taking place above them.  Kanan says that they need his help.  “You have brought war to my quiet world,” the Bendu says.  “And I will have no part of it.”  Kanan ask him to at least hear him out, but the Bendu says that he is the one in the middle, and he will take no side.  Kanan asks if he’s going to let the Rebellion die and if he the the Empire won’t just kill him too.  “I am beyond your wars, I am unseen, unknowable.  Like a rock in the river.  Do you think at chance that this world was so difficult for you to find?”  Kanan explains that maybe they were meant to find Attolon, and meant to find him.  The Bendu wonders for what purpose if they were meant to find him.  “I have been here long before you, and will be here long after, I am the Bendu, the one-.”  Kanan finishes the Bendu’s sentence and says that he tried to live like him once, but it didn’t work out.  He saw too many people get hurt and he wanted to do something about it.  “Some things are worth fighting for,” Kanan says.


The Sacrifice

Back at the space battle,  Phoenix Squadron is doing their best to hold the Empire back and let Ezra escape.  It will be hard for Ezra to go anywhere with the Interdictors around.  As they lose more and more ships, Sato realizes that it’s time for someone to step up.  Sato orders his men to abandon ship and to make for Attolon.  I’ve got to hand it to the two brave nameless pilots who said that they were going to stay with Sato.  They fly the Phoenix Home towards one of the Interdictors.  Konstantine tells his men to intercept Sato, but the pilot is hesitant, since Thrawn told them not to move.  But Konstantine doesn’t care.  Thrawn watches with dismay as Konstantines Interdictor moves to attack Sato.  Thrawn tells him to move back into position, but the admiral replies that he’s had enough of his games.  Hera tells Ezra to get ready to make the jump to hyperspace as Sato tries to lead the Interdictor away.  Right as Konstantine is about to attack, Sato changes course and rams into his ship.  The rebels watch in horror as Sato and Phoenix Home get pulverized.  Sato had sacrificed himself to destroy the Interdictor, as well as Admiral Konstantine.  At that, Ezra jumps into hyperspace.  An Imperial officer inform Thrawn that a rebel ship made it past their blockade.  Thrawn comments of Konstantine’s carelessness and tell them to press the attack.  After General Dodonna’s ship gets destroyed, Hera orders them to return to base.  The Empire had one the first round.


The End Of The First Wave

Kanan and the Bendu watch as Phoenix Squadron returns to base.  “You can feel it, can’t you?” Kanan asks.  “My friends are dying.”  The Bendu says that it is the fate of all living beings.  But Kanan doesn’t want them to die at the Empire’s hands.  He pleads with the Bendu to help them fight.  But the Bendu is set, he will not fight.  “You’d rather hide, like a coward,” says Kanan.  This angers the Bendu, and the ground shakes as dust swirls around him.  “I will not be called a coward by the like of you!” He shouts.  His anger creates storm.  “Perhaps it is the will of the force that the Jedi and all your kind, perish!” When the storm clears, the Bendu is gone.  Meanwhile, Ezra tries to get Mon Mothma to come and help.  But she won’t.  She says that by helping them they are playing into Thrawn’s hand, and that all they had worked for would be destroyed.  “Senator Organa was right,” she says. “It was too soon for open warfare against the Empire.”  She promises Ezra that they will negotiate fair treatment for the prisoners, but Ezra is worried that there won’t be any prisoners.  He says that he isn’t ready to give up.  “You have courage, Ezra Bridger.  May the force be with you.”  Mon Mothma turns off the transmission.  Ezra tells Chopper that they can’t go back to the base without help.  He thinks that he knows where to find some, though;  Sabine Wren.



This is by far one of the greatest episode of Rebels yet!  It was so hard wanting the Rebellion to win, but also wanting Thrawn to beat them as well.  Sato dying was kind of sad, but for some reason I was more sad about the two pilots that stayed with him.  I’ve got to say that the Bendu is quite interesting.  I still haven’t figured him out yet.  Since this episode was an hour long, I broke it down.  So my review for part two will come tomorrow.


Stray Thoughts

– Once again, The music in this episode was absolutely amazing!

– It was cool to see General Dodonna helping Phoenix Squadron since he didn’t do much in “A New Hope” and “Rogue One”. 


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