Star Wars Rebels: Twin Suns Review

Last Saturday we got to see the long awaited Star Wars Rebels episode, “Twin Suns”.  To tell the truth, I’m disappointed.  The battle between Maul and Kenobi was not what I expected at all.  I mean, come on!  They didn’t even play Duel of the Fates!  The worst part? When Maul died.  You may be glad to see him go, but he could at least have died with a little more dignity.  I may just feel this way because he was my favorite character.  Every single time I have a favorite character they die!  Though, the rest of the episode was pretty awesome, so let’s get into what happened in “Twin Suns”…(Major Spoilers Ahead!)


First, we see two suns shining down on Tatooine’s desert plains.  We hear Maul tell himself that he is lost.  But even though he is lost, he can feel his enemy’s presence, see him in his mind’s eye.  The man who had taken so much from him.  The man who had driven him to insanity.  Kenobi.  As Maul falls to his knees, he screams his nemesis’ name. He wonders if this is how it will end for him, lost and dehydrated in the middle of nowhere.  All I could think was, “Somebody get him a glass of water.”  Maul shakes his head, it can’t end like this, it won’t end like this.  Maul needed to draw Kenobi’s “noble heart” out of hiding, and he knew just how to do it.  He holds up a piece of the Sith Holocron up for him to see.

This Is A Warning

Then we cut to Attolon base at night.  Inside the Ghost, Ezra and Zeb are snoozing away, until the sound of a voice awakens Ezra.  He follows the voice until he comes to Kanan’s cabin.  Ezra uses the force to open the door and finds the Jedi Holocron, which broke a few episodes ago, trying to activate.  It’s Obi-Wan-Kenobi’s message.  He listens to the message until it all of a sudden goes off, and the Sith Holocron next to it begins to glow. He hears Maul’s voice screaming Kenobi’s name.  At that moment Kanan walks in the room.  “Maul’s back,” Ezra says.  Later, Ezra is meeting with Hera, Kanan, Rex and Sato.  Hera wonders what the broken Holocrons activating meant.  Kanan says that the Holocrons can sometimes have minds of their own, and he didn’t know what it meant.  But Ezra thinks he knows.  “It means that Kenobi could be alive and in danger right now!”  He claims.  Rex replies that no one would be more happy to hear that Kenobi is alive than he would, but Senator Bail Organa had confirmed his death.  Ezra thinks that Bail was wrong.  He knows that Maul had been looking for Kenobi and he fears that he is close to finding him.  Ezra says he wants to go to Tatooine and take a look around, but Hera doesn’t think that’s a good idea.  She tells him that they are getting ready for their attack on Lothal and that she needs him to stay and help if they’re going to be successful.  Ezra insists that Kenobi would be helpful to the Rebellion, but Hera says that if was going to be helpful he wouldn’t be hiding on a backwater world.  She says that there is too much at stake for Lothal and themselves.  Ezra says he really does want to help Lothal, but he is clearly sad that Hera won’t let him go to Tatooine.  He walks away.

Ezra The Rebel

That morning, Phoenix Squadron is hard at work preparing for their strike on Lothal.  Ezra walks up pushing a cart of crates.  A pilot asks him what they are.  Ezra tells them that they are munitions for the A-Wings , sent by AP-5.  Ezra then asks if any of the A-Wings are fully fueled up; there is only one.  While the pilot is distracted, Ezra hurries towards the ship.  The pilot is about to suggest where Ezra should take the munitions when he spots him trying to climb into the A-Wing.  “Hey, what are you doing?”  He shouts.  He pleads for Ezra to stop, but Ezra makes a “I can’t hear you” motion and takes the ship away.  “Hera, I hope you can forgive me,” Ezra says to himself.

Arriving at Tatooine

Ezra comes out of hyperspace right in front of Tatooine.  He is heading into the atmosphere when Chopper jumps out from behind his seat, scaring Ezra. Chopper had apparently snuck aboard the A-Wing.  Ezra wishes Chopper didn’t come, saying that this was his mission, but he gets over it.  Ezra uses parts of the Jedi Holocron to track down Kenobi, which kind of reminded me of in the Clone Wars when Savage Opress used a necklace to track down Darth Maul.  Chopper lands the A-Wing and they get out to start their journey.  Ezra tells Chopper to stay with the ship while he goes to look around.  He is surprised to find a part of the Sith Holocron glowing behind a rock.  He picks it up and hears Maul’s voice saying, “Now you see.”  Ezra concludes that it is a trap and begins to head back to the ship when he sees a Tusken Raider shooting at him.  Yay! Tusken Raiders! There are more Raiders tearing the A-Wing apart.  Ezra uses the force to push them away so Chopper has time to escape.  They battle the Sand People until one of the shoots the ship causing it to explode.  The Raiders are cheering up on a cliff, but the activation of a red blade halts their celebration.  They turn around just in time to see Maul bring his lightsaber down on them.  Ezra thinks that all the Raiders were scared off by the A-Wings explosion.  Chopper wonder what they should do now.  “What else can we do, but go forward?” Says Ezra.  The two proceed to walks through the caverns.


Ezra and Chopper come to a large open space.  Ezra says that crossing it would be a bad idea, especially for droids.  The two are about to go another way when Ezra hears Maul’s voice again.  He looks back at the plains, and sees him standing there.  He asks Chopper if he can see him too; he can’t.  When he looks back, Maul is gone.  Ezra says they should cross the plains, but Chopper doesn’t want too.  Ezra tells the droid that he can go the other way and look for the nearest town and keeps on walking.  Chopper is about to do so when he lets out a droid sigh and follows Ezra.  Later, they get caught in a sandstorm.  As they struggle to go ahead, Ezra says that it can’t be too much longer.  He hears Maul’s voice again.  “Draw him out,” his voice tells him.  Ezra sees him on the other side of the storm.  “Your pain.  Your sorrow…It calls to him.”  Like last time, Maul disappears and Ezra keeps going.  Soon, the storm passes,  and covered in sand, they struggle to keep moving.  From behind Ezra, Chopper warbles painfully before shutting down.  Ezra is hurries to his side.  “Don’t do this to me!” He shouts.  He shakes the droid around, but there is no response.  Ezra says that it’s all his fault and that he should have stayed home. “I don’t know what to do,” he says sadly before he hugs Chopper.  Ezra is sitting with Chopper when he hears Maul’s voice yet again.  “He is dead,” Maul says mournfully.  “He is dead.”  “No,” Ezra replies.  “You led me to him.”  Ezra denies it.  Maul says that he failed his friends, which Ezra denies as well.  “You will die!” Maul shouts.  Ezra looks up to see Maul bring his lightsaber down on him.  He is quick to react and activates his own lightsaber.  He jumps to attack him, but it is just another vision.  Ezra falls on the ground as Maul’s distant laugh can be heard.  Next, we see help has arrived for Ezra and Chopper.

Obi-Wan-Kenobi Lives

Ezra wakes up to see a campfire, Chopper fully functional standing next to a Dewback, and, more importantly, Obi-Wan-Kenobi.  “You’re in the wrong place, Ezra Bridger,” says Kenobi.  He tells Ezra that once he has regained strength that he will help him on his way.  But Ezra doesn’t want to leave.  “I came here to find you, to warn you!”  Kenobi knows this, however, and that Maul is coming.  “One doesn’t survive as long as I have by being foolish, or unprepared,” he says.  He goes on to tell Ezra that Maul is an old adversary, a persistent one at that.  Kenobi says that he didn’t want to fight Maul, but it seemed inevitable now.  Ezra explains that the Holocrons had told him that Kenobi would be the key to destroying the Sith and that the Rebellion needs him.  Kenobi tells Ezra that he has what he needs, but he seemed to be letting it go.  “If I had what I needed, why did the Holocrons send me here?” Ezra asks.  Kenobi tells him that Maul was the one to send him, not the Holocrons.  Kenobi sits Ezra down and tells him that Maul used Ezra’s desire to do good to deceive him, and that it has altered many things.  Ezra says that the Holocrons tell the truth.  “Do they?” Kenobi asks.  “The truth is often what we make of it.  You heard what you wanted to hear, believed what you wanted to believe, and now the only one who has gained anything from this is-”                                                     “Me,” Maul interrupts.  The two Jedi turn to see the ex-sith watching them.

“He Will Avenge Us…”

Kenobi tells Ezra that he should leave, but Ezra insists on helping him.  Kenobi tells Ezra that it’s not his responsibility, and that he would mend this old wound.  Kenobi gives Ezra his Dewback to ride.  Ezra leaves the two old men to fight it out.  “See you soon apprentice,” Maul says to Ezra.  He turns to Kenobi.  “Look what has become of you, a rat in the desert,”  He says.  “Look at what I have risen above,” Kenobi replies.  The two begin to circle around the campfire.  Maul says that he had come to kill Kenobi, but it might be worse to to leave him there in the desert.  Maul violently activates his lightsaber, sending sand over the campfire, putting it out.  “Why have you come to this place,” Maul asks. “Not simply to hide.  Oh, you have a purpose here, you are…protecting something? No, protecting someone.”  At this, Obi-Wan ignites his blade, and does his signature pose.  The two stare at each other, thinking of what move should come first.  The tensity rises, and the music goes faster and faster, until Maul makes his move.  He lunges at his enemy with a shout of anger.  The two meet their blades together only twice, before Kenobi chops Maul’s lightsaber in half.  Maul stands there silently before realizing that not only has his lightsaber been broken, but he had been fatally wounded as well.  Kenobi catches Maul before he falls to the ground and cradles him in his arms.  “Tell he the Chosen One?”  Maul asks.  Kenobi confirms it.  “He will…avenge us..” Maul says before dying.  So, after surviving getting his legs chopped off, twelve years of insanity, battling Anakin, Ahsoka, Darth Sidious, Kenobi countless times before, a Mandalorian civil war and getting thrown off of a temple by Kanan, Maul dies by getting cut on his stomach and chest.  I mean, come on!  That should not have killed him so fast.  But anyway, Kenobi is saddened by Maul’s death, but knows that the ex-Sith is now at peace.

Ezra Returns Home

Meanwhile, Ezra returns to Attolon Base on Maul’s ship.  Zeb meets him and asks if Ezra bringing Maul’s ship to the base means what he thinks it means.  “We won’t be seeing Maul again,” Ezra confirms.  Hera and Kanan join them, and Ezra tells Hera that he is sorry for leaving.  He tells them that they are is family, and that they should go home.

A New Hope

Last, we see Obi-Wan-Kenobi traveling on his Dewback.  He stops to look in the distance at an igloo-shaped house.  We hear a woman calling “Luke? Luke!”  Then, as “Binary Suns” starts to play, we see the faint silhouette of a young teenage boy running to the house.  It is the one who will bring balance to the force, the Chosen One.


Okay, the battle might have been disappointing, but the rest is just amazing.  That ending was the best five seconds of the entire episode.  It made me so happy to hear Aunt Beru calling Luke!  There is one thing that I must address though.  I think that Darth Maul should have been redeemed before he died.  I wanted Maul to be the one to show that no matter how broken you are, you can always go back.  I like how Kenobi still showed compassion for Maul even after all that the Sith had put him through.  I’m really hoping that Maul comes back as a ghost or something in season four, because that would be cool!  So now is the time to look forward the the season three finale in which Grand Admiral Thrawn’s wrath will be unleashed!

Stray Thoughts

– Loved the music in this episode, the battle music really kept the suspense up.  I really like how “Binary Suns” played in at the end.

– In case you were wondering, went Aunt Beru was calling for Luke, that was taken directly from A New Hope.

– I’m still wondering how Kenobi got his Dewback back after Ezra took it.

– I really wish that Rex or Kanan got to see Kenobi!

RIP Darth Maul, 1999-2017

The season 3 finale hour special, “Zero Hour” will air on March 25, at 8:30 EST.


All media property of Lucasfilms 

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