Star Wars Rebels: Secret Cargo Review

In the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Secret Cargo”, we got to see a few legendary characters come into the cartoon world.  Not only that, but the Rebels have a new Imperial ship they have to worry about; The TIE Defender.  So without wasting anymore time, let’s do a quick recap.  (Major Spoilers Ahead!)…

The Unexpected, and Uninvited, Guest

Hera, Zeb, Ezra, and Chopper are all waiting on the Ghost in the debris of old separatist ships to meet…well, someone.  They aren’t exactly sure who that someone is.  All they know is that Bail Organa said that when they arrive to give them the fuel they need and let them get to where they’re going safely. (NOTE: Kanan is not present for the entire episode, he was apparently off on a supply run.)  So there they sat, as bored as rocks, waiting for that person to show up.  Eventually, something comes out of hyperspace, but it’s not the person they are waiting for.  It’s an Imperial Infiltrator Droid, and he’s looking for life forms.  The rebels shut down everything in the Ghost (including Chopper, much to his dislike) and sit as still as possible.  But, the droid finds them, and before they can get the Ghost powered back up to shoot the droid, he tries to escape!  The crew is putting up a chase when more ships come out of hyperspace.  They shoot the droid down and make contact with the newcomers.  Luckily, they are not Imperial.  In fact, they are Gold Squadron.

The Empire Arrives

Gold Leader, Jon Vander, and Erskin Semaj, and an unnamed female pilot meet with the crew while they refuel their ships.  They all argue about how Pheonix squadron has made things hard for Gold Squadron.  “Well we don’t mind doing things the hard way,” Zeb says.  Vander says that their encounter with the imperial droid is going to mess up their mission, but they reply that it is not their fault because Gold Squadron didn’t give them enough intel.  Semaj tells Hera that the droid was specifically looking for them, since they are carrying cargo that the Empire desperately wants.  At that moment, the proximity alarm goes off; the Empire’s here.  Ezra helps Gold Squadron fight off TIE Fighters in his very own Y-wing. Gold Squadron’s ship is destroyed and the Ghost must detach in order to get away.  But, unfortunately, the Ghost is unable to detach by itself, so Hera would have to do it manually.  While she’s doing that (rather unsuccessfully), everybody evacuates onto the Ghost.  That is when Hera meets Mon Mothma, the senator that has recently spoke out against the Empire.  She is highly wanted by the Empire.  Mothma helps Hera detach the ships and then they speed away from the Imperial ships. Semaj says that they need to get Mon Mothma a proper hiding place away from the Empire, but Mothma says there will be no hiding.  She explains that she is on her way to an important meeting, one that could unite all rebel cells into a single Rebellion to stand against the Empire.  Hera says she has a way to get them to the meeting without being detected.  Mon Mothma says to take them to Dantooine.

The Rebels Underestimate Thrawn…Again

Thrawn, Pryce, and Admiral Konstantine stand around debating what they should do next.  Thrawn says that a certain important senator has escaped on the Ghost.  Pryce wonders where they are.  Thrawn, of course, knows.  “Not where you would expect,” says the Grand Admiral.  “Captain Syndulla will be creative in avoiding your blockades.  She will brave the most unlikely paths to get her passenger out of the sector.”  He tells them that Hera will try to get past the Archeon Pass, a favorite of Outer Rim smugglers, to get away from the Empire.  Pryce says that their capital ships will not be able to follow Hera into the nebula, but Thrawn already has that covered.  He has a new ship, the TIE Defender.  The Defender will be able to follow the rebels.  Thrawn gives Pryce and Konstantine the job of capturing senator Mon Mothma.

Into The Nebula

After Mothma and Hera talk about the senate and being on the front lines of the war, they come face to face with the nebula of Archeon Pass.  The Empire isn’t far behind them though, and the TIE Defender follow them into the nebula. Hera warns Gold Squadron to hold on to their Ion Torpedoes, since they could hit the nebula and destroy them all. Fighting back against the Defenders is no easy task; their shields are too strong.  To get rid of the TIES, Hera, being the risky pilot she is, heads closer and closer to the center of the nebula.  But the Defender is strong.  The Ghost is getting damaged to the point where they can’t go any farther.  Ezra tells Hera to leave the nebula and that what was left of Gold Squadron would take care of the Defender.  Hera agrees and takes the Ghost out of the nebula, but there is a surprise waiting for them.  Two Star Destroyers meet them outside of the nebula.  While Mon Mothma stalls Governor Pryce over the comm system, Hera and Chopper try to get the Ghost back online so they can go into hyperspace.  Before they can get the hyperdrive working though, Pryce activates the tractor beam, pulling the Ghost towards them.  Pryce tells them to prepare to be boarded.  Meanwhile, Ezra and Vander defeat the Defender and hurry to meet Hera.  Hera warns tells Ezra that they are caught in a tractor beam.  Vander tells Ezra to get his torpedoes and fire at the Star Destroyer, but Hera has a better idea.  “Fire at the nebula,” she tells them.  Vander and Ezra hurry to do so.  The torpedoes crash into the nebula resulting in a huge explosion taking out both Destroyers.  Once the Ghost is free from the tractor beam, they make the jump to hyperspace.

“This Is Our Rebellion.”

Upon arriving to Dantioone, Mon Mothma gives her transmission, hoping someone is out there listening.  All around the galaxy, people see her transmission, and are motivated by her words to stand fight against the Empire.  “We will not rest until we bring an end to the Empire, until we restore our Republic,” she says.  Her final words in the transmission are, “Are you with me?”  The rebels wait in silence for any kind of response.  Then, at that moment, Republic ships from around the galaxy begin emerging from hyperspace in front of them.  The rebels watch happily as more and more people join their cause.  “This, my friends,” Mon Mothma says.  “This is our Rebellion.”


This episode was not what I expected.  I feel like they could have done something more with it, but I still loved it!  I liked seeing all those original characters return.  I also really like seeing Ezra fly a Y-wing, that was pretty cool!  As Star Wars Rebels goes on, we get more and more ties to “Rogue One” and the Originals.

Stray Thoughts

– Once again, Rebels has amazed me with an awesome soundtrack!

In this episode, Genevieve O’Reilly reprises her role as Mon Mothma.  She played this character in “Revenge of the Sith” deleted scenes and also in “Rogue One”.

– This is the first episode of Rebels for Kanan to be absent for the entire episode.

-Among the people seen when Mon Mothma is giving her speech, some original characters seen are Senator Bail Organa and General Dodonna.  Then there are returning characters, Ryder Azadi, and Marida Sumar.

The next episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Double Agent Droid”, will air on March 11 at 8:30 EST.


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