Star Wars Rebels: Through Imperial Eyes Review

If you’re a fan of the Empire, then the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels is just for you. Not only did an old character return, but we also got to see Thrawn nail being a Grand Admiral. So let’s review what happened in Saturday’s episode, “Through Imperial Eyes”. (Major Spoilers Ahead!)…


Ezra Undercover

The Rebellion is getting worried.  Grand Admiral Thrawn is so close to finding out just who Fulcrum is.  It turns out that ISB Agent Kallus is the one who had been sending all those secret transmissions to the Rebellion.  The Rebellion is so worried, that they send in Ezra, AP-5, and Chopper to get Kallus and take him back to their base.  At first, Kallus doesn’t want to go.  “Look, I’m not happy about it either,” says Ezra, who is disguised as a Bounty Hunter.  “For all I know, you could be playing the long game just to set us up.”  Before they can carry on their conversation, Lieutenant Lyste arrives to inform Agent Kallus that Thrawn had requested their presence at a meeting.  Lyste also says that they must transfer their captive, Ezra, to Thrawn’s Star Destroyer.  Chopper updates Kanan and Rex, who are both disguised as stormtroopers waiting in an Imperial Shuttle, that they are on Thrawn’s Star Destroyer.  The two are not happy to hear this, since they only had the clearance codes for the Imperial Freighter.  Kanan tells Chopper to get them the new clearance codes.


Thrawn Isn’t Only Brains

When Kallus and Lyste enter Thrawn’s office, we get a look at Thrawn training in his workout room.  He single handedly takes down two assassin droids.  The two watchers are surprised at the Grand Admiral’s strength.  Next, we see a returning character; ISB agent Yularen.  Kallus is surprised that Yularen remembers him. “I keep tabs on all of my five star pupils,” says Yularen.  Finished with his training, Thrawn enters the room, claiming that they will find out the identity of Fulcrum today.  Thrawn says that the only logical explanation for the Rebellion’s victories and the Empire’s failure is that someone in their own ranks is telling the enemy of their secrets.   Agent Yularen is their to question all of the high ranking officers.  Thrawn says that they must work quickly, because he is close to discovering the whereabouts of the Rebel base.


Ezra Takes On Another Disguise

After the meeting,  Kallus lies and tells Lyste that Thrawn thinks Governor Pryce is Fulcrum.  He secretly takes Lyste’s identity cylinder and replaces it with his own.  Lyste says that he will keep a close watch on the Governor.  Meanwhile, Thrawn tells Pryce and Yularen that he is certain that the spy was present at their meeting.  Thrawn set the meeting up as a trap so that the spy would warn the rebels.  Yularen says that not long after the prisoner was transferred to his ship that a coded rebel transmission was sent out. “Well, shall we visit this mysterious prisoner?”  Thrawn says.  Kallus visits Ezra at his prison cell to tell him that Thrawn is about to find their base.  He wants Ezra to tell him the location, but he is hesitant.  Ezra still fears that Kallus is still loyal to the Empire. Kallus insists that he knows so that they can erase the data from Thrawn’s files.  Ezra reluctantly agrees.  The four head for Thrawn’s office.  Not long after, though, Thrawn arrives with Pryce and Yularen to see the prisoner.  The security cameras are down and the prisoner is nowhere to be found.  Yularen says that the last person to see the prisoner was Lieutenant Lyste.  While Thrawn is busy at the prison block, Kallus, Chopper and Ezra, now dressed as an Imperial Lieutenant, make their way to the office.  Kallus gives Ezra Lyste’s identity cylinder and tells him to convince the guard that he is Lyste.  Using a mind trick on the guard, Ezra is successful.


 The Rebels Escape

Inside Thrawn’s office, they send Kanan and Rex the new codes and erase planet Attolon from Thrawn’s files.  At that moment,  A5 tells them that Thrawn is at the door.  The guard tells Thrawn that Lieutenant Lyste is inside.  Thrawn hurries inside.  Ezra, Chopper, and Kallus hide.  Kallus activates the assassin droids and programs them to attack Thrawn. Thrawn is examining the altered star map when the droids attack his guards;  He is quick to react.  Ezra tries to escape without Thrawn seeing him, but fails.  Thrawn, thinking that Ezra was Lyste, defeats the droids and hurries after him.  Rex and Kanan dock their ship and encounter Governor Pryce.  Pryce tells them that she is placing them under arrest.  Kanan tries to do a mind trick on her, but she tells the trooper beside her to shoot him.  The Stormtrooper stuns Kanan leaving him unconscious.  Rex blows his cover to shoot the trooper.  “I don’t want to hurt you lady,” he says.  “Don’t worry,” Pryce replies.  “You won’t.”  Lyste is watching close by, and thinks that Pryce is beating up a regular stormtrooper.  Before Pryce defeats the rebel, Lyste stuns her, with his superiors watching.  As the rebels are escaping in the shuttle, Kallus tell Ezra that he can do more good for them with the Imperials than with them, so he stays behind.  Lyste is arrested for being the rebel spy.


You Can’t Fool Thrawn.

Ah.  A happy ending.  The rebels escape, Thrawn won’t find out where their base is, and Kallus didn’t get caught.  Actually, no.  You see, Ezra and Kallus really messed up big time when they erased planet Attolon from Thrawn’s files.  Now Thrawn will know which one was the Rebel base.  Oops!  Number two, Thrawn is no fool.  Thrawn studies a whole lot to know that Lyste couldn’t have been Fulcrum.  He shows Yularen Ezra’s Bounty Hunter helmet.  He says that the helmet has the designs of a Loth-cat, a creature native on Lothal.  Just by looking at the color and the way that it was drawn that the helmet was painted by the rebel artist Sabine Wren, who is a close friend of Ezra Bridger.  Thrawn says that the prisoner was Ezra Bridger.  “If Bridger was the thief, then why did Kallus not alert us?”  Yularen asks.  “Because, Yularen, Agent Kallus is the rebel spy, Fulcrum,” Thrawn replies with no emotion.  He knows everything that Kallus did to stay hidden that day.  “It appears that Agent Fulcrum will appear far more valuable to the Empire than Agent Kallus ever was,” Thrawn says.



This episode was by far one of the best in the season.  It was nice getting to see the Imperial side of things.  But we have to talk about Thrawn for awhile.  When I heard that Grand Admiral Thrawn was coming back I was afraid that I was going to be disappointed.  I was afraid that they wouldn’t make him the way he was in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy.  But after watching this episode, I am so happy.  Hopefully, this keeps up.  It is so hard to root for the rebels when I want to see Thrawn destroy them all.  A new book entitled Thrawn, written by Timothy Zahn, will be released on April 6, 2017.  The book will tell us just how Thrawn made it to the top.


Stray Thoughts

-There were a lot of easter eggs in Thrawn’s office.  To name a few, there was a helmet that was awfully similar to Commander Gree’s helmet in “Revenge of the Sith”.  He also had a bust statue of a creature like Ello Atsy from “The Force Awakens”.

I think that Thrawn knew that Kallus was Fulcrum the whole time.  I think he figured it out in the episode “An Inside Man”  when he asked Kallus what the Star Bird symbol meant.  Kallus told every detail of the Rebellion’s symbol.

– I loved that Kanan called Rex gramps at the part where they came out of hyperspace.  That was funny.  


The next episode of Rebels, “Secret Cargo”, will air on March 4, at 8:30 EST.


All media property of Lucasfilms 





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