Star Wars Rebels: Legacy of Mandalore Review

Finally!  After a month’s hiatus, Star Wars Rebels returned with another epic episode entitled “Legacy of Mandalore”.  This episode was full of surprises, some shocked me!  So without further ado, let’s discuss what has happened…  (Major Spoiler Warnings!)

                                                                         Sabine Returns Home

Most family reunions are fun and memorable, but it was anything but that for Sabine. Immediately upon entering Krownest’s atmosphere in the Phantom II, Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, and Fenn Rau were attacked by Mandalorians.  After being shot down, Sabine is confronted by her brother, Tristan. Of course, Tristan is surprised to see his long lost sister.  You can really get the feeling of how long Sabine has been gone when her brother comments on her hair making her say, “You know me.”  Tristan replied, “Do I?”                     Tristan takes Sabine, along with Kanan and Ezra, to see his mother Ursa Wren, who is also the clan leader.  Fenn decides to stay behind on the Phantom II so the Mandalorians don’t arrest him.  Ursa is not happy to see that Sabine has come back with two Jedi at her side.  She is about to have them all arrested when Sabine whips out the Dark Saber and says, “Mother, we need to talk.”

A Mom-to-Daughter Talk

After a heated discussion in the throne room, Ursa and Sabine step outside to have a one-on-one conversation.  Ursa tells Sabine that Clan Wren had no choice but to join the Empire.  To prove their loyalty, they now have to follow Gar Saxon’s lead.  She tells her daughter that her father is being held captive on Mandalore and that if they rebel against Saxon, then he would be killed.  Sabine wonders why Ursa didn’t try to find her.  “When you ran away, it saved you!”  Ursa explained.  She went on to say that returning home has put her in danger.  Not only is Sabine in danger since she returned home, she is in danger for carrying a weapon that was a symbol of power, the Dark Saber.                                                 “Where did you get it?” Ursa asks.  Sabine says she claimed it from Maul, but didn’t fight him.  Ursa says that it isn’t a claim if she didn’t fight Maul.  Sabine says that if she’s holding the Dark Saber, then it’s a pretty good claim.                                                                          “Anyone can hold the Dark Saber, the trick is keeping it…along with your head.”  Ursa even doubts that Sabine knows how to use the weapon, but Sabine says she would be surprised.  Then comes Sabine’s plea for her mother to join the Rebellion.  Before Ursa can deny or accept the offer, Tristan comes to tell her that she has been summoned by Saxon.   While Ursa goes to talk to Gar, Tristan and Sabine go to have some sparring practice.

“I’m Afraid That What I Have To Do Is…Unfortunate.”

Ursa tells Saxon that Sabine has returned home before going to have a chat with Kanan and Ezra.  That when Ezra reveals that he and Sabine had fought Saxon on Concord Dawn.  Oops!  Ursa is not happy about this and the two Jedi are held at gunpoint.  Sabine is oblivious to this, until she sees Saxon’s ship fly by the sparring room.                                         “You can’t do this!”  Sabine shouts to her mother upon arriving to the throne room.             “Yes she can,” says Saxon. “Because she is loyal.  Just not to you.”  Ursa gives Saxon the Dark Saber before realizing that Saxon is about to turn on her.  Saxon tells them that since Clan Wren appears to be housing rebels, they are traitors.  He gives Tristan a choice:  Stand with him, or die with his family.  With hesitation, Tristan chooses to fight alongside his family.  At that moment, Fenn jumps threw the glass window ready to fight.  A battle follows.  While fighting of the enemies, Sabine notices that Saxon is closing in on her mother, ready to strike her down with the Dark Saber.  Ezra sees this too, and throws his lightsaber to Sabine.  She rushes to her mother’s side and saves her in the nick of time.  Saxon is not happy about this.  He activates his jetpack and smashes Sabine though the glass window.  They both end up on thin ice outside.  The others quickly follow.

Battle for Power

Outside, Saxon and Sabine fight for their lives.  Ezra and Kanan try to interfere, but Ursa says by their custom and law that no one can help Sabine.  In this battle, Sabine showed just how much her skills have enhanced since “Trails of the Darksaber”.  She injures Saxon and gets the Dark Saber back.  She criss crosses the blades around his neck.  I know I was not the only one that was shouting, “Do it!”  But Sabine can’t kill him, it’s not her way of doing things.  She deactivates both blades and proceeds to walk away, she had won.  She didn’t notice that behind her Saxon had pulled his gun out and was aiming at her.  All of a sudden, a gunshot sounds, then silence follows.  But Sabine was still standing!  She turns around and sees that her mother had shot Saxon dead.                                                                       “No one threatens our family,” says Ursa.  Fenn reminds them that since Saxon has now been killed, war will break out.  But Ursa is sure that maybe Clan Wren needs a little chaos to get stronger, and to find someone worthy of leading their people.

Sabine’s Goodbye

Then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  No, not really.  Sabine decides that she can do more good with her family than with the Rebellion.  Kanan tells her that she will be missed.  Sabine thanks him and Ezra for helping her for all those years.  Fenn tells her that she could still lead Mandalore, but Sabine isn’t so sure she can.  But she is sure for one thing, she will find the person who will.


All in all, this episode was amazing.  Even though it was sad, I loved it.  That fight scene was literally one of my favorite fight scenes ever.  I just wonder what the Ghost crew will do without Sabine.  The next few episodes should be interesting.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Sabine return!

Stray Thoughts

– The soundtrack in this episode was absolutely amazing!  They really nailed it this time!

I wonder if Tristan’s “You changed your hair.” could be a reference to Han’s comment to Leia in The Force Awakens?

– I loved the Revenge of the Sith reference with Sabine and Gar Saxon at the end of their battle.

– My favorite part has got to be the part where Sabine and Gar Saxon fought it out.  It was so epic!

Can’t wait for the next episode!  “Through Imperial Eyes” will air on February 25, 8:30 EST


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