Old Jho’s Pit Stop’s One Year Anniversary

Hey there fellow Star Wars fans!  So, today is Old Jho's one year anniversary!  Time has gone by so fast; it seems like only yesterday that I wrote my first post!  For today, I wanted to write this short post to talk about Old Jho's . The first year with my blog has been really …

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Star Wars and Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day Star Wars fans!  Love is in the air and there is chocolate and flowers all over the place!  And what Star Wars related things do I have to talk about on Valentine's Day?  Alongside all those lightsaber battles, devastating deaths, and mysterious story lines, Star Wars also has romance.  It's in the …

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Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Mid-Season Trailer Breakdown

Hey Star Wars fans!  Last Friday we finally got to see a trailer for the last six episodes of Star Wars Rebels.  The trailer is incredible!  I'm a music freak, so I LOVED the music! In the trailer, we can see that things are definitely going to get a crazy as we head into the show's grand finale.